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  1. jeff70

    Acan Ripped?

    mine too but the center is never exposed with mine. the top splints then the base hopefully this one just didn't read the text book on asexual reproduction. (cauz its boring!!!)
  2. jeff70

    Banggai cardinalfish

    I have to do this to feed my tusk. such a fierce looking fish but won't touch it unless its heated. 7 seconds in microwave for 3 pieces in total the size of a nickel . He is also a big wusy! if I walk by the tank too fast or make a quick move by him he goes to the bottom and plays dead for about 2 minutes.
  3. jeff70

    Acan Ripped?

    maybe its budding in a new interesting way and you'll end up with 2. lets hope
  4. jeff70

    Banggai cardinalfish

    another food to try is minced shrimp cooked or raw , just cut very small and microwave it for 5-6 seconds. heating it makes it more aromatic ...makes me hungry too.
  5. jeff70

    Dyno Algae

    vibrant, it does a nice job . brs has a nice video on it
  6. jeff70

    Sps turning White

    could it be a flow issue?
  7. jeff70

    Sps turning White

    its interesting the bleaching is from bottom up, is it getting enough light? when I've lost sps in the past it dies new growth to old growth (top to bottom) weird????
  8. green slimmer or birdsnest
  9. one thing is certain change always happens
  10. if anyone wants: orange monti chips(can break off large or small sized) xenia green star polyps sinularia branches please let me know

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