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  1. Anyone in need of a chiller? Works great, just don’t need. $100
  2. I’m interested. I have plenty of Acropora to trade
  3. Sevitz5

    Apex stuff

    I’m looking for some Apex stuff for the new build and figured I would ask here before buying. I need: FMM module 1” Flow Sensor (2) 1/4” Flow Sensors (4) Optical Sensors WAV Pump
  4. I have the DOS set up on my tank. I do a gallon a day on my 110 gal.
  5. I agree, but it seems like the sps have really gained speed in the last few years.....everything has a name and demands 3x the money. Not to mention frags have become 3x smaller. When I got into the hobby in 2000, the frags were mini colonies compared to today’s standards. I had a crash and got out. Since getting back into the hobby 2 years ago I have become an sps junkie, and love the colors and varieties. I just can’t pull the trigger on some of the frags that are hundreds of dollars and only 1/2” or 3/4”. That being said I am glad to see the hobby thriving.
  6. Sad to say, but it probably already being torn down
  7. I work in Lima. I will be interested in 1 of each if I can find a magnetic mushroom box
  8. Very cool. I’m trying to figure out different ways to use a BOB..... my current one just does floats for ATO and lights on cabinet door switches. When I move everything over to the bigger tank this summer, I want to add more techy/ geek things lol
  9. Wow.....I never knew that! I always get the air bubbles and hate it. Thanks!!
  10. Coming this summer with the 180 gallon upgrade
  11. I wanted to build an economical tank. It will be housed in the closet with the sump. I sourced a container at US Plastic for $8 (it was a second). I also bought 3 bulkheads there as well. I cut the container down to 12” tall, installed the bulkheads and cut down some egg crate I had. I will plumb it off my return manifold of my display. I think it turned out good for about $25 total
  12. Hey, I picked up the no name rainbow tabling acro from you. It RTN on me, do you have another piece I could buy? I really liked it. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the good words!
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