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  1. Haha I’m doing the same thing in my tank!
  2. North or south of Lima? I’m in maumee
  3. Yes it does! On another note I caved in to the wife. We put up the Christmas decorations.
  4. Yea they are the best tanks and customer service I have ever felt with. This is my build thread.
  5. Hey! Glad to hear you are getting back in! I have a Waterbox 130.4 ( not for sale) just wanted to say that these are amazing tanks! Build quality and everything is absolutely amazing! I hope you find one because people don’t sell them very often. When you do make sure you start a build post!
  6. Nanoreef13


    I sent you a message
  7. Nanoreef13


    I’m in maumee. I have some zoas and some mushrooms I’d be willing to trade
  8. Here’s a few progress comparisons
  9. After what feels like a million water changes I think I finally have my algae under control (knock on wood). Things are starting to grow again but I did lose some corals. Hopefully my SPS will blow up now lol and yes I did take out some of the sand during the water changes because of the amount of algae on it
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