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  1. I have some heavy duty brackets.
  2. Nice! Here is a crappy pic of my 180 that’s settling in.
  3. Looking awesome. I’m just by Delphos
  4. Anyone have a BRS 1.1 doser they don’t use? I have a 50ml one and looking to possibly trade.
  5. I have this glass AIO cube reef tank. In excellent shape, comes with return pump, Cobalt neotherm heater, Zetlight LED (can grow corals), custom made screen cover, thermometer, and several filter pads. There are no scratches, and everything works as it should. Approx. 12”x12”x12” This makes an awesome desk top reef tank.
  6. I have this light for sale. It’s too much for my small frag tank. Only a year old. Really good condition. Only issue is the button is stuck, but I never used it. I prefer to operate it with the remote. I have a 2nd brand new remote that goes with it. $100
  7. I used this for 2 weeks, and realized I need bigger containers. These hold 2 liters each. It is in like new shape. Comes with everything pictured.
  8. Used a little over a year at less than 50%. Perfect condition. $275 shipped.
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