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  1. Sevitz5

    WWC Sunfire Monti

    I’m trying lol
  2. Sevitz5

    WWC Sunfire Monti

    Piece arrived, got it stuck in the tank tonight
  3. You interested in equipment for trade?
  4. I’m hitting the home stretch!!!
  5. Blonde Naso and Mimic
  6. I have all the corals moved over and I’m going today to pick up my new tangs, then move all the fish over.
  7. The big move is happening now. This is the part I hate.....but yet love. Can’t wait to see the new reef take off. I will post pics up tomorrow when done.
  8. Willing to trade for a skimmer for my 180
  9. Sevitz5

    WWC Sunfire Monti

    I have located one and will be getting it this weekend
  10. Sevitz5

    WWC Sunfire Monti

    Does anybody in here have this Monti? I’m trying to find one semi local.
  11. I can’t use this with my new setup.....I ran out of room. It is only 6 months old and works amazing. I have a Sicce 1.5 pump and all the parts that came with it. I hate to sell it, but I need an external reactor. $200 shipped.
  12. Well I’m fighting micro bubbles in my return chamber. I can’t figure out how they are getting there.
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