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  1. Just a thought but do you have any snails or crabs in with the cleaner shrimp? I wonder if you might have copper residue in your system ? You’re not far from Lima. If you are ever over that way let me know and I can give you a couple corals. Jim
  2. JMM

    New Butterflies

    Just added these 3 from their acclimation box tonight. The fourth, the Auriga is not doing well and is in a qt tank probably dead before morning. It came in very small and no meat on it and never really ate well. The others have eaten well so one goes in its own tank and the others get to get put in their place by the other butterflies. The pecking order is being established as I type with the pearlscale, the low guy on the totem pole, chasing the little dot dash making sure it knows it’s its boss now. Adding all 3 at the same time should spread the aggression out a bit. Within a couple days
  3. Probably considered mini colonies but some venders would call them colonies. Two are Blue tipped Green Stag and one is an unknown. They all grow well and seem pretty hardy. At least I have not killed them so.... first is the unknown. It’s either pale from low nutrients or too much light. I think it’s low Pho’s. It’s growing just fine. the other two are the stag. One looks brown as I just put it in the back of the tank due to no room for it and it’s showing the side that was away from the light. Light tips is all new growth. Both are very nice size. looking to get 75 per coral. N
  4. That’s the fun of fish diseases! Sounds like you are on the right path. I found that fish did much better in a qt with rock so I keep some set aside just in case. The hard part is going fallow from such a long time. Good luck with them. Might try getting them well after lights out. Hit them with a bright light and try to stun them kinda just long enough to catch them. Otherwise just pull all the rock you need to and get them out, if you need to. If you need anything let me know as I have tanks, heaters , filters and such just setting in the garage that are just for qt. 419-905-3396
  5. The trophants will fall off the fish but come back again later and in more numbers. I would set up qt now and get some bacteria built up and then once the fish show signs of problems everything will be ready. I think you are posting on R2R too. Great place to get help as is Humblefishes site. https://humble.fish/community/index.php?forums/
  6. You did not mention your phosphate level. I would cut back on water changes and you might try some turbo snails. You using RO/DI water? You have a healthy coraline growth so something is going well. Another option is chemi clean. Just follow the instructions and watch your skimmer if you are running one. It will over flow.
  7. H. diphreutes, Hawaiian Bannerfish, about 5 inches with a beautiful banner. Purchased from Bobby ( Humblefish) last year. Fully quarantined. Guy is getting too big for my butterfly herd! It was the size of a half dollar at most when I got it. Supposed to be reef safe and was in my 120 mixed deer for about 6 months. Been fish only since. Looking to get 95 for it. It’s abig fish and needs a good size tank. Send me a text if interested . 419-905-3396. It’s not an aggressive fish unless there is food in the water and it just pushes everything out of its way for its share and then some. than
  8. Perhaps you can design modular pieces So you can make a few attachments once they are inside the tank. I did that with a large arch I placed inside my 180. 2 pieces built to hook together once inside but able to place individually. Your headed towards the home stretch with the interior. Gonna be one nice area to hang out.
  9. The overflow looks right to me. Well thought out system. Nothing beats having a dedicated fish room. You are gonna have a beautiful display ! jim
  10. That’s a nice gain in height. Long pants are gonna be short now. Hope his pain subsides quickly.
  11. All I can say is “OUCH!!!” How’s his pain doing?
  12. I think my biggest mistake in trying acro’s was trying to grow them in a-tank that was not mature. Other then that they require more flow and very stable alk. IN my mixed reef I have to watch where I place my big brain corals as too much flow will cause them to recede in their skeleton. I also keep them in a fairly shaded area. My Acans, torches hammers and zoas all handle a little more flow but not as much as the acros get. I keep my acros up higher in more direct flow. I have seen quite a few very successful mixed reefs . Take your time and go slow. Very slow. jim
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