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  1. My local grocer RO water caused it, the more water changes I did, the worse it got. It was just so convenient, I thought it was worth it. Then I started getting RO from a LFS and everything cleared up. Just my experience and I am not an expert on the subject. Maybe worth a try for a month to see what happens.
  2. Stop using the water from a Grocery store! This was the biggest cause of all of my problems. The test's showing 0 can be that they are getting used up prior to the reading. Find a LFS that sells water, it will probably be cheaper as well.
  3. Flounder

    Nov 1, Columbus

    I will be going
  4. have you tried a blackout or changing the flow pattern of your tank?
  5. I like it and was thinking of using a tub to cycle for a couple weeks before adding. Thanks
  6. Deciding that I would like to remodel. Created some great swim through and places for everyone to chill. However both my foxface and sailfin can hide at the same time in the big one. Additionally my BTA have taken over most of the prime coral locations. Honestly, my newbie aquascape could have been a lot better. I did a great job setting up a healthy space for the fish (10/10), flow (7/10), coral placement (3/10), visual appeal (5/10). Let's be honest, this is about having a great visual and healthy environment for our pets. I don't want to start another cycle and harm anybody. Th
  7. I live near both of these stores. I must admit that Rivers to Reefs has struggled in the past year with a lot more issues. Matt has some sales and this is usually the time to buy,
  8. Thanks for being long winded... It helps us grow.
  9. Would look cool with some purple coraline and others corals. I would base the tank off of a Hawaii/Volcano theme.
  10. Less than 10% of the time spend sitting back watching.
  11. Top is drilled and completely silent. Just some noise "gurgling" at the "sump dump"
  12. Great question. Will be following along. I have the durso and get some gurgling. Nothing crazy, except when bedroom is 10 feet away and all is quite.
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