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  1. I wouldn’t mind a blue mushroom! Green sinularia and green fuzzy mushrooms are kind of my unofficial don’t break the chain items happy to see them go to any buckeye reefer, I’m in bowling green if you stop by let me know
  2. This one has your name on it if you’re ever in the area
  3. Thinking for the future, I'm going to make a large scale effort to get rid of my Aiptasia for good. After my lion is moved to the predator tank, any thoughts on adding a copper banded butterfly? could always go into the predator tank if it started nipping at coral. Hopefully will get 2-3 peppermints as well. Definitely will wait until after I can go into public again to try to find one eating at a LFS
  4. The wolf eel is by far the most social and aggressive. Probably should go in last? Both the lion and snowflake are kind of weenies
  5. I checked out some prices online and holy cannoli they’re expensive. Maybe if I won the lottery and was starting up a reef shop in my shed
  6. I’ll always have: -Pasta/vodka sauce -Tortilla shells -Hummus -Chips -Havarti cheese
  7. Tanks updates, still a lot of diatoms. Did a nitrogen panel of testing, no ammonia, .25 nitrite, 5 nitrate. Almost!!! Hopefully next Friday I’ll test again and it will be fish ready. Speaking of, Anyone have any input on who should go in the tank first? I have the lionfish, the green wolf eel, and a snowflake eel scattered in different tanks now. I’m thinking I’ll go one at a time every two weeks so tank can get used to bio-load
  8. If it’s common practice then I shouldn’t talk smack about specifically live aquaria (though I’ve gotten other dead stuff from them). I definitely prefer getting my inverts in water though, to make a drop acclimation possible at least. I’ll put in a request note for the reefcleaners order thanks for the heads up
  9. They sent my last shipment of snails and hermits dry. Like just a bag with the inverts, no water. ??? Most amazingly made it but I don’t like that, my next CUC order is going to definitely be from reefcleaners
  10. I almost always use Tapatalk and I don’t see a way to access the chat in the app, but if we set up a daily or weekly time to hop on I’d make an effort to
  11. My jar rock flowers, hard to get a good picture in the jar
  12. That cable manager looks so incredibly clean, also love the power strips with individual switches/outlets.m
  13. Wonder how expensive it would be to light that for coral

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