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  1. Nice price will let you know when I’m ready for a piece . This is on my list to get
  2. Anyone use or have used zeovit?
  3. I have a few I pick them out here and there a couple at a time so far not a problem
  4. Has been very relaxing. Tomorrow is a dolphin tour . Hopefully I get some great sights and pics of some dolphins
  5. Virginia Beach
  6. Will be a nice week with the family
  7. I’m always trying to learn different ways of running our tanks . Curious as to anyone’s experience dosing nopox
  8. ErickS

    My 180 build

    Looking forward to it growing out . Just have decide where it’s final spot in my tank is going be
  9. We might have see what we can work out on a trade lol
  10. ErickS

    My 180 build

    Purple cabbage coral
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