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  1. Rocsec1

    Aquacultured Yellow Tang

    I haven’t seen one of these in the Cleveland area yet. I would be very tempted but the the kole and blue tangs probably wouldn’t like it.
  2. I have my new powerheads so I want to move 5his. $180
  3. I have an ecotech radion gen1 upgraded to gen 3. it works as it should and is hanging over my frag tank. I got a really good deal on a gen 4 so I don’t need it anymore. i am asking $250. I am in the Cleveland/Akron area. i also have a gyre xf250. Asking $225 for it.
  4. In NE ohio there is aquaric technology, pretty good store with a large selection of fish aquarica in valley city. Large selection of dry goods. A decent fish and coral selection. A little high in prices but nice stuff Triton marine. A real store. They qt the fish before they offer them for sale. Not a high selection but what they have is pretty nice. Bigger coral selection decent prices and quality stuff.
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