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  1. one thing is certain change always happens
  2. if anyone wants: orange monti chips(can break off large or small sized) xenia green star polyps sinularia branches please let me know
  3. jeff70

    Feeding Chimney/Ring

    I've used 4 inch pvc pipe before and it worked well, anything should work.
  4. I like it!! the fancier the name the more expensive!!
  5. salinity probe lets me know when I forget to fill my ato ; the salinity creeps up. the orp lets me know when something dies. it has its own daily cycle and if there is a big protein release it will go up. just my take on it.
  6. bowfront bonanza, 49 gallon frenzy, the never ending hole to which you keep pouring money, lol
  7. we have to get you a sinularia or 2 in there
  8. jeff70

    Branching GSP

    I've had gsp branch downward but never up. It will cover any base you put it near. my guess it its gsp growing over something.
  9. the place is amazing but the guy is soooo boring!
  10. remember alkalinity is a measure of the buffing capacity of the water. if all your buffer is being used your calcium ion will be higher as the buffing ions have absorbed either a free hydrogen (H+) or a free hydroxyl group(OH-). It boils down to this your system is not stable and a small shift in Hydrogen ions ( a death) will drop your pH like a rock. another way to look at it: pH measure of acidity---- low more acid------high more basic 7 is neutral alkalinity the ability of solution to absorb acid or base without a change to pH. mainly bicarbonate and carbonate. (calcium carbonate and sodium carbonate)I also sorry if I'm not explaining this well. in short this is a problem that in my opinion needs fixed asap.

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