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  1. anybody live close to a major highway ? and have room for everyone?
  2. I hate to be "that guy" but, we are not going to have any large swaps for a while. goups will be limited to 10 people or less and when things get better maybe 50. I don't see things changing this year and maybe through spring 2021. so little meetings would be GREAT!!!!!!
  3. hey there if you want a frag of anything I've got its yours ill post a picture later all the coral I have from you are doing awesome, the sps fight off zoes, tusks crabs, and even sinularia!! you grow them tough!
  4. I had a High tech glass window manufacturer come see me yesterday , and because it was slow and he was a super nice guy I showed him the picture of your tank and asked his opinion it. I asked if it would hold 600 pounds of pressure per square inch. he said it looks like the crack is less than 1/2 way through the original piece and that this area is the strength of the whole front piece of glass but 1/2 inch thick glass with a solid 1/2 inch of sealant could easily hold 1000-1500 pounds even with this "cheep green" glass. he would use super glue to fill the out side crack to prevent spidering under pressure. add small layer over multiple days then add more and then sand it down with very fine grit. I reminded him this was in someones home and their pets would be in the box. he said if it were him he would replace the entire front piece with good glass(he was really upset the glass in the front was such poor quality) and then wouldn't worry about it. he said once glass is chipped it could spider just like auto windshield glass and all integrity is lost. sorry but this guy sells high grade commercial glass all over the world and this is his opinion from the pictures
  5. I ran one for a while. my baseline ph is 7.7-8.0 with window wide open 8.0-8.4 with scrubber into skimmer recycling air(closed loop system) 7.9-8.3 , my reagent would only last about 5 days and I stopped it when I ran out of it. It was just too much hassle. If you don't have closed loop on skimmer air this will save you some money on reagent. I now have a line from skimmer intake to basement by a window that I open when its not too humid , but if humid it stays closed. I could drill a hole in wall but that seems like a lot of work. good luck!
  6. uggh good luck I would definitely put more silicone on inside outside do what ever looks the best.
  7. duncans started out as one head about 3 years ago now softball size group
  8. just got a new extender set for my camera!!
  9. jeff70

    Acan Ripped?

    mine too but the center is never exposed with mine. the top splints then the base hopefully this one just didn't read the text book on asexual reproduction. (cauz its boring!!!)
  10. jeff70

    Banggai cardinalfish

    I have to do this to feed my tusk. such a fierce looking fish but won't touch it unless its heated. 7 seconds in microwave for 3 pieces in total the size of a nickel . He is also a big wusy! if I walk by the tank too fast or make a quick move by him he goes to the bottom and plays dead for about 2 minutes.
  11. jeff70

    Acan Ripped?

    maybe its budding in a new interesting way and you'll end up with 2. lets hope
  12. jeff70

    Banggai cardinalfish

    another food to try is minced shrimp cooked or raw , just cut very small and microwave it for 5-6 seconds. heating it makes it more aromatic ...makes me hungry too.
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