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  1. JMM

    > $200 par meter

    Is that sensor going to read any type lighting? That’s way cheaper then the whole system for sure.
  2. Winter is my busy season so I don’t get much time with the tanks. I am happy to see things are still alive once spring rolls around. Might complete my fish stocking though. Close now but still want more flasher wrasses and some anthias in the 120. 180 is about full of Butterflies at 7 plus one more if I can catch it in the 70 and get it moved over. Has a firefish, threadfin flasher and majestic fairy Pintail that has some beautiful colors.
  3. Selling used skimmers is a real pain. Tire kickers and all. Sometimes I think it’s easier to just throw stuff away. Good luck with the sale. jim
  4. Wish it was flanged. That’s a great skimmer at a great price.
  5. I don’t think hard wiring the apex would have helped. My 2016 is hard wired and every time the power flickers it goes off I get the same message. Here is what baffles me, my 180/120 system runs on the classic brain and it gets the same interruptions yet has never disconnected from fusion. I mean NEVER. I have been tempted to switch out the 2016 with my spare classic brain and see how things go. Keeping my eye on GHL in case apex just gets too frustrating OR they quit supporting the classic. That would do it for me. Jim
  6. JMM

    My 180 upgrade

    Have things settled and started to recover?
  7. I will get you the height when I get back home.
  8. More like 14 by 16. No idea about extreme. It’s just SWC on the lid. It has two pumps on it. In Lima, about 3 or so hours from you. You going to the Dayton swap by chance? If so I could bring it and you can see it. I am willing to ship it too. Ups ground is overnite in Ohio. USPS freight would probably be cheapest. For me shipping is always cheapest compared to drive time , time away from work and gas if it’s any distance. Jim
  9. Nice start. If you need any 4” socks for extras let me know. I live between Lima and Spencerville. They are taking up space. I run 8”. Jim
  10. Some nice tanks guys. Appreciate the effort to post them. jim
  11. JMM

    Icecap gyres

    I found a pair. Thanks for the replies! jim
  12. JMM

    Icecap gyres

    Looking for a couple 1k or 3K pumps with controller. thanks, Jim
  13. This light is a one owner, me. Not WiFi. Programmable though. Great light that I just struggled to use. About a year on it and then on a shelf. If I remember I will get pics of light on.
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