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  1. Need gone this weekend make offer or trade
  2. 40-45 lbs live rock 1 cirlce, 1 arch, 2 flat bottom bases, 1 long shelf. The shelf has a mushroom attached I can't get to release. $100
  3. Had this of the clown will try to get the Coral beauty
  4. Approx 3 inch coral beauty had for about a year. Downsizing tank to a nano and it didnt make the cut. $30 obo Also have a Cinnamon Clown about the same size. $20 Located in Fremont Will try to get a good pic but they are camera shy for sure
  5. I am marking this sold. I am gonna have some rock and a couple fish and inverts to sell
  6. I will let you know if I get rid of live stock. Gonna go with a 10 or 15 gallon tank and keep some of the fish.
  7. I will get pics in the morning. tank dimensions are 24x24x24
  8. Where are you located. This sounds interesting. What is in the Biocube now?
  9. Trying to keep all together for right now. And dont know what type dont believe anything special was a hitchiker on the GSP
  10. Looking to get out or downsize. 60 gallon Deep blue with corner overflow. Been up and running about 2 years. I dont have time to give it the attention it deserves. Black box light. Wooden stand. Jeabo dcp-8000 pump. Hydro wave makers. 5 gallon return tank and 5 gallon refugium. 2 150 watt heaters. Sc protein skimmer. 5 stage RO/DI that will need new filters. TDS Meter. 40lbs crushed coral and sand mixed. 60-70lbs live rock. Live stock. Coral beauty, Cinamon Clown, Dart fish, Skunk Cleaner shrimp, Yellow watchman and Candy cane pistol, Strawberry conch and various hermit crabs and snails. One of the live rocks has a small group of zoa's growing on it. Also have a mushroom and a basebal sized piece of rock with GSP that is not coming out right this minute. Hydrometer and test kits also. Would like to keep as a whole package. I believe $700 is a fair deal. Will get some pictures tomorrow.
  11. This is my first piece of coral anything. From what I read it grows quickly so any amount would be fine.
  12. Looking for some Gsp somewhere near Fremont or Sandusky. Free or reasonable price. Thanks in advance.
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