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  1. I need to take mine out, I leave them in too long 10-14 days ish most of the time,, I know that's bad especially since I don't run a protein skimmer. this is a good example of what not to do. but what if my tank, tanks!?!?!?!?!? why mess with success? but it could be even better!! im so conflicted!! lol
  2. about pot??? I read a lot LOL, and son has magnestic fuge light that grows Cheto like weeds just set up the summer college 90 gallon with 40 gallon sump. all his stuff including his lion fish are living life large in their new digs.
  3. 100 gal acrylic seahorse heaven. deep sand bed in half so I can get diggers!! and then we can all have little seahorses with sinularia!!!!!! lol
  4. fuge light cheep is fine, should not be expensive, grow out light bulbs work for people growing pot and its the same for our algae. in my opinion:)
  5. jeff70

    Margarita Babies?

    totally possible , congrats!!
  6. jeff70

    Sump Cam

    good idea!
  7. good luck!!! go slow, so you don't lose them. where are the pictures?
  8. tank dropped to 74 degrees and then I was able to get 2 extra heaters in there, it ok now. floor looks great!!!!!
  9. but I may still with this posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. my wife is painting our basement floor with an epoxy paint and sealer, (I'm at work) tank just emailed me it is getting too cold (75) and she had windows open and smell is horrible in fish room. hope everything makes it. uggggggggggggggggg
  11. my opinion on tangs: they need more than one grazing point, 3 I think is ideal. distance between them????
  12. in 5 years when your tang outgrows your tank you can trade it or sell it for big bucks and start over.
  13. what kind of fish are we talking about? in this 72 gallon tank?? and what is the velocity of an unladen Sparrow? lol I think tank height is dependent on the fish. IE where to in the water column does the fish normally swim, and at that area is there are enough room for this type of fish Depth I think bigger is better it gives 3 dimensional aspect to life and is not just two-dimensional I think a tank should be at least 3 times the fish length in depth Length is what I think you are asking, it depends on the species of fish. I have sat and watched tanks eat 1 area of allergy and not move a foot away from it for 30 min in the wild. Angel's will cruise around all over the place covering hundreds of sq feet in a minute, but baby angels tend to stay in 1 crevice come out eat and run right back in. Until they get big their life is a sq yd or less. A long time ago I had alunar Wrass in a 90 yellow gallon aquarium and when he got to 12 inches long I felt bad and gave him to a better home. in short : bigger is always better until your floor collapses .
  14. think of the world war 2 artifacts you could see on Guadalcanal!!!!!!
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