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  1. Do you have the magnet rock on the back wall still available?
  2. What ever happened to the photo of the month compilation? I always though that was a fun and creative thing to get people talking and photos posted.
  3. It is yellow, orange and green but my camera really only shows the yellow for some reason
  4. Traded in some corals and picked up some new ones! Picked up the plate coral for a steal because it’s damaged
  5. So after having the grate in the tank for over a month I took it out. IT WORKED!!!! It took out a bunch of the zoas and now I can cut up the grate and put them on plugs! There is probably about 60 zoas on it. Frags to come
  6. I have 3 on my tank 2- MP40s and 1- MP10. I 100% think they are worth the money. Cleaning them is super easy. I bought an extra wet side. They are also incredibly adjustable. Mine go through 10 different modes each day. And lastly I love the look of no cords in my tank. Not only does it look nice but I know that I’m not going to get any stray voltage in my tank from my pumps. They also hold their value really well! Yes 1 MP40 will work for a tank that size.
  7. Well!!!!it’s been a year and man the tank has come a looooong way!!
  8. This is looking amazing! I’m so jealous!
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