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  1. 180 buckets at 40.00 after 25%discount plus a free T-shirt. Also get the 205 gal. boxes for the same price.
  2. I use the phosphate and copper testers. Phosphate is nice but you need to have everything ready or you run out of time and have to start over. Copper is GREAT. Best thing going for quarantining fish. Just buy extra reagents. I use sailafert for alk, Calc and mag. Easy as they come.
  3. JMM

    Feather Duster Worm

    Had a couple do it over the years. Had at least one maybe two regrow the crown. They are very tough to keep alive.
  4. JMM

    Baseball Fans

    Oh, easy enough. I don't Have cable but have MLB so the reds are blacked out every game. I love watching the games so what better choice then the Giants to watch, especially for someone who is a night owl. Staying up till 1 am is normal for me. If push comes to shove and they are playing for a championship the reds get my vote. I try to catch a couple games every year when SanFran comes in to Cincinnati.
  5. JMM

    Baseball Fans

    Last time I looked the Giants were in the west and the reds were in the central division. They play each other twice, once at each other’s home venue. Perhaps you meant the National League.
  6. JMM

    Baseball Fans

    Reds and Giants.
  7. Aquariums unlimited is a nice shop. A little more organized then fish safari but they both have lots to offer. They are both worth visiting. As a bonus , if you go to fish safari check out the sushi place near it. Great food for a reasonable price. My kid lives there and I always go visit those places to see what they have. Oh, Bouy 44 is another place to go for great food. Kind of a sleeper place , if you know what I mean. jim
  8. Bare bottom alll day long. Crank up the flow and enjoy.
  9. 6 foot tank is great but I already wish I had done 8 ft.
  10. I am running the SYNA-G-g app and have the lunar tidal cycle running. Have the low flow set at 20% and high flow at 60%. As I have some nice open brains and acans and blastos I need to watch how hard that flow gets for a while and tune the percentages as needed. I am still trying to learn the ins and outs of the app. I know when I had the controller for the pumps set at 70 and higher it was too much. My corals( sps which are starting to stn) are small yet so more flow would be required and amply available with these pumps later as they , hopefully, grow to colonies. The pumps are on the ends at the top as high as they can go. I love the gyre concept and have run the icecap 3 K since it came out with great success. Little louder but tolerable. One keeps my 70 rumbling at 50% quite well. I have a small powerhead at the opposite end to give more turbulence in the tank. Higher then 50 and things get pretty vigorous for the soft corals. I have two mp40’s in my 180 and they are quite strong with flow at 80% and reach across the tank easily. The mp10’s I added to the 120 first are not near enough pump even at 100%. The gyre is the ticket. The icecaps I own will eventually end up on the back wall of my 180 to keep things stirred up. One last thing, all tanks are bare bottom!
  11. JMM

    Apex tanked

    Just remembered I never updated this thread. It cost me 50$ to get my problem resolved. They sent me the refurbished brain which I kept in exchange for me broken one. Not too bad really. I went and bought another classic brain so I have two classic brains now and the one 2016 brain. Personally I am fine with running my system off the classic for the duration. All in all the damage to my wallet was acceptable.
  12. Well I bought the 330 system with controller. Pretty nice system. The diameter of the powerhead is pretty small. The cover does allow the pump to be pretty close to the top but the flow has to be reduced a lot for my 120. Just set them up thurs. evening. Dead quiet, not a lot more cost wise then the 200 series. Time will tell about the durability of the system. Jim
  13. JMM

    Need some second opinions

    That’s a great decision! Can not go wrong with quarantining your fish and corals. It seems like a hassle but in the end it benefits both the fish and yourself with a great display that’s disease free. Seems brook is really having an impact in the fish industry. Good luck with your journey. jim
  14. You’re gonna need a bigger tank!!
  15. I keep about 55 gal. mixed all the time and it does get sludge in the bottom but it’s never been an issue. Use reef crystals. The water is heated.
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