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  1. Up for sale is a reef octopus 200 int less then a year old. Just took the system down. Works without any problems. Milk jug for size comparison, this is a big skimmer. Asking 200 Located in Lima Ohio 419-303-6283
  2. Darn that's my small one
  3. I have a reef octopus 150 int. I am looking to get 125 for it
  4. Fish are pending pick up tonight
  5. I am stepping away from the hobby for awhile so will be selling all of my live stock and and a few corals. Also have a reef octopus 150int and a reef octopus 200int for sale both less then a year old on perfect shape. 200 is still running on the tank. Vortecs and rights are already sold
  6. I will take the fighting g conch if you still have it
  7. How big is the yellow tang may be interested
  8. Outlaw


    I have a buddy here in Lima with a reef octopus 100 hob that is less then a year old asking 100 bucks for it
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