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  1. At this point I have a trailer and 4 suction cup handles and a couple guys. It’s going to be a couple weeks till the tank is ready to go. It’s going to Lima Travis. Ideally I would have 6 to 8 guys to load it and the same at home to unload it. I need to have a stand built for it before it goes into the system.
  2. So I have an opportunity to buy a 8 ft 240 glass tank. My main problem is getting the tank from the stand to a truck. Then I need to take it from my truck back to the stand once home. Tank is in northern Cincinnati, Trenton to be exact. Looking for ideas or suggestions of where to look for tank movers. I would consider having the tank delivered if that would work too. Aquarium Artisans said no already. Liability. Thanks guys. jim
  3. So I have this encrusting and branching montipora, I think it’s forest fire digitata but not positive. It’s a sturdy coral and it’s getting in my way so I am taking it off the rock and will either throw it away or glue up some frags if anyone wants it. I am in Lima and occasionally go to Toledo and or dayton. If anyone is interested let me know and I will keep you a frag, no charge. My guess is I can get at least 4 or 5 pieces off the rock. I also have some mystic sunset growing on the floor of my 70 that is getting evicted. I will try to scrap it off the glass and if sucessfulI will frag as much as I can. Hope to get 3 or 4 nice chunks. If I can pull it off ok I will post up pics. thnaks, Jim
  4. JMM

    Advise for Tolerant SPS

    Two good choices or any you can get cheap or for free.
  5. I know it’s Saturday but here is my catch all 70 softie tank. Couple frags growing out of sps but mostly zoos etc...
  6. After all the work involved getting this tank up and running it will be a real pleasure to just sit and watch it mature! Lots of room for some nice fish too. I look forward to your selections of coral and fish. Your bar should be the center of attention once all is completed. jim
  7. Be sure to get the copper out before resuming using it as a reef tank .
  8. JMM

    My Tank is Cursed

    Your tank will be fine. You can still feed it some to keep the corals fed and the bacteria colony going.
  9. JMM

    My Tank is Cursed

    You probably introduced disease to your system. Now every fish you add will be subject to it. You need to go fallow for about 70/80:days to rid your system of the disease. The clown looks like it might have brook or an infection.
  10. JMM

    Led light bar

    Looking for a blue led light bar.48” is preferred. Also would like to have the brackets to attach it to my main light fixture. thanks, Jim
  11. Dollar store, either their brand, two tubes for a buck or the locktite blue bottle gel which has more glue and an easier applicator , In my opinion.
  12. Working on it with him. Will ,let you know what we get accomplished.
  13. Going to be in Toledo tomorrow if you want me to get them and bring back Darrin. Wish I had seen this sooner as I could have used some myself. Great deal. PM sent. jim
  14. JMM

    Dragon's Tongue Algae

    Could be. Last time I tried it was in my big sump with a 380 over it and med to low flow and it just dissolved. The 30 had med flow when it was up. The algae swayed but was not blowing around at all. Pretty stuff.

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