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  1. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but will there be a deal reef crystals?
  2. Are u going to the expo on the 17th?
  3. Looking for small frags of the items in title. Will be in Perrysburg for the swap on the 17th
  4. I cominyto the frag swap on the 17th? Interested in sinularia, Duncan’s and maybe more
  5. Wish I had the extra cash as I’d love to have it with the lion fish and puffer.
  6. Anyone near Fremont to Norwalk area have any cheato with pods? Or if not in that area anyone attending the Lear swap that has some?
  7. Other swaps have used websites like reef trader so businesses and hobbyists can pre sell frags, fish or equipment. Didn’t know if that would be the case with the swap.
  8. Will this be posted on the Reef trader or frag swapper website for people to reserve frag’s ?
  9. Flounder, i sent u my cell number I believe but just in case it’s: 419-217-2025 thank u
  10. I’ll take one... I’ll message u in a bit
  11. Btw I’m about 25mins south of sandusky in Bellevue
  12. Unopened brand new bag. Originally over $40 and looking for $25 for the bag. Bought slot more than I needed. 419-217-2025 thanks Dan
  13. I’ll take atleast one box for sure man. Took me forever but have my tank up and running while still cycling. U still working down the road from me? And what’s ur work hours?
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