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  1. Well maybe we can say it’s a protest for coral...? Lol
  2. So is this still business as usual for all the vendors that were signed up for the show in March? I haven’t gotten any info about it yet. I don’t know how Ohio is regulating gatherings like this right now.
  3. Display is coming along after I tore down to start over. Next step is acquiring high end Acropora to fill the bare spots.
  4. Zoa Pack -10 Frags- What You See Is What You Get $250.00 Shipped anywhere in OhioPack Contains:Blondies - 2pChuckies Bride- 3pKung Fu Fighters- 5pPink Zippers- 4pPlayboy Bunny- 4pPurple Monster- 4pRainbow Incinerator- 3pRainbow Infusion- 5pVamp In Drag- 4pOG Yoda- 2p
  5. Compared to previous years it’s like crickets over on Reef trader... Where is everyone?
  6. Wow... hummm. One ticket jar to pull all 12 winners or one ticket jar each skimmer... the possibilites. Lol
  7. Amazing! I think I accounted for about 5% of that... But I really wanted that tank haha Keep me posted on what I need to do for a table again.. year #4 for me!
  8. @crimsonvice I think it might be you need a bigger tank and about 4 more Gyres. Lol Alk swing or phosphate/nitrate swings can wipe out Acropora pretty easy. I’m in the same boat, woke up one morning a few weeks ago and boom, about 25% of my acropora were white. Tested everything... Alk went from 8.5 to 11.5 somehow.
  9. I know the gold is indo for a fact, it’s compleatly different from the other two in the picture. Tentacles are much larger, multi-color smaller tips. Tentacles fall over like a willow tree when flow shuts off.
  10. I don’t think that’s an Indo my friend. Looks like the normal Ausie Green and purple Tip. Indos have very thin thentacles and the tentacles themselves are usually two colors with with a different colored Tip.
  11. Am I missing 33 and 36??? Right by the hallway like last year, love it. Thanks guys! see you all in a few days
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