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  1. This tank is now absolutely bustling! List of inhabitants: 2 snowflake eels Green wolf eel Black Vol lionfish Springer’s damsel Picasso trigger Fairy wrasse Christmas wrasse Sally light foot crab Coral banded shrimp Peppermint shrimp Assorted hermits and snails Assorted corals: psammy rock, Duncan’s, green hairy mushrooms, GSP, and palys Combining my two tanks inhabitants was... remarkably peaceful. I was really nervous, but there’s been no signs of aggression from anyone. The peppermint shrimp still living is nothing short of a miracle, but I didn’t have anywhere else for it to
  2. I’ve taken this tank down, it was too stressful to try to keep up with. All livestock and coral went into my predator tank, bar a brain coral that went to my dad. I’ll post a better update of the bigger tank on the other thread
  3. Live mysis in the fridge? Nah, what would this hobby be without the constant urge to start more tanks at the drop of a hat
  4. I used to use reef crystals until I ran out and stole a box of fritz from my dad’s stash. Going pretty well so far but I’ve only run it for a month
  5. It’s been forever since I posted here, sorry all. Figured I’d post an update on both my tanks. My 90 reef is in total crash right now. My foxface died and probably 2 months ago, which caused my serpent star to die, which cascaded into almost all of my inverts dying and most of the coral in the tank. I have two brain corals clinging on, and three psammys in the back that look okay. Im doing water changes as much as I can to try to get this under control. GHA everywhere. Luckily the other fish (lion, wrasse, damsel, wolf eel) are still going strong, and right before it happened I acquired an ang
  6. Sometimes@jeff70 sneaks into my apartment and throws softie frags in the tank, the urchin seems to be a fan
  7. I don’t know what I expected when I put the decorator urchin in
  8. Acquired a juvenile kor-emperor angel (hybrid koran and emperor) and a Picasso trigger! Pictures coming later!
  9. Nope! I have a break in class work coming up after this weekend and plan to dismantle and reassemble the rockwork in the 90 to grab him.
  10. Haven’t been on here in a while but finally found some time to do a water change! Here’s a recent frog and brain pic
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