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  1. Top is drilled and completely silent. Just some noise "gurgling" at the "sump dump"
  2. Great question. Will be following along. I have the durso and get some gurgling. Nothing crazy, except when bedroom is 10 feet away and all is quite.
  3. I change with the season. 78 in winter, 77 in summer. Maybe a little buffer for the...
  4. I like watching the flow in my tank when I feed. Plus it really gets the fish swimming with everything on. It's the fish workout.
  5. so I should take a picture of every bug I see and post it here? I thought this was about Reef tanks.
  6. I read this and think it has an interesting point. The higher the temp, the more activity (growth) of bacteria. So warm water will help the cycle speed up.
  7. Matt has a great store. I'm there at least twice a month.
  8. 20 gallons(10%) every other week or 10 gallons (5%) every week. Hoping to get my N03 up and p04 down. As a newbie it is easier to keep everything in balance with regular changes. Or... everything looks happier when I do water changes and I'm not experienced enough to identify ever single little change. So I keep my coral happy and do water changes.
  9. Diamond Watchman Goby keeps my sand looking good. When doing a water change, I will stir it with the long orange driveway markers.
  10. This is a great place to learn. I just reached the 1 year mark and with the advice of the people on this forum have had good success and minimal failure (but it still happens). What everyone will tell you is there are many ways to be successful. Doing the research that you are doing will pay if in the long run. Enjoy the process and take your time.
  11. Flounder


    I hear they taste like chicken.
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