Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. Well they can range from $40-$200 depending on size from my local pet store. How big is it? Here a idea. I had one few months back. It was 7” long and 4” wide. It was worth $125
  2. I really hope this fixes your issues. It truly is disappointing when you can’t seem to find the issue. Hopefully doing these water cabbages solves it keep us posted
  3. What you want for the elegance
  4. I don’t think doing a 5 gallon change daily until you reach your 20% your not gonna notice much change vs doing a 20% at once.
  5. So far so good. I’ve never ran a skimmer in the 10 years I’ve done this. But we’ll see how it goes I guess
  6. After few hours or trying to make it fit. It was to low so I had to manage to get it back out. Build a DIY skimmer stand. And squeeze it all back in. Finally got it. It’s plugged in
  7. That’s not bad. I’ll check in with you a day before I go
  8. Just seen your last update. That coralline growth looking amazing
  9. If you still have it when I go to Dayton next. I’ll consider just driving further to get the ATO. How far from Dayton are you?
  10. Reef Octopus 110 INT arrived today
  11. Nice. I love the Ice Caps. I ended up keeping mine and using a Red Sea 25 in the opposite side. I currently have the Red Sea off. And the ice cap at 50% and it’s still rocking my tank
  12. Got the Bannerfish in the display. Only 2 remaining in QT is the FoxFace and a Domino Damsel

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