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  1. I would be interested in a 2019 meeting
  2. Managed to retrieve the pistol shrimp from the 90 without destroying any rockwork or getting stung by the lionfish! Here he/she is making its new home I still haven’t had to add any RO water to the jar, the acrylic top is working surprisingly well
  3. Pictures with the aforementioned stock looking happy: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Last night i added some zoas, a toadstool, couple palys, and two chunks of red monti. I’d eventually like to have a full mixed softie/LPS/SPS reef in here, with a small acropora garden. My feeding and maintenence plan is weekly mixing in a barspoon of a couple different dried phytoplanktons, then a few hours later a 75-100% water change. I’m going to try to steer clear acans and brains so I don’t have to spot feed. In a week or so after I see diatoms I’m going to try to capture my pistol shrimp and get him in here. I’m open to suggestions!
  5. Results of the specific heat experiments! Just RO water in the jar: Saltwater, rock, sand, livestock in the jar:
  6. Big updates! Found some crushed sand in the garage in a ziplock bag and added it, Took live rock out of my 90 sump, added a mesh thing to the powerhead to help disperse flow, added a gallon of water from my 90, and voila! Pico de Gallo(n) is ready to rock and roll. I left the temp probe in there for the specific heat experiments. Figured there’s no better way to test if this tank is viable then add some coral, so I stuck a head of pulsing Xenia, a mushroom, and a hermit in there.
  7. Initially I had planned to use an ATO+res, but with the powerhead pointing up there’s no fixed water level so the infrared sensor of my ATO wouldn’t work. The good news is that there’s been no noticeable drop in water level, so I may be able to get away with manual top-off once or twice a week. I’m also playing around with the idea of plumbing in a sump. That sure would be an easy way heat the water (heater), keep the obtrusive powerhead out of the main display tank, add water volume, and give me an easy place to put the ATO sensor, other misc media, and fuge. To plumb in a sump would require a bunch of risky drilling into a curved surface and a trip to Home Depot, which kind of detracts from the spirit of of this experiment. I’m on the fence!
  8. All hail [mention=2]Joe[/mention], Mighty Estimator of Powerhead Heat [emoji1373][emoji1373][emoji1373]
  9. Maybe I should redo this experiment with saltwater and some live rock with no coral
  10. Oh geez I was 100% incorrect above, adding salt drastically decreases specific heat, and aragonite also has a lesser specific heat than water. I should go back to physics and chemistry classes haha. Thanks Muttley! Here’s a good picture from a website talking about what Muttley described
  11. I’d put Game of Thrones on the list of favorites even with a lackluster final season, and the first few seasons of House of Cards were excellent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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