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  1. I have this awesome $1700 paper weight from obelisk "DCR 1 b2” that was supposed to mine $4700 month IF a huge If they released it when they said, but being 8 months late I didn't even plug it in lololololololol it mines 250.00 a year st current market. I had a few 1080 ti rigs, sold those gpus before the 20xx was released,. Made money plus some with those. I am heating my upstairs with a l3+ Got like 6 A3 sia miners in basement they are useless now, hanging on to them I case there's a pump n dump coin I can mine until its gone Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. New rig, as of 5 months ago I7 8700k 32g ram 1080 ti Custom loop Other hardware 12 rx 580 8 g that are collecting dust Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    Dosing containers
  4. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    1x4 glued and screwed. Make sure the wood is baring the load and not the hardware
  5. Is your flow going from bottom to top and is it blacked out??
  6. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    I plan on putting 2 120mm cp fans in hood 1 on the left and other on right side. Both will be pulling, will have to buy a bigger hole saw to install them. For the face plate of hood I'm thinking magnets to hold in place Im yet to look into this idea
  7. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    Started on the hood today
  8. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    Added the media reactor just a few minutes ago and added some gussets as I had some racking in the front. 3/16" in 2' not good lol. Left gusset was made first and you see I was not thinking where to place hardware My wife also said I need to paint them as I half ass everything
  9. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    Looks awesome with the red plumbing. Went with Fiji mud in fuge
  10. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    Finished plumbing and did a leak test, have to say I was nervous on my joints. No leaks my $150+ in plumbing was not a waste lol
  11. XBoxxyX


  12. XBoxxyX

    35g cube

    Plumbing update, soon water maybe next weekend
  13. XBoxxyX

    Shrimp 4.50lb

    Gfc has 24lb boxes of shrimp for $108.00
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