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  1. I got 3 frags I would like to sell this weekend, i need to make room in the frag racks . First is Poletti yellow tip large frag $40. 2nd is large pink / rainbow Millie $30. Last is a nice Strawberry shortcake $35
  2. Would you be willing to sell just 1 and meet in Beaverdam?
  3. I have just the 1 left. $100 located near Lima
  4. How strong are the magnets? Will they hold through 1/2” glass?
  5. Dang I would like to get this
  6. That actually is pretty cool
  7. I have a nice WWC Christmas Mirabillis and what I was told is a Mt Dew Acro. Miribillis $55 Mt Dew $25
  8. Lol, yea, but your forgetting the GHL ProfiLux 4 as well. Lol I know what you mean though
  9. Wow, that’s intriguing
  10. Bad part about GHL you need: Doser 2.1 to dose elements $430 KH Director $440 Doser 2.1 to feed KH Director $430 Ion Director (when released) $440 Doser 2.1 to feed Ion Director $430 total $2,170
  11. Me, but I’m waiting til the hype dies off
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