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  1. ErickS

    Fuge/Macro light?

    How long have you had yours?
  2. ErickS

    Kessil h380

    How long have you had the h380?
  3. ErickS

    Kessil h380

    Mines about a foot by 2 foot I moved some stuff around last weekend to make my fuge section bigger
  4. ErickS

    Fuge/Macro light?

    Currently cheap eBay led they grow Algea on my Scruber ok but worthless for macro. It’s time for an upgrade. Been doing research on the above mentioned h380 . Thought about an h80 just afraid it won’t be enough
  5. ErickS

    Kessil h380

    Anyone have any experience with the kessil h380 on their fuge? I’m thinking of trying one in the near future.
  6. ErickS

    Return pump

    Vectra m1 couldn’t be happier with it
  7. It’s been running a few days now. Very happy with it . My reef dynamics that was on it was way under sized it still did a decent job . The aqua c is doing an amazing job . Had thoughts of still getting a new pump for the reef dynamics , at this time I don’t think it will be necessary.
  8. It came with a tunze. Will see how that works if need be I have a new mag 5 that I could put on if needed.
  9. Appreciate the feedback. Good luck getting the green light from the president. What pump do you run with yours? My research has found the pump as a make or break with these skimmers
  10. You happy with it and would you buy another if needed?
  11. Thanks for the tip. I seen the nozzle in a video on the skimmer. Makes sense that it would need an occasional cleaning .
  12. I picked up an ev -120 at a good price will be adding it into the mix soon.
  13. Anyone have any experience with the aqua c protein skimmer? Pros, cons , tips appreciated
  14. Nice price will let you know when I’m ready for a piece . This is on my list to get
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