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  1. - electric oompa loompa - lemonheads - purple monsters - purple nebula - blow pops - magicians - rainbow incinerator - goblins on fire - orange oxide - AOG - mauls Thanks for looking hope to hear from a few of you. I'm located in maumee but don't mind an hour+ drive if need be.
  2. Years ago I picked up a frag of very bright green torch with purple/blue tips at the frag swap from cherry corals. It was by far my wife's favorite coral ever. I'm back in the hobby at her request, so I would love to find a frag of it for her.
  3. Looking for live Amphipods anyone here have an over abundance of them? Looking to seed a tank.
  4. I should add, moderate to low light corals and no sps.
  5. Getting back into the hobby now that I feel work will leave me enough time. Have a nano cube I want to add a few BTA's and corals to. As far as corals I'm looking to get common frags or small to med size colonies of mixed corals. The goal is an inexpensive nano reef with a few clowns. If anyone has anything that might fit the bill I would be very grateful.
  6. Got your pm and replied, yes they are still available.
  7. Mission accomplished, have a nice 1.5" frag coming tue. Please close thread
  8. I've got a pair of very healthy lightning maroons I want to sell. Male is roughly 2" female is roughly 3". Took down the tank they were in, they now reside in the sump of my main tank. Getting a new sump next week and would like to sell them before I do the sump swap. $80 for the pair must be willing to meet in maumee perrysburg area.
  9. Im looking for a nice frag of Space Invader Pentica around the toledo/maumee area.
  10. I'll take the chalice, a pearl berry, RPE's and the milli
  11. I'll try and get the lighting info posted soon. GSP is all gone, I was right about the contrast. Definitely think I like it better without the gsp, just need to finish getting the glass cleaned up.
  12. I had planned on doing just that, unfortunately I lost all the photos when a sd card went bad. I could come up with a parts list and basic instructions, but a detailed build with pictures isnt a possibility sadly.
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