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  1. ErickS

    Orange hammer

    Looking for an orange hammer. Anyone selling?
  2. I seen an improvement in clarity. Any blooms were gone quicker after adding the uv . Could hear backlash on this next part but I beat ich with no medication just the Uv and feeding. How much of that was the uv who knows but sure seemed to play a big role in it. Is it magic no but seems help in prevention
  3. True. I got lucky on mine with a great deal. They are worth it though
  4. Emperor aquatics is the way to go. I run a 25 w on my 180
  5. That’s what I’m expecting. Figured was worth a try. I have some orange that’s doing great want to add on
  6. Looking for both yellow and black sun corals. Near findlay preferably if not tell me where located.
  7. Thanks again. Will keep your number and make another trip for frags sometime
  8. How much you asking?
  9. ErickS

    My 180 build

    Thanks I had a gha battle through the summer but I’m back on track my numbers and polyp extension is the best it’s been . Have seen good growth the last couple months also .
  10. Is it the new hotel being built?
  11. If still available will take it
  12. ErickS

    Torch id

    When life was simple . I’m happy with it that’s the important part
  13. ErickS

    Torch id

    Lol the lfs didn’t know I’m more curious then anything.
  14. ErickS

    Torch id

    Tips are blue under blue led .
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