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  1. Finally added a PM1 and temp probe to my apex for my salt mixing station. Hooked up a doser to my 300 gal. system to dose vinegar.
  2. My guess is that it’s not supported anymore. I am running one on my 70 and it’s not been updated in a couple years. Digital Aquatics quit making them. I will look for my cable but I think I sold it with most of my stash. Has all the montipora regrown in your tank? You gave me a Huge piece a couple years ago. jim
  3. Bare bottom! Currently covered in coralline. Keeps my urchin fat and healthy. Although I like the look of sand I never have been able to keep it without problems.
  4. JMM

    Camera on tank?

    I run two pan cams and two of the fixed fixture cameras. Nice cameras.
  5. Tank is cooking now. Still a little slime algae but it’s not too bad. Corals are growing, fish are healthy. What more could I ask for?
  6. I have used this product for about a year maybe. It does the job on anything you can cover. I just used a big bottle in my 120 to curb my aptasia forest growth. It is hard to use on stuff on the side of rocks and under ledges . Cover the aptasia as mentioned and it’s gone. If you drop some on corals just blow it off as soon as you can. Good stuff!
  7. I want to place a 330 gyre under my overflow so it’s inconspicuous. It will be used to flush out junk from under the rock work every couple hours. Problem is the exterior box does not allow the exterior magnet to be placed up where I need it. Anyone ever do this and if so how did you manage to attach the gyre. jim
  8. JMM

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I used reef town for mine. Got meds. And had good luck with them in my sump which was absolutely filled with aptasia. Added more to my 120 a month or so ago and still waiting to see if they survive my Solon and Pygmy wrasses. They work but require patience.
  9. JMM

    My 180 upgrade

    Won’t be long and that tank will be full like your old tank was. Looks nice already.
  10. Why not just dose vinegar to bring the nitrates down? Then gfo , lanthium Cloride or another phosphate reducer to get that lowered.
  11. Vibrant is a long slow , slow , slow treatment. If you give it the time directed it will work great and you will not see too much in regards cyno etc... after you are finished. Watch your nutrient levels so they don’t bottom out and make sure your skimmer is pulling the waste. Pull as much of the hair algae as you can regularly too.
  12. Description below. It’s a real beast of a skimmer. Had it on my 300 gallon system. It’s in great shape with an upgraded skimmer motor on it. You will need an appropriate feed pump for it. I ran it off my main return pump thru a manifold. Have extra parts and the box. Price is 300. Reef Octopus Huricone Cat - 2 External - estimated for tanks up to 350- 400 gal tank Footprint:17"x16"Tall: 27"Body: 10"Neck: 6"Pump:Askoll 1500 with custom machined volute and pinwheel video of it In Operation
  13. How does one compete with this beautiful piece? Course the picture being so well done sure helps!
  14. JMM

    Par meter

    Why not, it’s just gonna sit on my shelf most of the time. It’s like a snow blower!!! There when you need it but sits quietly till then .
  15. JMM

    Par meter

    I got tired of having to wait and travel two hours round trip for a par meter so I bought one. I am in Lima so anyone in my area is welcome to borrow it if they have need of one. It’s an Agogee 200. You can contact me here...419-905-3396. jim

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