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  1. Frag tank is settling in nice. I changed out the Ocean Revives for the Reefbreeders Photon V2 and a pair of their lumen bars. Now just adding sps for grow out.
  2. Are we considering a frag swap this year?
  3. Here are some pics of my completed project. The last pics are of frags I cut yesterday…….and I’m only 1/2 way done lol.
  4. I will take the probe holder and 10’ aquabus cable. I also replied on your Facebook post
  5. Works perfect. Just replaced all wear parts….wheels, bearings, guides, adjuster, tubing, valve, etc. Comes with the blade on it and a new spare blade. $150
  6. How much you looking to get for the tang?
  7. I have this year old tank that’s 18”x18”x6”. It has an external overflow and an Innovative Marine screen top. This tank is like new, I have just outgrown it. $150
  8. All sold, please close
  9. These are available near Lima WD $140 OP $100 HW $200 Superman $80 Jack o lantern $35 Sunset $25
  10. I switched to them from my hydra 26HD’s about a year ago. They are Gen4 pros. I bought them used when everyone else jumped on the Gen5 bandwagon. I love the gen4’s. I am pulling great colors and they have been flawless. The Gen 5’s have better spread, but lower par due to the spread. I personally like the “hot spots” that the gen4’s produce......I place corals there that need the increased par. Overall I am very very satisfied, with no plans to ever use something different.
  11. Well it’s time to upgrade the frag tank. My little 18”x18” won’t keep up with my sps fragging. I bought a Deep Blue 50 gal rimless. It’s 48”x20”x12”. It will replace the small frag tank and be plumbed into the display the same way.
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