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  1. Sorry. Don’t have any to comment. But I just wanted to comment anyway lol
  2. Birdman


    I’ve seen a few that are $50-$80. But with cheap usually comes a problem no love doing DIY. Just can’t seem to figure out how to do a ATO
  3. Birdman


    Lol. Now it makes sense
  4. Birdman


    Are you recommending something that fails a lot lol???
  5. Birdman


    I have no idea. I only bought it to run my pumps
  6. Sorry @Joe @Jesse could someone move this. I thought I clicked livestock sales and trades
  7. Would anyone in the Cincy area be interested in trading? I have a Xenia colony. Fairly big that I no longer want. I just wanna trade for something that maybe you no longer want
  8. Birdman

    snake oil

    I only use AB+. I mix it with brine shrimp and reef roids. Than spot feed. My coral absolutely love it
  9. Birdman


    As far as anything else. No I don’t. My lights run under a app.
  10. Birdman


    Only controller I have is a current loop Bluetooth. It has a temp gauge, my wave makers are connected to it.
  11. Birdman


    Does anyone have a homemade idea for a ATO system. I have a few small GPH pumps laying around. But can’t seem to put my brain to use

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