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  1. I'll try and get the lighting info posted soon. GSP is all gone, I was right about the contrast. Definitely think I like it better without the gsp, just need to finish getting the glass cleaned up.
  2. I had planned on doing just that, unfortunately I lost all the photos when a sd card went bad. I could come up with a parts list and basic instructions, but a detailed build with pictures isnt a possibility sadly.
  3. Thank you. My lighting is diy radion xr30 gen 4 pro. I ordered custom made led pucks, stormx controller, wired and soldered everything myself. So far very happy with them and all 3 cost less then one radion g4 pro would have cost.
  4. My original plan was to grow gsp on the back glass of my display tank. I'm now second guessing that idea, think the black will give more contrast for the other corals in the tank. So now after it has just about covered the back glass I'm thinking about scraping it all off. I'll have a few big of sheets of unattached gsp. I'm thinking $20 each sheet approximately 12x12".
  5. I have a couple more available if anyones interested, open to trades.
  6. saltfever


    Thank you fishoutofwater.
  7. Maumee Ohio, both are spoken for at the moment. If I can get more off the rocks or someone backs out I'll have something available. Let me know if you're interested, I'll offer any others to people in the order they contact me.
  8. saltfever


    One is spoken for, might be able to get another off a rock if you're wanting two.
  9. I have two nice super bright rainbow BTA's that need new homes. Both are about 4" fully open and are natural splits. $40 each
  10. saltfever


    I've got two of the rainbow BTA's on the right side of the pic. Both are about 4" and very bright.
  11. Wouldn't mind grabbing a head or 3 of the frammer, where you located?

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