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  1. Here's what I currently have: Green and Gold Ricordea x2 (1 pending) - $15 4 head indo torch green w/ purple tips - $250 obo (may cut into single heads if no interest) Pink Gorgonian - $15 Green Nephthea x4 - $20 Pulsing Sinularia x4 - $20 x2 Rainbow Infusion Zoas (3-4 polyps) - $25 Eagle Eye Zoas x2 - $20 and $10 Armor of Gods (many polyps) x1 - $20 Fruit Loop Zoas (~4 polyps) - $10 Candy Canes Mint x3 - $10 Orange and Purple Lepto (LPS) - $20 NFS (unless you want to take the risk, rescue corals recovering) in pics: x2 frog spawn still NFS but may sell if someone wants to take the risk 2 small fruitloop zoas neon green toadstool What my healthy toadstool looks like: Rainbow Infusion (WYSIWYG) Lepto (I need to remove algae)
  2. Fragged this, there is still a little bit of tissue connecting all 4 heads so I wanted to see if someone wanted all 4 together before splitting into singles. Indo neon green with purple tips torch. Still unmounted, in case I split them up. Pic is actual frag. I'm still trying to learn how to use my DSLR, so pics are not super clear. I will try and get some better pics, but the green on this is really neon, pretty much the same color as my kryptonite candy canes. Price is $260 in Dublin, OH.
  3. Updates - I got my Macro lens so I tested it out taking pics of frags. some pics are pretty bad but colors are fairly accurate. I have added 2 blue ricordea florida and adjusted some prices I just fragged more gorgonians tonight and will frag some more sinularia tonight, so those will be a few weeks before they're ready.
  4. I'm in Dublin, OH Brain, chalice and favia sold. All sinularia sold (will cut more tho)
  5. ignore the algae on some of the plugs. I clean them and added hermits who made quick work of it.
  6. Looking to clear out my frag tank section. Here is what I have for sale. Package deal: buy 2, save $5, and save $5 for each additional frag (excluding $10 frags) Here is what I have: Neon Green Nephthea x1 - $15 size, x5 - $20 size and x3 - $30 size (9 total) Pulsing Purple and Green sinularia (polyps pulse from time to time) x2 - $20 pink photosynthetic gorgonian x3 - $15 Cornbread Rainbow Infusion Zoas x2 - $30 Eagle Eye Zoas x1 - $15 - x1 - $25 Armor of God Zoas x1 - $20 Blue & Red Acan x1 - $25 Mint Green Candy Canes x3 - $10 Green-Orange-Purple marbled Chalice (large) $60 Large Maze Brain Colony $60 Also pictured are a lepto frag, 2 frogspawn frags 2 rasta frags, a decent size neon green toadstool and a Fruit loops frag - I would sell them, but they are either small or recovering from a rescue tank so I am letting them recover before advertising. Pics(I just got a DLSR but don't know how to use it to take fancy pics yet):
  7. Bump ... I am posting other corals in another thread, so I would be willing to include these in the "package deals" I have posted.
  8. Its a stunner, I'm going to see if i can get it back to its old glory in my frag tank under lower light. If it stayed like that under high light, i would keep it for sure!
  9. I am about to frag some stuff and need some space. The maze brain did great anywhere I put it, but it a slow grower in my tank since its very clean. The acan echinata and favia just sorta hung in there in my tank because its too bright and too clean. They like dirtier, lower light tanks to really thrive. Either way, these have been in my system a long time. All three for $120 Maze brain $60, started as a small frag and grew to this in 5 years in a clean tank. It's on a 4"x4" tile so you can judge how large it is. always maintains a nice color. I bought this one when I still lived in Washington DC Under Normal 14k spectrum Under Whites Green orange purple acan echinata $60. This one, when lit in lower light, has a marbled coloration of green, orange and purple. In high light it turns all green, in really low light it only goes to purple and orange. This one was peaking out from an overhang so one side was green and one side was orange and purple only. In a normal LPS lit tank, it will mix all colors all over. Here it is today tot he left of the maze brain (its been moved around to a few tanks so the color is transitioning: Here it is under lower LED lights from 2 years ago(this coloration is easy to achieve with lower lights): And the blue Favia is $25. hasn't done much in the 3 years I have had it.
  10. I am clearing out some of my stuff. I am planning on moving in a year to Florida, so I wont be QTing any more fish in the next year and don't want to move my tanks, First, my 40g breeder stand $60. I built this about 3 years ago and modeled it after the white red sea reefer look. Its in good shape, but may need some touch up white paint here and there, and might need new hinges if you run a sump under it. Its made out of poplar plywood so its very strong. base is caulked to to protect seams if water spills or gets humid from sump. Price $60 due to hinges with surface rust. There are hooks on one door to hang stuff, and a dry erase board on the other. Large opening in back to allow air flow and piping/tubes/electrical. There are also velcro in various along the back for controllers and whatnot. Second, The side cabinet/nano tank stand $60. I used it to hold my RO bucket, MH balast, electrical stuff, 2 Part, etc. Its the same height as the stand, same handle, etc. so it blends in. But also, its 20.25"x20.25" so it can be used as a stand for up to a 20" cube. I'll throw in the ADJ switch board in there too. the top flap above the switch board is a door to hide cords. I had my controller EB8 back there and used the the ADJ switches for things that didnt need hooked up to the controller like return, etc. This one is in great shape, no rust. Third, 40g breeder QT/Hospital tank, filter, heater and a bucket of PVC pipes for shelter $50. The 40g was bought as a QT tank, so its had copper and Prazi in it. also incldes a Tunze intank filter and 150w Jager heater, and a 5g bucket of 2"ish PVC pipes for hiding spots. The 40g breeder setup in the pic with corals was the tank before I upgraded to a Redsea 450. I would do three sets all for $150. Old Build thread with more pics: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/nburgs-40g-breeder-mostly-sps-tank.334782/
  11. Sorry, Columbus. Dublin/Hilliard area to be exact.
  12. I have decided that I don't have the time to take care of my nano tank and my main tank, so I will be breaking down my nano tank, so these two captive bred ORA lemon damsels have to go. I bought them last year, QTed and treated with copper and Parzi as a preventative measure (they never showed signs of illness but I treat all fish). They have been in a 15g cube together for about 5 months. They are fat and healthy. They are peaceful damsels, as much or more peaceful than yellow tails. The one Lemon Damsel I have in my RS Reefer 450 gets chased by my clowns and never shows aggression, but do not get stressed when they are bullied. ORA's description: https://www.orafarm.com/product/lemon-damsel/ I will get some pics posted if interested. I will get some pics posted if interested. Price: $10 each. Paid $20 each.
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