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  1. If you have a gennie you don’t need it.
  2. I use one. Worth having for the occasional power outage.
  3. Rocsec1


    Well worth it. I have 4 VorTechs and 3 radions controlled through apex/wmx/fusion. Makes life much easier.
  4. Rocsec1

    Light Question

    I’ve asked at a. Lot of different places and the answer I got was different spectrum. I have an old reefbreeders fuge light and the bulb isn’t growing cheato like it used too. I looked at different par 38 bulbs and just got confused { or did I) and bought the ai fuge light. It has been on line for two days so we will see if they are as good as they are supposed to be.
  5. Rocsec1

    Aquacultured Yellow Tang

    I haven’t seen one of these in the Cleveland area yet. I would be very tempted but the the kole and blue tangs probably wouldn’t like it.
  6. I have my new powerheads so I want to move 5his. $180
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