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  1. I think a lot of guys have moved to Facebook just because you get answers in seconds instead of hours or days. I still enjoy the forums, but if I need an answer for something right away, I go to Facebook groups. I think the suggestion above, to start a Facebook group, is a great idea. Most people who have Facebook, are on there 10x more than they are in forums.... it’s just the way it is anymore.
  2. I agree with you..... that was the main reason I sold my dosers.....getting any support out of them was a nightmare. if you do go back to Apex and ever need to borrow something in a pinch, I have a lot of redundancy in my system and could loan you something until you got a replacement.
  3. Can I ask why your leaving GHL and what controller you are going to?
  4. What was the name of the place for pods you told me about?
  5. I’m stopping in tomorrow to pick up a yellow tang. Do members here get any discount? @mrx1tuba
  6. @Mushroom Madness just left with it. Sorry.
  7. Sure. I will pm address
  8. Today til 2 or tomorrow
  9. Located near Lima (45863) 1. Sold 2. Sold 3. Sold 4. Neon goni’s (3 avail.) $35 ea 5. Sold 6. Sold 7. Sold 8. Sold
  10. Location? I would be interested in the pink streak wrasse if the guys above me pass

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