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    Thanks for the info Joe. I agree. These corals have been in the same spot for 6 months ,same lights, etc.no changes. I share this tank with toad stool leathers however. I'm starting to think maybe it could be a factor. The toadstools have taken off. Acans look good,frog spawn looks great, other species are doing well. Keeping carbon changed out. Stopped the gfo and rehome a leather the size of a softball. Time to wait and see I suppose
  2. castlet67


    Looking for some ideas. I bought a crazy colored galaxia along with a few acros. I placed the galaxia on the bottom of the tank. I run 2 xr15s at 65 percent and see about 320 par in the upper part of the tank. I have a few encrusted as well on the bottom. I found my par was about 280 on the bottom. ( running glass bottom). I noticed color fading on the galaxia, so I moved it to a tank that I grow galaxia in with par around 65 to 80. My mistake. Then my stylos started fading in the lower par tank. Looking for ideas. I've got good polyp extension,galaxies all sending out sweepers. Acros good color and polyp extension. Here are my tank parameters. Salinity 35 ,alk at 9.6, calcium 507, mag at 1428 controlled by trident. Nitrates at .02ppm po4 at.2 ppm working on reducing. Fighting a little hair algae dosing vibrant and changed out gfo. New gfo seemed to worsen the issue so i stopped for the time being . Scratching my head on this one. All other corals are very healthy in appearance.
  3. Interesting,keep us updated
  4. castlet67

    Kessil h380

    I run the h380 also, have to keep an eye on that cheato or it will pack itself tight before you know it. Like Muttley,I've been running it about 2 years as well.
  5. 1. Use this in apex url setting for Apex fusion camera: Http://(username for camera):password for accessing camera@ (external IP):port)/video/mjpg.cgi Example : http://admin:123456@ User name and password are setup in dlink advanced setup page External ip is your ISP ip address,not the internal assigned ip for the router. Example: dont use 192. Or 10.1 etc Set a static ip address for the camera in the Dlink advanced set up so the internal never changes.this is where you use the 192. Etc up address. Set the local gateway (router IP address) in dlink advanced set up Set the http port in dlink advanced . Example 9191. Use whatever Port forward in your router. Set port forward to static ip that you used in dlink and add that you used as well. It works very well except that Google chrome will not allow apex to access it through the firewall. You will have to use safari or firefox . The apex ap will not work as well. Maybe the default for the ap accesses chrome. I'm not sure yet but will let you know. So the downfall is you will have to log into the safari or firefox browser.
  6. Ok,got the camera in and hooked up. One thing I found out. Security on Google chrome will block access to the camera. Firefox works without a hitch. Took a while to realize this. I will post the setup instructions here by tomorrow the latest. I basically copied and past the command line out of apexfusion to my iphone,and it worked. Explorer,chrome,just blocked it for some reason.
  7. Very nice. Can't wait to meet up. You will be the 1st I know in the Dayton area.
  8. We are in Dayton,Ohio. I work in Cincinnati .
  9. Long tentacle leather - 25.00 Neon green wwc toad stool -30.00 Blue cespitularia - 20.00 Green galaxie coral - 20.00 Green stylophora- 20.00 GSP - 3 inch disc 15.00 All leathers and GSP are mounted on 3 inch discs.
  10. It may be a difference in dkh from the tank they came from to yours. I would give it a little bit.
  11. Parameters are fine,and heavy calcium shouldn't be an issue. I believe your right with lighting. Place them low and out of the way. If there is to little light,they will stretch up toward the light. If that happens,then slowly move them closer. What type are they? Some varieties love low light,others high light
  12. Ok,ordered a D link camera and it should be in this week. I will see how it goes and keep everyone posted.
  13. I have gone to a roller matt sump and am selling my eshop r300 sump. 150.00 if interested.

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