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  1. Okay nobody talked me out of it so I picked up two lol. Will post pictures later!
  2. I don’t think I can do another 6 line for a little bit, I’d feel bad replacing. I’ve been thinking about a foxface for a while, and might try a different sp wrasse. Maybe carpenters?
  3. Anybody think a rock flower nem would be a bad idea?
  4. Just had an idea. I have a couple 55s, couple 46 gallon bow fronts laying around, water tested recently-ish. You want one? Also a couple 20 longs if you want to downsize I’m in bg so I could have it to you in 30 mins
  5. That’s a great deal. I don’t really have space for the rock in my tanks though, so I’ll wait a little bit to see if anyone else is interested
  6. Wow that stinks big time. How much are you looking for it?
  7. Where are you located? Sorry to hear it’s coming down
  8. Just found my 6 line wrasse on the floor [emoji20] was one of my first three fish that I purchased on my own. This is how much space on my 90 there is to jump with the acrylic top on, most of it’s taken up by the overflow
  9. I’m Jeff’s son/neighbor and would be interested too!
  10. Anybody else headed to CORA’s swap in Columbus this weekend?
  11. The Babylon snail came out yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have a watermelon psammy, grows slowly but is quite hardy! Orange with green grow edges is kind of neat
  13. I’ve caught a few fish by quietly walking up to the dark tank at 2am with room lights off, then shining a bright LED flashlight on the fish and swooping in with the net
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