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  1. I did this too I set up three buckets of fresh saltwater half full each, and dumped two of the brown 3% hydrogen peroxide into the first bucket. Dipped for roughly a minute, then dipped it in the second bucket and scrapped with hard plastic brush (underwater in case of Paly), dipped into third bucket as a rinse, then back into the tank. Probably got 80-90% of the algae. Used saltwater so I wouldn’t stress coral/inverts hiding inside the rock less I don’t think just dosing straight into the tank would work, it decomposes pretty quickly into water and oxygen gas
  2. Thanks! My apex does all of the work, but so far it’s been pretty reliable
  3. FTS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Also added the gorgonian today, some of its polyps are out already! Anybody know if this guy is photosynthetic or not?
  5. Just added the niger trigger today: this is my lionfish while acclimating vs right after I acclimated lol. He’s upset Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I don’t think I have a tank thread yet for my 90 gallon tank, and I’ve had an adventurous day today so I thought I’d make a thread. Equipment: 90 gallon standard 40 gallon breeder sump Big powerhead Return pump: Synca silent 3.0 Lights: two marsaqua black boxes Apex gold Cobalt neo therm and hydor Heater Magnet clip on fuge light Fish: Lionfish Clownfish Springers damsel 6 line wrasse Niger trigger Inverts: Serpent Star Blood red shrimp Pencil urchin Host of snails Babylon snail Coral: Palys, hammers, frogspawn, gsp, Xenia, Brown Star, mushrooms, red monti, one gorgonian, singularia, watermelon psammy
  7. You were literally going to put this particular sinularia in the garbage lol
  8. Leather coral, monti chip, and gsp survived the 90° temps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Update: I just went to go put some more coral into my jar and it felt a little warm. I put the probes in, and OOPS. Nothing has died since my last update though, so that’s good. I’m unplugging the heater and seeing what happens after a day
  10. Update: the project still exists! I did one red solo cup water change for a couple days, then I didn’t touch it until now. Algae gone, inverts still alive, and some very resilient palys still kicking. I’m thinking about trying to add some more coral again
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