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  1. Thank you i appreciate it.... just let me know when you can
  2. In Perrysburg by Owens college
  3. Its a 75g tank but idk what size but im open to anything that isnt to expensive lol
  4. Kprïbé88


    I know I've been trying to a lot of reading about these some say real some say fake so im still on the fence on this one.... Its like who wants to play the name game
  5. Kprïbé88


    Ok so i thought it was a frogspawn ...then after it grew out it had changed and tips looked like more of hammers .... Did some reading and it said that the tips of hammers could look oblong so "hammers" ..... Ok so i went with it so one night i was sitting at my tank and looking at and was looking at corals online "trying to picture some pieces in my tank" well i came across one that sounds made-up it was called frammers and it looks like mine that i have.... So has anyone else heard of these ....
  6. Thank you .... I know i wish i had a nice system like this when i was his age .. he saves all my change and works to save to buy things and what we sell from the hobby we put back into the hobby to build the tanks we do
  7. So i said in the past build my son had bought a 75g tank and i was going to set it up well it's done ... We have been working on ot for the past 2 weeks and we had a blast setting it up and getting new fish and let me tell you he could be a good supervisor one day he had me place the rocks in it and told me where to place his corals for the most part. And he picked out his own fish and i never met a youngin that was so much into this hobby he knows how all the equipment works and how the whole system is its own little ecosystem ... But here is some pictures of how it went and how it looks now
  8. Kprïbé88

    Wave pump

    Looking for a jebao wave maker or a controllable wave maker that wont break the bank if anyone has one pm me
  9. So i have a 40g breeder with stand and equipment was saltwater asking $150 its a turn key system basically here is what it comes with -40g tank and stand back of tank is painted blue could remove easily -Overflow box -36" t5 4bulb aquatic life light w/ built-in timer (needs new led lights for moon lights) - 50# of live sand -return pump -sump tank -return hose and fitting -a little bit of base rocks If interested in the setup come get it just took it off line to move to a new tank located in Perrysburg by owens
  10. Im installing it today i had to let the silicone set and water test it over night but ill update after i install it and observe it for a few days
  11. Thank you ..... I had to fix (make it work) because i bought one form someone the other day and when i pluged it in the power supply cought fire about and smoked like crazy so i went to the big box store and couldn't find any that would work sooooo...... Me and bentley came up with this design
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