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  1. Does anyone have one laying around they aren’t using?
  2. I have the Neptune Cor-20 pump, so I’m thinking it will be fine. It’s only gonna have to lift the water about 2’
  3. Hey, my sump has to set offset to the tank.....can I run my return line like this? Or figure out something different?
  4. Top trim on and door glass frosted. On to the plumbing.
  5. Yes I have bought 2 of the 1/2” flow sensors and 2 of the 1/4” flow sensors. 1 of the flow sensors will monitor flow from the manifold to my frag tank.
  6. Yea, I like to know that my return is working when I’m away. Does everything else look ok?
  7. I need advice on plumbing my return. I’m using the Cor-20 pump that recommends 1.25” return line. I will be reducing that line down to 1” close to my bulkheads. I have an Apex, and want to use their flow meters on my line. One of the pictures shows a 1” flow meter at each bulkhead and the other picture shows a single 2” flow sensor close to the return pump. I’m also going to be running a manifold above the sump. Which of these options would be best? Can anyone suggest better options on the plumbing? Different design etc?
  8. Well it’s in the house thanks to my boys. I need to reinstall the top trim board, Frost the glass on the doors and start plumbing!!
  9. Progress on the stand, I have the glass in the doors, just going to apply fish theme cutouts to the glass then frost the glass and pull the cutouts back off. I think it will look good.
  10. Well I finally got a little time to work on the stand today. I finished trimming it out and got it primed. I just need to prime the doors and it is ready to paint black and move into the house.
  11. I do have an apex, so your saying I don’t need the expensive carbon doser regulator?
  12. How close are you to Lima?
  13. How big of a tank are people using? 5,10,or 20 lb?
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