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  1. water is a good idea, mine flakes apart, fish love it and shrimp and crabs...
  2. hello , I've wanted a piece since you got it!?!?!?! you eat my food!!!!!!! seriously!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??
  3. I turn off all gyres and pumps for 10 minutes the protein skimmer stays off for 15 minutes. there is also a small pump that stays on near the bottom to try and keep food in water column . does it help? no idea but I can spot feed corals very easily with nearly all pumps off
  4. maybe its that mutant green from the sinularia getting passed on.
  5. ok equipment: 1) 1 quart plastic bags 2) a crank handle hand held cheese grater (amazon $10) 3) frozen seafood My son (coral thief ak aspireringlobophile) and I used Langastinos ($!5 ) and seafood medally($25) both from Costco. The seafood medally has muscles, scallops shrimp and squid in it. we removed frozen muscles from shells. then used cheese grater and mixed it into a bowel we tried to keep everything frozen and bagged it right away and kept the bags flat. I think we made 8-9 bags. if I were doing it myself I would have stopped after 4 bags as I got tired of turning the crank but I could have egged him on for hours!! lol when the mixture was in the bowel we could have added whatever we wanted, amino acids , selcon, blah blah blah. but this is a ton cheeper than any purchased food. you'll have fun, the kids may not>>>>:)
  6. yes you can do anything, this will cause major issues with your tank. see BRS series where they removed there sand and went bare bottom. why do you want to switch is a good place to start??
  7. go for the nems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please note my wife is not in this club:) )
  8. he does nothing for this jar except steal things from my tank!!!! lid sits securely so doesn't even need top off water
  9. see above from aspiringlobophile, when we made the food you need another person because turning the hand crank gets old we made 6 1 quart freezer bags 1/4 inch thick and used half the bag of mixed seafood and 1/4 the langastinos it cost about $20 for what we made. and my son ate many langastinos in eggs or on salads. It is way cheeper to make it yourself. see the brs video if you need more details
  10. The last picture of the year!! 2019 what a ride. Newly set up 29 biocube with snowflake eel.
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