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  1. Rms aquatics- scetchy place
  2. This joint sucks haha. I can never have ne fun I need an ocean for crying out loud! Lol well thanks for the help! I was just wondering cuz my lfs has had a ribbon for god knows how long.
  3. Also joe would u recommend a blue ribbon eel? I hear they are much like snowflakes?
  4. Joe has had worse experience then I!!! Lol I’m kind of impressed. And i know muttley my lfs actually has a 300 for auction brand new starfire front glass
  5. Welll now I’m concerned. I hope they get along..... and yes muttley banded I hope he works out
  6. That’s insane! We should all start a massive community reef
  7. Don’t mind the dirty tank (I work way to much) but check out blueray a new companion! I have a feeling they will get along swimmingly
  8. Thanks for the article! One day I will find one! And speaking of clans my local fish store had one the other day that was literally wall to wall in his 6 foot 300 gallon when it opened up! This thing was massive! I had no idea they could get that large!
  9. Are cuddlefish hard to keep? I have wanted one since I first seen them in Miami! Between that an an octopus
  10. Any news on the clam? I too recently acquired one and he is firmly planted on the frag. So I put him in a nice little open area bottom of the tank. And he is moving ever so slowly toward the glass. Kinda curious how your clam acted after the first week? Did he move or try to reconfigure himself? Did he move near rock or away? Beautiful color by the way
  11. First off I want to thank Muttley! Great book! Lots of great info! And second off blueray is doing great! He’s happily swimming top to bottom back and forth searching for food. And aggressively eats. (Apparently that’s a good thing when rays are more aggressive eaters) he eats about 3 ghost shrimp a day. Has a healthy slime coat that seems to pick up alot of the newer sand. So I decided to use one of the best fish cleaning tools (I believe) in the aquarium hobby! A cleaner shrimp! And I must say wow! Scared the crap out of me when I first put him in! The ray immediately surrounded him and attempted to gobble him down! However last minute in a haze of sandy dust he gave up and decided to instead perk himself up; fins in the air and back fins planted so the shrimp could clean in his gills and underbody! Absolutely amazing! However my next problem is going to be training him to enjoy silversides as much as ghost shrimp, seeing as 3 stores near me fail to keep a sufficient supply!
  12. A store called rms aquatics near Parma. Not a fan of the store as a lot of the fish die fast. But he was eating and from my understanding. Rays do not carry some diseases like fish. and thanks Jesse i hope he has years to come
  13. Well have I got a suprise for y’all. I bought one:). I seen him at the store and have always wanted one. He looked sad in the smallllll tank. And he seems much happier in the 150. (Will be upgraded as he grows.) he is about 3-4 body as of now and eats 2 ghost shrimp a day. Looks heathy. No cuts. No curling of the fins. No loss of vision. My goal is to get him into a nice 400 gallon tank a little bit of coral. Nothing crazy. Possibly also get him a shark companion.. as this is my first ray does anyone know someone who can give me insight on them? I would hate to make him feel uncomfortable in anyway! And sand will come shortly i just have yet to decide on the right stuff for him!
  14. Has anyone kept a stingray? Blue spotted?
  15. Clueless

    Need help!

    Ya see I thought lobsters where killers as well but Iv had him for a few years and he's lived in my coral tanks for most. Plus he's beautiful! So I'm gonna try to keep him but I'm gonna start with isolating those 2 and see if it helps thank you all

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