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  1. Extremely slow, soft tissue expands pretty fast if they’re happy for a few days but it’s years for the skeleton to grow a cm in my experience. I don’t dose calc though so it probably could be faster
  2. How do you guys superglue SPS frags in your tank? I feel like there has to be a better way than putting a dot of glue on the base and standing there for 5 minutes with hand in tank supporting it waiting for it to cure
  3. I’m working a lot too and starting med school this upcoming term so only going to get more busy
  4. I swear like 10 minutes ago it was only a 10 gallon tank with two coral. This is honestly the fastest developing and healthiest new hobbyist tank I’ve ever seen
  5. Definitely some type of lobophyllia based on the fuzzy texture Lobophyllia hemprichii based on this page https://www.reeflex.net/tiere/653_Lobophyllia_hemprichii.htm
  6. Awesome! I may also try to make a visit early next week
  7. No luck with the flashlight unfortunately, next strategy is to distract him with food
  8. Okay he didn’t like that, I didn’t like that, the coral didn’t like that, the other fish didn’t like that. I’m going to try the flashlight stun at 3am trick later tonight
  9. Thought some of my coral looked happy today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Super awesome tank, looking forward to seeing this develop. May be a long way off, but any idea what fish you’ll keep? I’d probably have several heart attacks watching anyone climb into my tanks, very brave

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