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    I started my first reef tank this past December. I am looking for any frags that are reasonable priced (LPS, leathers, mushrooms, BTA). Feel free to message me if you have any of those for sale.

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  1. Hang on back filter never used box never opened. Good for tanks up to 20 gallons. Great for a little QT tank or small freshwater tank. Message me if interested. Asking $15 Located in Streetsboro
  2. Less than a year old (purchased in January) in working condition. Will need to purchase new slides. Monitors pH, ammonia, temperature and is a Par meter. For more information see the sellers website. Asking $150 Located in Streetsboro https://www.seneye.com/
  3. I have 2 power heads I covered with nylons since its moving. I also have a 4 bulb t5 and a small 24" fluval sea led I run for 5 hours a day. Looking to phase out the t5 and get another fluval.
  4. I have had a condy for about a week now and it has yet to stay in a single spot. Its fully extended when lights are on and closes at night. It has pooped once I am guessing? A brown stringy substance came out a few days after I got it. Any way to get it to stay in one spot? How long until it finds its spot? Not sure on exact perimeters at the moment did a late night water change last night and havent been able to test today being at work.
  5. jawsatenemo

    Tomini Tang

    Happy to report she was out when I came home!
  6. jawsatenemo

    Tomini Tang

    No other tangs. She is the biggest fish in the tank. Its a 75 gallon with 2 clowns, 1 bicolor angel (Which I thought the angel would be the bully but she was fine with her), a long nose hawkfish, 2 firefish, a diamond goby and a cleaner shrimp.
  7. jawsatenemo

    Tomini Tang

    Hello, I purchased a tomini tang on Saturday and she still has not come out. She keeps hiding behind the rock. About how long will they hide? Is this normal? I am worried she needs to eat.
  8. I just got an email Petsmart has a coupon this weekend $20 off $60 or $40 off $100. I know they don't have much saltwater but they do sell instant ocean salt, heaters, filters, and other equipment.
  9. My tank isn't anything impressive. It's been slow going as I didn't realize exactly how expensive everything is . Thats why I look forward to swaps so I can get some cheaper frags for under $10 each.
  10. I am going to the one in Cleveland. Was hoping for some this month and next. October seems like forever away! Plus my budget will be torn between coral and Halloween decor lol!
  11. Anyone know of any swaps coming up this month or next?
  12. I have a brand new never used 20 gallon aqueon tank and filter (I will thrown in the air hose if you like). I intended to use it as a QT tank but never set it up. Asking $25 for both or will trade for corals as my tank is fairly bare. Located in Streetsboro Ohio (44241).

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