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  1. ErickS

    Wishy washed 120

    Hopefully feel better soon.
  2. ErickS

    Hologram Hammer

    Just taken the left head must have been slightly shaded before cut off the mother colony . It will bounce back it’s in a good spot to get light now
  3. ErickS

    My 180 build

    New arrivals today ultra goniapora top shelf called it lucky charms. The hologram hammer still opening up
  4. ErickS

    Hologram Hammer

    Starting to open will get a better pic when fully open
  5. ErickS

    Wishy washed 120

    I must have gotten lucky wouldn’t trade my m1 for anything else lol
  6. ErickS

    Wishy washed 120

    Hopefully everything gets resolved. My m1 was doing something similar when first set up it just wasn’t seated correctly. Once I got it figured out been running flawlessly for 2 years
  7. ErickS

    Hello all

    These are my 3 the back one is purple with blue center.
  8. ErickS

    Hello all

    Seen the alveopora that’s a nice looking piece . What color blasto? I have 3 different colors they are pretty hardy
  9. ErickS

    Hello all

    Changing tides has some good stuff at moment I picked up an orange tip torch today. What’s your goals with coral?
  10. ErickS

    Hello all

    5153 suder Ave is the adress. Good people. I occasionally go to labos
  11. ErickS

    Hello all

    I’m in Findlay. Toledo aquaculture is good also if don’t mind the drive
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