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  1. I have an abundance of these kryptonite candy canes. I would like to trade for other corals. I am unable to ship so it will be local pick up only. Maumee I have approximately 100. I can cut them down to one polyp each or we can trade larger quantities. Just let me know what you have
  2. Nanoreef13

    Indo Acropora

    That’s awesome!!! I’d be interested in buying some if you are selling the frags
  3. Nanoreef13

    Indo Acropora

    How do you get such large frags?
  4. Yep just picked up a bunch of stuff a few days ago and this was in it. I also got a few heads of black torch!
  5. Picked up some new corals! I now have a ton of Kryptonite Candy canes if anyone is looking to trade lol. I don’t have everything in their permanent spots but all are in the tank and doing well.
  6. I have a MP10w for sale. The wet side rattles and I’m not sure why. Everything else works as it should though. $150 obo
  7. I’ve seen these corals in person. They look healthy and incredibly colorful!!
  8. I would definitely get a apex doser and dose 2 part
  9. Imagine having this in your house to look at while you are quarantined!!!!
  10. They are worth the money!
  11. So I ordered a cheap lens filter kit from amazon. Nothing special but wow does it make a difference!! I did not change the lights at all
  12. So my Angel was being slightly mean to my hippo tang. No biting or chasing just keeping her in the cave. So I put mirror up to distract him. Well it worked a little to well and I think I have some pre-Madonnas in my tank hahaha ALL my fish are sitting in front of it lol

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