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  1. I'm honestly not sure. I was thinking Favia....but the heads don't look large enough to be true Favia.
  2. Hey All, I've been trying to decide whether to put up another tank or get out.......well....I need a break from the hobby. It's time to sell off my remaining livestock and tear down. I think what I've listed is fairly priced.......LMK if your interested. Yes there is some algae in the tank, but other than that these are clean. The Chalices are on 4" plugs, the favia is around 2.5" across, and the zoo rock speaks for itself. $75 each. They need a new home. Hit me up on here or shoot me a text. 419-348-5262 All photos were just taken with my Google Pixel 2, no filters, no editing except zoom. -Scott
  3. LOL....been a while since I've been on....all the PETG stuff I printed and put in my tank has done very well...no issues at all other than my maintenance.
  4. Let me know Jon.......should be around all weekend trying to whip this house into shape.
  5. Hey all, We're currently in the middle of buying a new house, and I've decided that I don't want to mess with moving the main tank and it's occupants, so what's left is up for sale. The tank has been a little neglected, but corals appear healthy and rocks should clear up quickly in a clean system. Tying to be as honest as possible here. No pests on coral that I'm aware of, except possibly a bristle worm or two. Blue Tang - $25 - Thin due to stress, no ich and eathing heartily Yellow Tang - $25 - Dorsal fin has been nipped at, it's missing a few small pieces. Thin due to stress, no ich and eathing heartily Rock with 2 colors of zoos, $75 Rock with only Gold Zoos, $75 Each Chalice $50 - Bubblegum Monster "smaller one" may come with or without the rock. The other is on a 4" disk. Large Head Blasto - $75 - Appears angry in the pic as the close are trying to host it. One of my all time toughest corals, it's been through many tank crashes "mine and my sisters" and stays alive. I'm sad to see this one go. Large serpent star, Tan with Black Stripes - $10 I also have a pair of snowflake clowns, no pics - $25. The male only has one eye though.....I think the pairing ritual got a little rough. No other issues though. If someone is really interested in my ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Pair, $150 or I'll keep them for now in my frag tank. Main tank is getting torn down for the time being. There may be more to come after this............ PM or Text me 419-348-5262
  6. Sucks to hear.....I did a quick google search....and I don't see anything already designed for the Koralia's. @Jesse Let's just say my new printer doesn't really like the PETG filament I need to print to be reef safe, and my old one is already sold....so progress has come to a halt for a bit. I'm piecing together another one just to print PETG parts. Good news is that I see no ill affects of the frag racks that I printed in the frag tank.
  7. Hey all, Just like the subject says, looking to buy or trade a reasonably priced Pink Tipped Birdsnest. LMK if you have any available.
  8. I want to make this adjustable, so you can slide it up and down, to adjust water level, I just haven't come up with a good design yet
  9. well....I've finally got a handle in printing with PLA and have it nearly perfected. Zero stringing, nice and clean the way it should be. That is unfortunately not the material I need to print for my sump.......so moving on to that. I'm working on getting my settings for PETG dialed in, but I did design a quick mount for a float valve, which I use to keep all my tanks topped off. They are simple, don't fail, and easy to install and maintain. The plan is to Silicone this to the side of the sump, and voila flat valve installed. As you can see my settings still need some work, I'll get there though. Mount Mount with old valve installed
  10. No real updates here guys, still struggling with the new printer, things were better but out of the blue I'm having trouble with everything again. I suspect the filament to be part of the problem as I'm having a very hard time keeping things stuck to the bed to even get a print started. The other issue I'm having is stringing when printing hollow objects, or between multiple objects printing at once. Overhangs are also very bad right now. I unfortunately cleaned up my last print before I thought about taking pictures to document, but you can see some of what I'm dealing with inside the print. I think is is partially due to the anemic cooling fan on the printer as I had the same issues with the old printer till I upgraded it. So.....those part in the following pictures is the first of 5 parts to get the cooling working better. The last pic is what the finished project should look like.
  11. To be honest I really haven't seen that much of a difference yet. Some things are nicer, others are more of a PITA. I think overhangs are the biggest difference I've seen.....S3D did a much nicer job.
  12. LOL....that's a warped benchy....made that way. I was trying to show the under extrusion I'm fighting. I've also been testing the difference between Simplify3D and Cura to see if it's worth the $150 investment.
  13. Update....working too much, wife recovering from surgery, now trying to kick pneumonia, so it's been slow going. I have gotten PLA prints pretty well dialed in, however my PETG attempts over the last day or two failed miserably. So still working on the new printer setup.......
  14. PETG is much easier to print that ABS, but agreed harder than PLA, although not by much. My issues are just with getting this printer dialed in. It's under extruding horribly. Appreciate the offer for help with modeling, I am learning as I go. After I get this sump done, my next project is a X-Class Racing Quad, my summer hobby. I'll post a few pics of what I'm fighting. If you look at the top layers, they are incomplete and have gaps in them.....as do some of the sidewalls. 3D printing is a hobby of it's own....and frustrating as heck at times.

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