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  1. The tank it’s self is a Marineland 75G corner flo with matching Marineland stand w/lifetime warranty
  2. Equpitment details are: Red Sea 50 Reef Spec lights with mounting arms, 300 watt heater, 2 Jebao controller wavemakers, simplicity 1600 Dc return pump. Red flex reef 100 sump, reef octopus protein skimmer, ATO, chaetomax growth light. Uv sterilizer, 70 pound of live rock, Red Sea additives, Red Sea salt, tons of small extras.
  3. 75 corner flo setup available. Mainly equipment, and a few fish(sorry no corals) will part with items that doesn’t require the tank to continue to run. Ince livestock is gone I will sell anything at that point. I officially lost my job due to COVID. And we had plans of moving. So this one needs to go ASAP. Feel free to text or call me in regards to what your looking for. Pics can be sent thru text. 859-916-0059 (Larry) once again. Thanks much.
  4. Parting with my Red Sea 50s. There have only been on 35% intensity for 5 months. They are not even 6 months old. Great lights. But I ordered some new ones. I have either wire brackets. Or mounting arms. Asking $350 for both lights. No trades. For a faster response. Text me at +18599160059
  5. Yes, I tried to use a normal siphon. Didn’t work. So I just used a 1/4 inch hose. And drained 25 gallons. During that time I focus on sucking up all the GFO, I did another 25 gallon change today. I had a diatoms bloom. So if anything. My tank should be feeling better after that. I manually removed any rocks I could and dipped them to remove access GFO, along with scraping as much diatoms as I possibly can.
  6. Somehow my media reactor let thru my BRS GFO. It’s all over my rocks and floor. Looks like I get to break it down and clean it. Unless anyone has a better suggestion
  7. Sorry about not being active. Been in New York for the past few weeks. Did a 4 hour deep clean yesterday. It was not fun. But it was overdue and def needed. I will update with pics soon
  8. I have some caluerpa Growing out if anyone wants some. I might be able to spare some chaeto. My light I put on it, is making it bloom dramatically
  9. I can meet you in Dayton today if that’s any better.
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