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  1. I’m looking for a smaller overflow box. I prefer one that goes through the glass, not hang on. I need it for a frag tank. What ya got?
  2. Sorry, I have NO CLUE how I ended up with those links in the description
  3. Ok guys, I have a few to clean off my racks. 10% discount if buying 2 or more. Sorry for crappy pictures. All frags are 3/4”+ most are a lot larger. 1. Big R Walt Disney (chunky) $150 2. PC Superman $50 3. RR Orange Passion $90 JF Sunset Monti $30 JF Jack O Lantern $45 WWC Pink Panther $90 JF Home Wrecker $150 JF Home Wrecker $150 JF Steel Blue Staghorn $50 Nicks Purple Passion $40
  4. All sold, please close
  5. Pack delivered, please close
  6. Sounds good, just let me know when it gets closer. Thanks
  7. @Zaireguy what time do you want to meet in beaverdam on Friday?
  8. I can do that for you, you have always came through for me. Thanks
  9. I have these 3 frags in a pack. They have been cut for 3 weeks and are encrusting nicely. $350 Jason Fox Home Wrecker Reef Raft Canada Pink Cadillac Cheezys Side Chick
  10. Please close, most are sold and I will start a new thread.
  11. I currently have 1 anthias in my tank....is it possible to add the other 3 or will they fight?
  12. What’s left: (1) Homewrecker (1) Walt Disney (3) Orange Passion (2) Pink Cadillac (2) Side Chick
  13. Did the yellow angel pick at corals?
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