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  1. I am planning to upgrade my lights to the new GEN 5’s. I have three Radion Gen 4 pros that have been in use for three years available. $425 each or $1200 for all three.
  2. I upgraded my lights to the new G5 and no longer need these diffusers. I can ship or meet up within a reasonable distance.
  3. Not too often but I'd be willing to meet halfway.
  4. It has been forever since I posted. I just put a large piece up in the for sale section. Some of the colonies are just overgrowing their space even as I crop them back.
  5. Hi, This piece is getting too big and growing too close close to the front of my tank. It has a large Miyagi Tort on top, large Bonsai growth on the back and bottom, as well as a Yellow Porites coral on the other side. This is a large piece, but if it had space to continue growing out would continue to be amazing. Any questions please inquire.
  6. Do you have photos? Who is the manufacturer?
  7. Had to chop down my large Caps that are growing very well. I do not typically mount on plugs unless preferred since I tend to break them off when I buy them. Right now just the Caps ($10-$15 for a 1.5-2" piece). I posted some other corals that are growing well and will post them soon. I am not set up for shipping frags, so local pick up or meet up only at this time.
  8. Mazzei Venturi install complete....this thing is pumping out some serious air. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. Will throw in a used Mag Drive 9.5 for $300 total delivered.
  10. Very happy! I was having some algae issues but recently remedied my phosphate problem with Phosguard and some water changes. Also not sure where my elevated iodine is coming from. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  11. Skimmer upgrade/extension. I still need to install the mazzei Venturi but need a few more parts. The body was extended by 3.75" increasing contact time and the new venture is going to allow a major increases in air suction. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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