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  1. If this doesn’t work out I could meet you in Marion. 419-905-3396 thanks, Jim
  2. Lifereef, 6 ft tower. One and only one that last forever. Use any pump.
  3. There you go. Vibrant will bottom out your nutrients and cause this. Look into dosing some phosphate. It’s a real balancing act when you dose vibrant, stuff is great but...... there is a thread on R2R about it. Might check it out.
  4. I think you need to get pho’s off 0. Does the red stuff blow off the rock if you try?
  5. Your pho’s. is 0? Are your corals looking alright?
  6. Love the counter tops. You sure don’t lack for color in your basement.
  7. Within a minute the whole house generator kick on. Just keep on working.
  8. I qt’ed for about 3 years. I now buy from a couple venders who do it for me. Ich is one thing, velvet is a whole different disease and seems to be well entrenched in the industry . Copper power is the go to copper med and a Hanna copper checker is a great tool.
  9. It will clean out the asterinas in no time. If you run out of food let me know and maybe we can swap for him. I have 3 tanks with those little buggers.
  10. Where did you find it? Been looking as I have asterinas that are eating my zoas
  11. Lots of action in that tank now. Algae shouldn’t be a problem either. Interested in what one is still a possibility.
  12. Just got notification my tool and extra reagents shipped this week. Looking forward to trying it out.
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