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  1. What do you have? I really need an AI prime, Kessil 160 etc. or what corals?
  2. Lol I was just in Toledo today! I’m actually west of Lima in Van Wert. I would be willing to travel 30 minutes to help. I could meet in bluffton if you bought a couple pieces.
  3. I found one. Please close
  4. Sevitz5

    AI Prime

    Looking for a prime
  5. I have 2 frags (1”-2”) of RR Aussie Gold $25 ea and 3 frags (1”-1.25”) of RR The Vihn. $35 ea. Sorry for crappy pics.
  6. I’m kicking around the idea of setting up a smaller all in one tank. I’m looking in the 15 gal - 30 gal range. What do you have?
  7. I have this brand new unopened backup with surge protection. I won this in a raffle, but have a generator, so really don’t need. Box is unopened. I was told it will run a mp40 for an hour, or a return pump for 45 minutes, or any other equipment you want to run for awhile. It has 7 outlets $50
  8. I would be willing to meet in Beaverdam if you wanted
  9. Ricordia trimming time: (6) Chicago Bears: 2️⃣0️⃣ ea (4) Rainbows: 3️⃣0️⃣ ea Super bright orange shrooms: 1️⃣0️⃣
  10. $30 each, let’s get these sold
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