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  1. Location? Might be interested in a jawbreaker
  2. Yeah think I’ll be heading to Lowe’s tomorrow for some other things for the house and think I’ll pickup some. thank u
  3. Maybe they are better designed for rimless tanks but it says they are for rimmed as well and has the spacer for that reason. You just hope it would work as it’s suppose to.
  4. So far the tank has seemed to do real well with the light adjustment
  5. I’ll have to double check later. I’m assuming I might be able to put some kind of shim in or atleast try to get light to not bend as much
  6. Just got a great deal on a rms tank mount and xr15 G4 but when I set it all up I notice my light is at an angle and I’m unsure the issue. Anyone with these have suggestions to the problem?
  7. If u get no takers and sell I have a 360we with A-series arm and controller for sale. If picked up it’s $300 Just something to keep in mind.
  8. Awesome Victoria so happy for you that this will work out. Praying all is well
  9. I’m interested in yellow tang, green toad stool and liverock. Sending Pm
  10. Great price and great looking clowns. If I could add them I most certainly would.
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