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  1. Update: the project still exists! I did one red solo cup water change for a couple days, then I didn’t touch it until now. Algae gone, inverts still alive, and some very resilient palys still kicking. I’m thinking about trying to add some more coral again
  2. That’s absurd lol.... I’d rather have a Yuma or ricordea than a jawbreaker. If I’m going to pay $2200 for a coral it better be the size of my living room. Speaking of overpriced mushrooms, I’d put bounce mushrooms in the same category. Though I guess they can have some cool colors
  3. Missed Friday by a little bit, but here’s my 90
  4. I just installed an air line and hydor heater (it’s either the 25 or 50 watt). I’ll be taking a red solo cup full of water out of the jar and replacing it with a red solo cup of water from my 90 every two hours or so today
  5. This is a great idea, the water would even already be up to temperature
  6. Wellp most of the coral have been retracted since my last water change, the two monti flakes I had in there are toast. Inverts are okay, and one mushroom seems to be doing okay. Algae bloom is in full effect. I’m thinking I need to toss a air line tube and air pump in there to help with O2 exchange. With that, maybe I’ll also put in a heater. Tank looks pretty depressing but not ready to give up yet. Interesting isopod found crawling on the back of my powerhead Anyone have any other ideas to help fix up this mess? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I bought a meat coral for 80 at the last OH frag swap
  8. Update: New Jar cleanup crew and a first water change Cleanup crew: 1 nassarius snail 1 bumblebee snail 1 asterea snail 1 black trochus snail Water change worked fairly well, I brushed the sides of the tank off with a toothbrush (not mine), did a 100% water change where temp and salinity were the same, there was still some crud floating around so I did another 100% water change with water from the same source Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I would be interested in a 2019 meeting
  10. Managed to retrieve the pistol shrimp from the 90 without destroying any rockwork or getting stung by the lionfish! Here he/she is making its new home I still haven’t had to add any RO water to the jar, the acrylic top is working surprisingly well
  11. Pictures with the aforementioned stock looking happy: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Last night i added some zoas, a toadstool, couple palys, and two chunks of red monti. I’d eventually like to have a full mixed softie/LPS/SPS reef in here, with a small acropora garden. My feeding and maintenence plan is weekly mixing in a barspoon of a couple different dried phytoplanktons, then a few hours later a 75-100% water change. I’m going to try to steer clear acans and brains so I don’t have to spot feed. In a week or so after I see diatoms I’m going to try to capture my pistol shrimp and get him in here. I’m open to suggestions!
  13. Results of the specific heat experiments! Just RO water in the jar: Saltwater, rock, sand, livestock in the jar:
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