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  1. I don't think so the half life is seconds
  2. regular pharmacy hydrogen peroxide 3-6 % hair hydrogen peroxide about 10% food grade 30-35 % chemical grade 90% the higher the % the more oxidative it is. It kills just like bleach but its byproducts are safe Oxygen gas O2 and water. just a reminder : only use hydrogen peroxide on cuts and scraps the first cleaning, it kills and if you continue to use it your scarring will be worse. Yeeha!!!!!
  3. I've done it with taking rock out and spraying leaving out for 1 minute then rinse and back in the tank. got rid of hair algae very nicely and with spray you can control it so it doesn't get on good stuff. you can just use cheep store H2O2 doesn't have to be food quality
  4. I think I'm going to break one off and transplant it.
  5. ok who's gonna try this and let everyone know?? I just added a skimmer so I'm going to wait 4 months to do any changes.
  6. yes there are worms, good thought. have to magnify ! its about 200 par and moderate flow. When I cut it back I'll keep you in mind(winter project)
  7. jeff70

    40BR Reef

    beautiful: what's going in there?
  8. I WIN!!!!!!!!!!! can't believe no-one has posted in 2.5 months
  9. anyone know why this chalice is sending up "chimneys"? it is growing like a weed and looks very happy but 2 weeks ago these growths started and they are just getting bigger.
  10. I just saw video of your tank feeding, nice tank!!! you are not consuming a lot of calcium in there. you don't have a lot of sps or lps. I would try to figure out why your pH is on the lower side and go from there. q 2 week water changes will keep your levels where you need them. as you get more calcium containing things you'll need to start worrying about all the chemistry for now just enjoy it!!!
  11. looks simple and hopefully foolproof! There are many ways to do this. I like simple and cheep. Kalkwasser is my fall back position on my tanks, I have a pH problem I run 7.6-7.9 with an apex continuous monitoring. when the windows are open it runs 8.1-8.4 alk is around 10.0 when ph is around 8.2 and lower when ph is lower. I have 2 part just in case but have never needed it. I dose a little magnesium once a month or so in liquid form from seachem(really old stuff) and I check my parameters now once a month ish. I use ati ph tests just to make sure apex is doing well red sea tests kits for everything else they are just easier to read. I've sent out testing twice in the life of this tank(about 2 years) and all has consistently been good. Brs has some good videos on this that are fairly entertaining. find a method and stick with it. for at least 6 months before you change good luck jeff
  12. how do you replace evaporated water?? I use Kalkwasser in my ATO and run very nicely on the cheep. You could also get a trident($$$) but is really cool.
  13. Mollie is running the gauntlet! sounds like a great plan
  14. I use random modes on pumps / gyres if they have them. night mode is too many "clicks" to add to the program
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