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  1. Just wanted to get the word out.
  2. hang in there Think of the sense of accomplishment on the other side. Solving the problems and moving forward will just make you a better hobbyist.
  3. Going in this weekend. It's more about the cycle than anything else.
  4. Any update? How is everyone?
  5. The mortar and glue were able to cure in either situation. I put these together outside of the tank and then put them in a tub to cycle. I am certain it continued to cure and harden even more. This way it is cycled before entering the tank and the bonds are even stronger so when I lift it into the tank it doens't come crashing apart. I know concrete can take over 1 year to fully cure... even longer in wet situations.
  6. I was generally giving it 24 hours before putting any stress on it. The glue/mortar combination would have support within 5 minutes, but I didn't want to stress it. I learned on this piece trying to add after 4-5 hours it still wasn't strong enough to support a suspended weight.
  7. I used superglue and mortar. Some of the extreme weight angles got acrylic pole assists. However I found that putting on superglue and then pushing a small amount of mortar into the same crevasse made for a solid hold. The mortar really provides the strength, but as it dries I feel it might shrink a small amount. The superglue provides the hold, but doesn't have the strength. Working the 2 products at the same time proved to be a great option.
  8. Made a few structures and cycling them. It's hard to show in picture, but i am happy.
  9. Looks great! what are you doing that has your P04 so low? I seem to always have a little over 1 on mine.
  10. Shout out to the Columbus folks!
  11. My local grocer RO water caused it, the more water changes I did, the worse it got. It was just so convenient, I thought it was worth it. Then I started getting RO from a LFS and everything cleared up. Just my experience and I am not an expert on the subject. Maybe worth a try for a month to see what happens.
  12. Stop using the water from a Grocery store! This was the biggest cause of all of my problems. The test's showing 0 can be that they are getting used up prior to the reading. Find a LFS that sells water, it will probably be cheaper as well.
  13. Flounder

    Nov 1, Columbus

    I will be going
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