Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. Still have the frag racks? you can text me at 419-419-9547 if that's easier
  2. About 2.5 hours from Findlay, so most likely would not be able to meet you. However, I can definitely save you one for the LEAR Swap in February or Buckeye Reef Swap in March. Send me a PM if you're interested!
  3. Hello all, I have a few rainbow bubble tip anemones for sale. Size ranges from approximately 3-4". The first picture is under full actinic lighting and the other is under white light. All of the nems are basically identical since they are natural splits. $30 per anemone. If you want multiple then let me know and I would be willing to reduce the price per nem. I have these listed on Reef Trader for the LEAR swap in Strongsville, OH, which happens to be on Saturday, February 24. If interested, please reserve them on Reef Trader if you are planning on going to LEAR! If not, I also plan to keep a few for the Buckeye Reef swap, so they will be available for purchase then as well. I will update this post when it gets closer to the Buckeye Reef swap on the exact number that I have left. My username is khammer on ReefTrader. I live in Parma now, so if anyone out in Parma is interested in purchasing any then please let me know! Thank you!
  4. Hey Jesse, that would be cool! Let me know when you are transferring over to your new tank and I'll take some off of your hands. Thanks!
  5. I'm looking into doing some diy frag discs but didn't want to spend the money on new aragonite sand. If anyone is looking to get rid of some of their sand then let me know. I'm located in Bowling Green so anyone in that general area would be preferable. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, that sounds great! I would like to keep khammer instead of kah
  7. Just to let you know, I commented on this from my other account. I first joined with the username Kah, but just created another account that I will be using from now on as khammer. Sorry for the confusion haha
  8. Hi, thank you for the welcome! By looking at all the posts on here, it looks like you have a pretty active forum, which is great to see. Putting this over my 20L tank. Going to set-up a little frag tank of mainly LPS and zoas. Anyone on here have any experience with the current marine? Looks like pretty positive reviews from what I have seen online, and should be strong enough to grow LPS considering the 20L is so shallow. @cheap reefer Thanks for the reply, just let me know
  9. Looking to spend $65 on this light. Located in Parma, OH, but I will be going to the frag fest so we could meet there as well. Let me know if you have one for sale!
  10. Thanks! Just some softies, lps, and a pair of clownfish. I figure that I could only do softies and LPS with the stock lighting. Do you have any experience with the fluval evo?
  11. Starting to get back into the saltwater hobby. I don't have much room, so that's why I wanted to keep it easy and get an all in one. The 13.5 gallon is a perfect size tank for the space I have. Thanks!
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