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  1. I have several but I’m in Columbus. I am heading up north to Michigan on Thursday afternoon. Let me know if interested.
  2. Sorry I missed your questions. The frogspawn and torch’s are gone. The ricordeas still available as well as all the fish except the purple tang and tomini tang.
  3. Thanks Crimsonvice ! Appreciate the shout out. Enjoyed meeting another u and the fam.
  4. Bubble $70, purple tang $120, heps $45, scopus $25,tomini $60, large sailfin $80, trigger $50, pair of mated clowns that spawn regularly $40, coral beauty $60, watchmen goby $25, bicolor blennys $15 a piece, sapphire damsel $15.
  5. Torches are spoken for, if something changes I’ll let you know.
  6. I’m located in Columbus Ohio. Feel free to text me and let me know what you are interest in 614-352-4874.
  7. Thanks Muttley000 I’ll give that a try on the videos and post later today. I’m located in Columbus. Price wise? Not trying to make a killing, more important to find a good home for my stuff before moving. Example Nems $30, yuma rock 4 on it $45, ricordeas $30. I’m open to offers.
  8. Answer to the above questions 1. I use instant ocean reef crystals 2. I use Salifert test kits 3. My new water mix is Alk 10.8 CA 495 Thanks for the article. I'll give it a read tonight.
  9. Gang. Any thoughts are welcomed. I have a 90gal that's running high on ca, 450-480, and I'm not dosing ca. I dose about 20ml of Alk manually every three days or so. I had sand in the tank that seemed to be showing signs of calcification so I took all the sand out a couple weeks ago, hoping for ca improvement. No improvement. Not sure what else to do. Thoughts?
  10. Gonna do an experiment to see what happens to the levels. Stayed tuned for more info.
  11. I had been manually dosing 10 and 12ml per day respectively of Alk and Ca. I've actually never not dosed this tank based on the guidance I got when I first started a year ago. Just is evening I stepped down to 4 and 2 ml respectively of Alk and Ca because I wanted to see where my levels feel with reduced dosing.
  12. Not sure I'm answering your question correctly @cheap reefer But I used Bionic part 1 and 2. Is that what you are asking?
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