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  1. Am I missing 33 and 36??? Right by the hallway like last year, love it. Thanks guys! see you all in a few days
  2. Oh man, I just bought 2,400 gallons of Mix last week when I heard fritz was the mix :(. Or is it fritz for 40$ ???
  3. Cut me a $20.00 Frag, I’m just getting back into my Acropora collection after I had a mini crash that killed all my acropora back in the spring.
  4. Do you have smaller frags of the red milli?
  5. Looks great. Im just getting back into my acropora collection. If by next year all is going well I’ll be taking a Frag of that table for sure. Looks sexy.
  6. Thanks guys, it’s all about the lighting and camera. T5 lights and DSLR camera. Takes some practice to figure out the color settings though.
  7. Hello everybody! Can’t wait to see everyone at the show again this year! It’s going to be great! As many of you know I have loads of corals to reserve on Reef Trader. All my coral has been aquaculture in my system for almost 5 years now. I always give my Reef Trader reservations the “cream of the crop” before I take any remaining coral to the show tank. Please check out my listings by searching for user Schnabs on the Buckey Reef Expo Page here. https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/84/listings
  8. Luke Schnabel

    What salt?

    Red box, I understand it’s higher but still the levels were all over the place.
  9. Luke Schnabel

    What salt?

    See I disagree. I think you need a salt mix that suits your tank. Meaning if I’m running 10dkh in a tank my salt mix should ALWAYS mix to around 9-11dkh. That way when you do a 20% change your not throwing in a giant alk swing. REEF crystals always mixed up around 9.5... perfect The fritz was ALWAYS testing way high. Between 10-14dkh and if your to do a 20% water change on a system that generally runs 9dkh your going to have a swing. But if your running your system at high alk around 12-14 then the Fritz RPM would probably do ok for you but rest assured your going to get varying results from one mix to another. It was never steady.
  10. Luke Schnabel

    What salt?

    Ive used use reef crystals for the last 5 years. It usually always comes out to 9.5dkh and 460 cal. Which is pretty much perfect for my tank. The cost is great when Buckeye Reef Swap has it for $40.00, incredible. Sad they are not doing that this year. Almost everyone has it. My father in law tried fritz RPM, alk was all over the place. Sometimes it would be 14... sometimes it would be 10. He was using it for two weeks and the alk in his system was fluctuating way to much using fritz.
  11. That’s right around the time I was hoping to get there anyways lol. Any word yet on the Reef Crystal salt yet. I’m loading up this year!
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