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  1. Unfortunately I can’t sell the whole rock because I can’t get it out of the tank. Not a great choice on placement on my part
  2. Yea that’s what I figured. I have laid frag plugs on them and after a few weeks they grew onto the plugs and I pulled them off. Unfortunately that rock is one of the base rocks for my main structure and is concreted in place. It was a dumb move on my part but I definitely didn’t think they would grow that quickly
  3. Nanoreef13

    Removing Zoas

    So my zoas are taking over one of my rocks and I was thinking that I want to clear some off. I couldn’t figure out how to scrape them off so I came up with this idea. My goal is that the zoas will grow through the egg crate and connect itself to it. Then I can lift up the egg crate and easily cut it up into frags to attach to frag plugs. Do you guys think this will work? Even if it doesn’t get them all atleast I hope it gets some.
  4. I did one this year. I suggest sending it straight to Germany rather then sending it in the US and then they send it to Germany. It was like $15 so send it. Honestly I’ve been thinking of doing another one. It worked amazing and can definitely give you some answers if you are looking for some. It also tests your rodi water so it can give you an idea about that aswell. It will also break down like 40 different elements and tell you if they are high or not. If you go to my build page I posted what the results look like if you want to know.
  5. What kind of torches are those? What is your price for them?
  6. $10 for a frag. 3-5 heads I think. I’m going to frag them tomorrow. I’ll have a few frags I’m going to add to this this week. Also the frags are actually more red then orange
  7. It’s octospawn but basically the same thing. I have a frag of it that has I think 2 heads. It’s the size of a baseball. I’d do $60 for it
  8. It’s been about a month since I’ve updated so here we go. First are some of my favorite corals in the tank!
  9. Corals mostly, I’ll pm you a list of you want?
  10. I may be interested. Are you looking for trades?
  11. I’d be interested in them. What are you looking for in trades?
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