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  1. cheap reefer


    About lighting....Is it just me or doesnit seem like the led fad is about over?..i know i ditched mine leds and went back to the t5/halide combo.
  2. I tried to get it earlier when the sun was going down but i dont get home from work in time for that.
  3. I'll get some this long weekend...i live right on the ohio erie canal and it will make a cool pic.
  4. Well said....and also another big thanks to the brave that defend our freedom.
  5. Just my 2 cents...i have tried both and the leds looked more aesthetically pleasing..but i had more growth from the old MH...cant wait to see your conclusion.
  6. So im making the transition from helicopters to drones...i love my helis but really like the fpv on drones...so i bought a cheap syma drone and the lag on the camera is not fpv goggle worthy...any suggestions on a reasonable price quad?
  7. What an awesome life...building frag tanks systems, growing coral, experiment cross breeding and selling them for a small fortune
  8. Looks like a single head of trumpet coral to me.
  9. Ive been going home at night, lay on the ground, bask under the blue metal halides and pretend im diving in a reef somewhere, where its 90 degrees...then the damn alarm goes off at 4:30am and i suit up and do it again... This cant be a healthy way to live...lol..ohio will make you go crazy.
  10. Why-o why-o why-o do i keep staying in ohio.
  11. Oh man i miss summertime...ive got 2 pairs of socks, longjohns, a tshirt, hoodie, carhartt bibs, gloves, beenie, hardhat and safety glasses...and im still cold!!!...this is gonna be a miserable winter.
  12. Been working non-stop and unfortunately winter is when the work really kicks in also been doing night classes for my continuing ed....no rest for the weary..
  13. That sounds fair...how many heads?..i see them go for about 10 bucks a head.
  14. Good luck and god speed...ive had a 12 gallon up for about a year now and its a serious challenge...right now im fighting a major hair algea break out due to overfeeding...but i did learn, my 6 line wrasse, clownfish and firefish are perfectly happy im a tank that size.
  15. Maybe you could call it an exotic dwarf mandarin..lol..honestly, i had mine for 5 years and it wasnt till the 3rd year i seen him grow...they have a high metabolism rate so it takes awile for them to really grow..but glad to hear you've had him so long
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