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    My name is Andrew and I have a 92 gallon corner tank that has been up and running for about a year now. It's full of mostly LPS, a few tangs, puffer, wrasse, and lots of inverts. I joined Buckeye Reef to keep learning about this hobby and so far, so good. I look forward to keep learning about ways to keep my tank healthy and hopefully participate more on the forums. I live in the Akron area, but once work slows I hope to make it to a meeting.
  2. Thanks. I'll try the Gatorade bottle this weekend...will call Harley if that doesn't work out. lol
  3. Apologies if this topic has been covered... I have a Clarkii Clownfish that was one of my very first purchases over a year ago when I started my reef tank. As expected, he's turned into the dominant fish in the aquarium and is bullying all of the other mates. He's gotten so big that I've decided to give him away to a friend to put in his larger fish-only set up. Before doing that, I need to catch him... Does anyone have experience catching fish in a larger reef tank? I have a 90 gallon corner aquarium. I've tried the "leave the net in the tank until the fish don't see it as a threat" idea, but that really stressed out one of my wrasse's and I'm not sure about trying that again. A LFS suggested I get a fishing pole and try that....seriously. I'm thinking about purchasing this fish trap, but would like to hear from the forum and their experiences first.
  4. Anyone have any luck with keeping copperbands in a reef tank? I had this guy for about 7 months in before taking off on vacation and leaving him with a babysitter. He was healthy and eating really well during that time. Needless to say, I came home after a week and he was very skinny and eventually didn't make it. I've heard that they can be finicky eaters - I fed him live black worms and he had small feather dusters in the live rock to graze on. Occasionally he'd pick at the frozen mysis. These are one of my favorite fish and I was thinking of getting another for the reef - wanted to get the opinion of the rest of the group
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