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  1. One of the cubes defrosted in tank water, zero cloudyness
  2. Water helps it blend, no water it's way to chunky and inconsistent.
  3. XBoxxyX

    24k torch

    Was a bunch of Ben's, I could have upgraded to 2 gen 4 pros almost
  4. 1lb seafood mix from Aldi $5.99 4 nori sheets $.60 2 teaspoon reef roids ?? 1 cup ro/di water It blends For the freeze and unfreeze don't believe larrys lies seafood is frozen as it's caught then unloaded shipped and is defrosted to clean and blend then frozen after it's flat packed 24$ for fish food ppppssstsstttt
  5. XBoxxyX

    24k torch

    Will be growing it out for awhile, but will frag it to recoup some of the cost, when I told my "wife" boss how much I spent her response was "I just threw up in my mouth"
  6. XBoxxyX

    24k torch

    Will be arriving in my tank next week
  7. I have not done anything to decrease the population to date, on the same note I'm waiting on LFS to get the starfish that eats them ordered for me. I plan to put a bunch in my sump "empty sock area, and skimmer section " so I can add to Dt if needed for said star fish.
  8. If I was well off in life I would, lol
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