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  1. This thing is a beast. Twin PSK 2500 pumps pull the water. I had it on my 300 system but with the stock tank sump I decided to go external. Looking to get 200 for it.
  2. JMM

    Fuge/Macro light?

    I run the 380 as well on my 300 system. Great light. I use a cheap light over my 70 and it grows Chaeto all right but nothing compared to the 380.
  3. Try f aptasia. Kill flow for a bit and cover them up. It hardens and locks them down. Pretty slick product. Yes, that’s it’s name. F aptasia. Guys name is frank. http://franks-tanks.com/
  4. Here is my almost competed Butterfly group. Still have a Hifin and Latticed to add. As you can see the hair algae is very bad. I am getting it more under control but have a long way to go. The Pakistan and Pearlscale are the latest from Bobby at Humblefish Aquatics. The Pintail and filamented wrasses came from him as well. This tank has become very active and enjoyable. Still have anthias and more wrasses to get. Ignore the sound. I forgot about the baseball game in the background.
  5. Give Brian a call at Lazy’s, he just went through all that with his move. He should have good insight. jim
  6. Here is what I have. They are not fully expanded when I took the picture. It’s a 70 tank if that helps for size. What area of toledo are you in? We usually come in 475 to central but might stop in perrysburg at the Costco. Will send you my cell so we can communicate easier. jim
  7. You are in toledo right? I have 3 nice big pieces. I can cut one off the rock and get it to toledo as we get up there the next two weekends on Sunday afternoon. How’s 25 sound? You will need to rubberband it to a rock till it attaches.
  8. JMM

    Longspine Urchin

    Bought one for my 180 yesterday and acclimated it last night with a couple cleaner shrimp. Checked them before heading out today and the urchin was belly up. Shrimp are just fine.
  9. WI have just about anything you want to use for qt. I am just about stocked now so the need is just about done. Any more fish are coming through either HB or Dr. reef and full qt’ed already.
  10. Craig, how about a full tank shot please. Picture of whole setup standing back from it. thanks, Jim
  11. How do I miss these great deals? Wow. Could get everything today.
  12. I just added a 60” SB reefs sBar actinic bar. I added it to my 180 Fowler for pop that my ATI doesn’t provide. Very impressive light.
  13. So after contacting Bobby again I just ordered a group of fish from Live Aquaria and am having them sent directly to him. This should just about fill both tanks.
  14. JMM

    Green Leathers

    I have toadstools. Smaller ones are 25, one big one for 50. Probably be up your way Sunday afternoon. Small one will come rubber banded to a rock. Small ones are all on one rock so need to be removed and re-attached.
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