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  1. 3 is not enough!!!!! you have to first tell her you need completely new pump then an hour or so later(if your still alive) come back and say you can fix it for only $75.
  2. my red tail catfish and clown loaches got too big for 55 gallon aquarium and I sold them back to a store and bought salt water equipment with the proceeds and have never looked back.
  3. you don't "need" it , but is cool. I never understood dc pumps on skimmers. dc pumps benefits: they are quiet and you can control the flow; skimmer noise is not from pump and who cares about control. imo
  4. im down to 7 sinularia now!!!!! not counting small colonies in low light areas they don't multiply so much!! thanks for the blue ridge coral looks good so far just need to find the happy light level.
  5. love the setup, I have a Red Sea reefer 450; the hinges are not marine grade and will corrode over time, I coated mine with a thin layer of vasaline. I do this about once every 6 months and its been up for a year and a half.
  6. we can close this one,
  7. all for 400? lets do it.
  8. I’ll take them , I’ll pm you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. how much for the lights? are they 4 bulb each? thanks
  10. jeff70

    fish quarentine

    Hello all, when quarantining fish do you medicate? and if you do with what? also how long of a quarantine period do you use? thanks
  11. I'm going to try and make my own food! need cheese grater and off I go!!!!!!!!!
  12. just ordered from there; good prices fish came in looking nice: powder blue tang, powder brown tang , yellow tang, fairy wrasse and a goby. Coral (button) had a tear in it and sent an email and they refunded my money in 10 minutes. 1 of 3 emerald crabs came in dead and they credited it very quickly. got a bunch of snails and crabs too. everything is doing well and all fish are in quarantine.
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