Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. That’s what I used on a large outbreak about 6yrs ago and being persistent cleared it all up.
  2. Still very nice but Dan downsized alittle. Was two store fronts but a wall was put in so I’m guessing they are renting out the other side (where checkout and used equipment use to be). Was there a few weeks ago. If I recall correctly they didn’t remove any tanks just alittle more compact.
  3. I have a large sandwich bag full. Either u can pickup in Bellevue for $10 or $20 shipped
  4. Thank u for the heads up on the 200g boxes. just bought a couple boxes myself.
  5. Thank u and cptnspanky. It sounds like that’s exactly what it is. I’m assuming I picked it up on a frag at one of the swaps I attended there’s quite a bit of small ones on various rocks I hope I can attack this and get it cleaned up.
  6. Im sure it’s not an anemone but was unsure if it was some kind of algae. I have a HOG algae scrubber in the sump as I wanted to give it a try before making a big purchase of a larger one. Well it can be a pain to clean especially with the growth growing on the glass. I’m not sure if I let some through (no filter pad between it and return only a filter sock) or what. Doesn’t look like the algae growth though. Just frustrating as besides that tank has been great since it cycled I believe around the first of January. Tons of pods moving on rock and even sand.
  7. I might see if I can pickup a magnifying glass to see if that can pick up details better. I’m not experienced enough to be honest to have a clue what it is exactly or if adding a tang and it eat it
  8. Well unfortunately these are the best photos I could get. Whatever it is it has spread in various places in tank.
  9. Horrible pick and I can try to get another one maybe tonight but does anyone know what this is? Tanks been doing GREAT since starting it up back in December but this has started to spread in small patches like this on numerous liverock and one frag plug that I can see. Without a magnifying glass it appears to have a whiteish base formed like a soft coral. Just trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I have a 60g cube My first tank years ago was a 75g and I got cheap as it was softies and had not had a water change in months I did 25% water changes weekly to clean up hair algae and bubble algae (along with green emerald crabs to help) even beat s large aptasia But have no idea what this is how to get this under control before it becomes a serious problem. Btw I’m running a small hangon algae scrubber with my skimmer currently
  10. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but will there be a deal reef crystals?
  11. Are u going to the expo on the 17th?
  12. Looking for small frags of the items in title. Will be in Perrysburg for the swap on the 17th
  13. I cominyto the frag swap on the 17th? Interested in sinularia, Duncan’s and maybe more
  14. Wish I had the extra cash as I’d love to have it with the lion fish and puffer.

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