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  1. Bill told me he will ship within a week of payment. He fired all of his employees 2 weeks ago because quality was suffering. He is back to building EVERYTHING by himself so he knows it’s done right.
  2. I purchased an 8” ACR from him 2 nights ago. He actually talked with me through Facebook messenger for over an hour….sold me on it when the owner does that
  3. If it comes down to the point of you selling individual items, I would be interested in all your crabs, snails, and stars. I’m needing to up the CUC on my system. Thanks
  4. Can I ask why you are selling? I’m in the market for one, but can’t find much on these.
  5. Frag tank is settling in nice. I changed out the Ocean Revives for the Reefbreeders Photon V2 and a pair of their lumen bars. Now just adding sps for grow out.
  6. Are we considering a frag swap this year?
  7. Here are some pics of my completed project. The last pics are of frags I cut yesterday…….and I’m only 1/2 way done lol.
  8. I will take the probe holder and 10’ aquabus cable. I also replied on your Facebook post
  9. Works perfect. Just replaced all wear parts….wheels, bearings, guides, adjuster, tubing, valve, etc. Comes with the blade on it and a new spare blade. $150
  10. How much you looking to get for the tang?
  11. I have this year old tank that’s 18”x18”x6”. It has an external overflow and an Innovative Marine screen top. This tank is like new, I have just outgrown it. $150
  12. All sold, please close
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