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  1. Kprïbé88

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    Thats why im so confused but there more orange stripes then yellow bur you can only see them good in the blue led
  2. Kprïbé88

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    Is this a brain coral, goniastrea coral or a favia coral
  3. I can do it either day fri i can do it after6:30 and sat after 5 but sun. Im free all day
  4. Ya i could do it on a Sunday if that works for you
  5. Ok im free tomorrow till noon or after 5pm
  6. Just have 1 right now about 2" but $10 sorry for the blurred pic
  7. $10 for a 1"-2" of the stunner but i have 3 frags of frammers with 3 heads each and a few baby heads on some
  8. In Perrysburg but can meet in bowling green on the days i work
  9. Well its that time of the year to trim and cut heres a list of items the pics are before i start cutting this weekend if there is interest in the gsp, stunner, monti cap, frammer, psp, zoas or the polyps i can cut a bigger piece but most will be 1-2" frags 8-10polyps and can do $10 a head on frammers or 3for $20 mushrooms $10ea
  10. Used for abou a week then upgraded the tank and no use for it and 2 of them is to much for a 10g tank $40 light on the tank is the one im using Lominie LED Aquarium Light-Asta 20 SaltwaterSpecifications Wattage Rating: 48w Actual Wattage: 12~16watt Emitting Color: 6 Colors LED Source: COB LED LED Number: 16pcs*3w Shell material: Aluminum Power Adapter: waterproof Suitable Tank Size: 8"~18" long tank
  11. I have a seaclone 150 skimmer, 12" 2bulb t5 coralife light eshopp overflow box and a aqua lifter pump all for $50
  12. Thank you i appreciate it.... just let me know when you can
  13. In Perrysburg by Owens college
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