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  1. I looked into it and found an old thread where Terence talked about this a bit. You would need to daisy chain the feeders as they will only work when connected to the Neptune, but it sounds like running only four would be fine off the Aquabus power. In terms of the separate power supply, I'm not too sure, but Neptune should definitely be able to help you there. -Steven
  2. New Life Spectrum 1mm pellets is one of our go tos around here and is great for feeding a variety of fish. Its a drier pellet too which tends to work better with auto feeders and keeps them from getting gunked up. I checked in with one of our other staffers and he said he's having a fair amount of success with the Nyos Wild Goji fish food as well. Hope that helps. -Steven
  3. Hi Muttley, I took a look and we currently have plenty of the feeders back in stock in our east coast warehouse. Let me know if you have any other questions about them! -Steven
  4. Aquarium Sumps EXPLAINED — New Video! Your Hub for Water Filtration and Automation Hardware
  5. VIDEO: Fluconazole for Green Hair Algae and Bryopsis How To Treat Your Tank with Flux Rx from Blue Life USA
  6. Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months!Pay as low as 0% APR Financing on Trigger Systems with Affirm
  7. Thank you very much! I promise I'm not blowing smoke ... you guys are awesome and have a great thing going here. I'll still be in the hobby. In fact, I'll be upgrading tanks soon. I was going to move from my 38 to a 40 but now that I'll be working from home ... I'm thinking I may go BIGGER! lol Jeff @ Marine Depot
  8. Thank you! Marine Depot has been sooooo good to me. I'll make sure they continue to treat you guys like gold! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  9. We are reaching out to them today to follow-up. On a personal note, my last day at Marine Depot is 6/7. It's been an amazing 12 years! You'll likely be communicating with Steven and/or Amy after my departure, both longtime staffers and experienced aquarists. It's been an absolute delight interacting with you guys. Honestly I think you have one of the most fun reefing communities I participate in! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  10. We are hoping they ship us more on Friday! Fingers crossed. Jeff @ Marine Depot
  11. TODAY :: 10% off most items PLUS earn BONUS reward points!Our 2019 Memorial Day Sale starts NOW!CLICK HERE to shop everything on sale today »
  12. Fishless Cycling a New AquariumA Recipe for Success from DrTim's Aquatics!
  13. Thank you! We actually asked Dana Riddle to read our script before we went into production just to make we got his seal of approval! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  14. What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth?NEW VIDEO! Reef Aquarium Lighting Guide

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