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  1. Mollie is running the gauntlet! sounds like a great plan
  2. I use random modes on pumps / gyres if they have them. night mode is too many "clicks" to add to the program
  3. My humble opinions: petco in BG is ok. they try to keep things healthy and have gotten much better in the last 3 years. ------>>>>> make sure you check every tank in the system for death and buy smart. coral reef 've purchased things here over the years all did well but my son bought a marine beta and it died within 24 hours, they told him it died of "a heart attack" and only gave him a 50% credit. At our frag swap they would not take a credit card payment from my wife but took one from me 20 minutes later. (I didn't know they turned her down) ...they are DEAD to me. aquarium masterminds great place when they opened but in last 3 months fish have ich or velvet or both; store is dirty and they are more interested in talking to each other than to you. aqua culture very nice , very limited inventory will order for you but who wants to do that? is pricey again this is my honest opinions we need to have meetings and trade more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ok good point, looks great ; lol
  5. a biosphere.... a biojar!!! poor little sinularia
  6. you can use the wand in club tools!!!! blast them out of existence !!!!
  7. you have NO luck with heaters, none.
  8. what kind of cichlids? what kind of catfish? I'm asking for a friend.
  9. sorry I only have 3 left and last week I cleaned up about 10 buds and threw them out. check back in 2-3 months I'll have more then
  10. remember baffles A, B , and C are just a bubble trap it makes building it so much easier as they don't have to be "rock solid". I've found it you do make D solid and watertight your pump will run dry much faster then if D were a little off the bottom . have fun with it!!!
  11. your not with Aquarium masterminds anymore?
  12. jeff70

    Possible switch

    if you can deal with the heat of the halides why switch?
  13. 3 is not enough!!!!! you have to first tell her you need completely new pump then an hour or so later(if your still alive) come back and say you can fix it for only $75.
  14. my red tail catfish and clown loaches got too big for 55 gallon aquarium and I sold them back to a store and bought salt water equipment with the proceeds and have never looked back.
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