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  1. our last meeting was Toledo Aquarium trip and this took place this summer. If I'm wrong anyone please correct me. We have met at Bw's in Bowling Green and We've had a meeting at some local fish stores in the past. If anyone knows a store that would like to have us come by post it and set it up. its like "Field of Dreams" ---->>>>if you build it they will come. let me work on this
  2. ok questions that need to be answered: when? where? I now realize its holiday season!!! yeh do we want to do this in January?
  3. did you put your hands on your hips???? and bring your knees in tight?? ...
  4. anyone up for a meeting / frag swap?? winter is coming and that's when we work on our tanks the most, wouldn't it be wonderful to throw back a few with good people and trade a coral or fish?
  5. agree , looks like a form of caleurpa , pull one up and if you get a long strand of it with roots pulling up bingo. it helped keep your phosphates in check. it spreads easily but also comes out easy.
  6. working till 8 Tuesday and Wednesday till 4 Thursday Friday and nest Monday let me know or jake
  7. jeff70

    Torch id

    back in the day---> they used to be call pink torch, blue torch, green torch etc. early 90's
  8. jeff70

    Torch id

    looks nice, call it whatever you want and charge big bucks! lol
  9. better late than never, sunrise this am:
  10. thanks joe, mine is on the way!
  11. I finally found this again !!! I have finally moved my old man open brain coral in the reefer!!
  12. distilled white vinegar has a ph of 2.4 citric acid .1 N is about 2.2 and its cheeper!!!!!!! and my wife wont steal it!!!!!!!!!!! woop woop
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