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  1. I’m selling our 30G frag tank. I have it set up like a small tank but you can do either. Comes with everything you would need to set it up. Also comes with two anemones, some zoas, a mated pair of Percula clown fish. Everything works as it should we just don’t have time for it anymore. Asking $700 OBO or trades.
  2. It’s in lost peninsula. I sold it for cash and then bought the camper with it
  3. Well guys this year has really showed me what is important in my life. Making memories with my kids. I sold the tank unfortunately BUT I was able to get a camper out of it with a permanent site right on Lake Erie! Wyatt and the boys are very excited and so am I. I think the making of memories that we will have is worth it in my mind. The nice thing is that the people who bought it bought it as a whole and are going to set it up like it was when I had it set up. I still have Wyatts tank so I’m not completely out of the hobby.
  4. I wouldn’t if it weren’t for the kids wanting stuff to do haha
  5. I’m thinking about getting rid of my tank. I’m looking to trade for something I can do with my family/kids. Some things I would be looking for are classic cars, side by sides, campers, boats or anything like that. Here are some updated pictures. I will be OT be parting out though. If you go to member tanks you can see the build thread ( My First Waterbox)
  6. Do you have the magnet rock on the back wall still available?
  7. What ever happened to the photo of the month compilation? I always though that was a fun and creative thing to get people talking and photos posted.
  8. It is yellow, orange and green but my camera really only shows the yellow for some reason
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