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  1. While not someone who is going to use one commercially I would like a magnetic that is long enough on both legs to allow several corals of small colony or large frag size to acclimate and grow some on them. Also one that fits a corner so it’s somewhat out of the way. My current one is an acrylic that incorporates a magnet to hold it but it’s straight and it’s on the front of the tank which isn’t the best for viewing in my opinion. Jim
  2. JMM

    Vendor Suggestions

    https://humble.fish/community/index.php?forums/ forgot to add the link.
  3. JMM

    Vendor Suggestions

    Here is the correct link for the forums. Vendor list is at the bottom of page. Dr. Reef has some fish ready right now. for some reason I can not edit nor access club tools etc.....
  4. JMM

    Vendor Suggestions

    https://humble.fish/community/index.php I would never trust Divers Den for completely clean fish. Either do your own or use someone who does the complete quarantine. There are a few out there and on the website I linked. I know a lot of hobbyists just buy and observe and in they go. Only takes one time to wipe out an entire tank. Velvet is no joke.
  5. Always welcome other hunters to go. I will send my cell# so you can contact me about it. jim
  6. A mag 36 I think. It will push a lot of water thru the skimmer. I may add the extension as I love lots of air to water contact .
  7. Well I got it moved and unpackaged. My new lLifereef Skimmer. Had I known what I do now back a few years ago it would have been my first choice in skimmers. No more used skimmers that I can not get parts for . Just a bunch of used skimmers that won’t hardly bring 25/50 bucks if that. This beast will always be viable with just a pump to change or upgrade. It’s kind of old school but very efficient and easy to set up and tune in. I have one on my 70 reef right now. this one is flanged so I can add more height if I want and it’s upgraded-able for a bigger system or downgrade-able for a smaller system. Just change pump size. Also can be used external or internal. will get it plumbed after the 1st.
  8. I apologize, I wrote a reply back in November but must not have hit the send button. From the looks of it this year was a great year to kill a buck in Ohio. As for Wyoming, it’s blessed with lots of muledeer, whitetails, pronghorn antelope, elk and mountain lion. Oh and the lovely wolf. I love hunting the breaks and cuts looking for Muledeer. They are elusive and hard to see laying in thier beds during the day. It’s hard to beat hunting anything with the scenic BigHorn Mountains in the background. Here is my second best mulie. If you look to the top right of the photo there is a red mark on the ridge. That’s where I shot from. Look at the terrain, nothing like Ohio. A deer can walk out of sight in the folds and cuts yet still be right there . What looks flat from a distance is anything but.
  9. My shop is so busy right now I can barely keep the fish fed. I have it on my list to move to the basement today and hopefully unpack it. As for the heat exchanger, I want to set one up to heat the system. My hesitation is that I hate plumbing. Not very good at it really. My goal is to have one bought by spring though and get it installed this summer.
  10. I just received one of the last things to complete my 400 gallon system. After this I just need to get a heat exchanger so my tanks are warmed by my gas hot water heater. Won’t try getting the new toy up and running till around New Years . Might try unboxing in the next day or two. Will post pictures once it’s in place. jim
  11. JMM

    My 180 upgrade

    Hope you can get things figured out. I have some nice frags for you when you want *em. Nothing special but nice big pieces. They have your name on them. jim
  12. I have 4 acres next to my house. I use a crossbow and muzzleloader. Most deer hunting is in Wyoming though..
  13. Been a hunter since I was 15. Bought my first shotgun at Kmart when I turned 16. Hunt waterfowl and deer and elk out west. Am also a full time Taxidermist.
  14. JMM

    > $200 par meter

    Is that sensor going to read any type lighting? That’s way cheaper then the whole system for sure.
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