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  1. I replied back to you, Thanks!
  2. Any pictures of you system? Would really like to see your tank and over flow s.
  3. Thanks for everything! Looking forward to working with you again.
  4. Hey can you p m me contact info I m interested in a few things. I m in toledo as well
  5. Is this still up for grabs? I m interested?
  6. I have some now thanks anyways.
  7. Does anyone in the Toledo have chaeto I just need a small pice. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have a 125g with stand and canopy and sump. PM me
  9. Yes I still have it, if it's not gone soon I might just have to set it back up! Lol
  10. I would try adding a air hose through the durso down about 6". Basically given it air where it is needed. Hope this helps
  11. Yes it's still here make me a decent offer an it's your! I m heading in a different direction with my tanks.
  12. TideFan

    Large tank

    Tank is still up for sale if anyone is interested?
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