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  1. I have these euphellia I’m looking to sell. 1st pic $100 each. Roughly size of tennis/baseball. Several heads each 2nd pic $65 Goni light green with white eyes. Size of a raquetball 3rd pic $50 bigger than a golf ball 4th pic $50 bigger than a golf ball Lima area. Willing to meet partway if buying multiple
  2. Hmmmmm nice list. I’m definitely needing sticks now that my tank is rebounding
  3. I can bring to the swap. Roughly 5”-6” diameter
  4. @zachegg Is this still the plan? Otherwise I will be bringing it to the swap to sell or trade.
  5. Here’s a final picture after all 3 Radions are installed. Now I’m hooking up an xr15 on my frag tank
  6. Just a quick update, the tank is chugging alone getting better every week. I took the plunge into Radions and picked up 3 of the Gen4 xr30 pro’s. I can’t wait for the swap to try to replace some of my losses.
  7. Sevitz5

    When you buy coral?

    Frags simply based off costs. I know in a years time I will have a colony for the price of a frag.
  8. I have 2 of these that I will be taking off my tank this coming weekend. They are in excellent condition and were purchased on Black Friday sales 2018, so they are roughly 15 months old. They have been ran on the program pictured for the last 8 months at 60% max. They come complete with everything in the box. Price is $250 each shipped
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