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  1. Wouldn't mind grabbing a head or 3 of the frammer, where you located?
  2. All hammer is now spoken for pending trade tomorrow
  3. Hammers, pandoras and purple monsters are all gone.
  4. Hammer (4-5 heads) $35 Green bta's $25 Purple monsters (3-4 polyp) $20 Yuma $25 each Nirvana's (3-4 polyps) $15 Scrambled eggs (3-4 polyps) $15 Clove polyps (4-5 polyps) $20 Green frogspawn looks like it's about to be 4 heads $60 Rock covered in pandoras $25
  5. Really nice cloves 2 heads of bright green purple tip frog spawn
  6. Have some things to trade. 4 or 5 heads of green stem purple tip hammer might get broken down into two frags. Green BTAs with pink tips. Two big rocks covered in pandoras. Multiple polyp frags of wwc purple monsters Nice bright Yumas Multiple polyp frags of Nirvanas Multiple polyp frags of scrambled eggs? Prefer to trade for new stuff but will sell if need be.
  7. I have 4 nice sized heads of gold hammer! I would love to trade for gold torch or space invader pectinia. I will hold off to see if anyone offers up a nice torch before I break it down into two, 2 head frags. A gold torch trade is my true goal, if that doesn't happen I will sell them for cash or open up to other trades. This hammer is a nice gold color and has grown pretty quick in my system. Pics are taken with my cell phone, so color is much better in person. If you have something cool to trade let me know, but I'm really hoping for gold torch.
  8. Looking for a small frag of space invader pectinia. Honestly a small frag (single eye) is about all I can afford right now. But if someone has some, it is one of the got to have corals for my tank. You know the coral you look at a hundred times but never fully justify the price and take the plunge. Well here's to hoping someone in the club has a frag they are willing to let go at a decent price. Thanks for looking, hope to hear from one of you ladies and gentlemen.
  9. It's gone, may have another rainbow or a green bta for the right trade. Always open to trade for new stuff.
  10. Any pics of the torch? Never mind just realized you're way to far of a drive for me.
  11. All set on the sinularia and toadstool, just looking for some bright green Cabbage leather if someone has some.
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