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  1. I just added a 60” SB reefs sBar actinic bar. I added it to my 180 Fowler for pop that my ATI doesn’t provide. Very impressive light.
  2. So after contacting Bobby again I just ordered a group of fish from Live Aquaria and am having them sent directly to him. This should just about fill both tanks.
  3. JMM

    Green Leathers

    I have toadstools. Smaller ones are 25, one big one for 50. Probably be up your way Sunday afternoon. Small one will come rubber banded to a rock. Small ones are all on one rock so need to be removed and re-attached.
  4. I ordered from a list of vendor fish he had. I don’t know about drop shipping to him. He overnites them from Florida. It’s not cheap but neither is qt’ing your own. You can contact him at his website. https://humble.fish/community/index.php
  5. Waited a long time for these guys but couldn’t be happier. Received two Pyramid Butterflies, 1 schooling Bannerfish, 1 aptasia eating file fish, 1redfirefish, 1 Purple firefish, 1 yellow watchman goby. And a nice Bimac Anthias. No pics of the firefish or filefish and goby. Very nice fish and eating right out of the bag.
  6. JMM

    fish quarentine

    He also has his own website now and has been offering a qt service for people. I am waiting for several fish from him right now.
  7. JMM

    fish quarentine

    I do what qt. I treat fish with a bath out of the bag and then either copper or observation depending on species and how they handle meds. I use this guys recommendations a lot. https://humble.fish/community/index.php i see way too many just throw the fish in and then that one fish has velvet or something and you loose everything. There is also a movement where certain suppliers are starting to offer pre quarantined fish for sale. It’s still in its infancy but hopefully it will catch on . Qt takes time and work though. Lots of time just learning how and what and when..
  8. I have two mp40’s on my 180 and at almost 100% they just reach across the tank. Go bigger. I just received the new 350 gyres for the tank, should really get the flow more evenly distributed but the 40’s will still be used across the bottom. Have two smaller gyres on the back wall too. Need one more in the middle of the back wall. One thing people forget is that when those corals get big it’s a lot harder to get the flow through them. Should be a great tank for you. jim
  9. Have enough stuff to make two complete set ups. Includes 6 power bars of which I only has 3 working outlets. Everything else works fine. Still can be used to control your tank. 150.00 for it all. Thanks, Jim
  10. The pair is spoken for. Thanks.
  11. They lay eggs all the time. Once the eggs hatch and get eaten they start all over again. Beautiful fish. Can be aggressive towards other fish if they are guarding/ tending eggs. Asking 125.00 In Lima area. Best to text at 419-905-3396 thanks, Jim
  12. Thanks, will investigate the possibilities. jim
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