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  1. I love it! We are going to call it "lemonaiding"
  2. Currently listening to the small trickle of water in my overflow. It's quite in my house.
  3. Someone said they went into a fish store and they had 3 yellow tangs for $150. Went back into the store a couple days later and they were $450.
  4. I changed 50% of my scape over the summer. Put as much of the old as I could in the sump. Cycled new in a tub for a month and only added half separated by a week. Cycling in the tub for a month with some established rock was key and prevented any big swings. My goal was to take as long as needed to prevent any swings.
  5. My wife didn't stay in the job that would have us move. She got a job back in Columbus giving us the opportunity to spend more time together.
  6. He is an American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (basically a GSP). The plan is for him to become my new running partner as my 13 year old dog has retired from his running career. Loyal and Active are a great combination for me, but previous owners didn't give him the activity needed. Which results in a protective dog, so we have a little work to do.
  7. Meet Wally, he was our Christmas surprise. He is a rescue that has been in 4 homes in the last 2 months. But now in his forever home. We got the call and picked this guy up on Dec 23rd. He has some separation anxiety with being bounced around so much. However, I am happy that he has put all of his trust in me as he has become my shadow. In the past 4 days we have only had 15 minutes apart when he was with the vet.
  8. Welcome from another Columbus Saltwater enthusiast. Sounds like you are doing your research and this group has helped me when entering the hobby. This is a great place to do research and ask questions.
  9. 1- always enjoy apparel that highlights my personality. 2- Never, don't own anything. 3- Don't know... would say that nothing has really been worth a purchase to own reefer clothing. 4- yes 5- yes
  10. I think the hobbyist selling frags can help change this. Is it a way to make your money back or is it a way to share in the experience with others?
  11. Maybe not the tank but I wanted to share the deep cleaning. Really got into the sump and did some deep cleaning.
  12. if you are just looking to get it out, let me know. Unfortunately I don't really have anything to trade at the moment.
  13. Just wanted to get the word out.
  14. hang in there Think of the sense of accomplishment on the other side. Solving the problems and moving forward will just make you a better hobbyist.
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