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  1. Update 2-23. Any 4 rock flowers for $100 or $30 each
  2. I'm in the same boat. Selling off some duplicates. Have close to 90 total at the moment.
  3. Some blue pics. Sorry about the quality.
  4. Unfortunately I am going to be out of town that weekend. Otherwise I would definitely be heading up.
  5. Located near Lebanon, OH. In the basket pics. $40 each or 3 for $100 Sizes 1"-2.5" Green splatter (2"-2.5") $50 each Green and red on live rock (3"-3.5") -$50 Neon green (1.5") on live rock with red/pink zoa and sonic flare zoa -$50 Live rock with 5 rock flowers (1"-3"), green and brown play, and small zoa colony -$150
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