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  1. Oh ok. I’m not having luck finding the other Kessil mount. Like I said, I can either order one for you or knock it off the price.
  2. If I can’t find it, and that’s the deal breaker, I will order you one, or knock $15 off.
  3. All I know is I have 3. There could be another one laying around here somewhere, I will have to look.
  4. I had Radions mounted in it, but it includes mounts for Kessil, AI Hydras, GHL, black boxes, etc
  5. Good parameters, good lights, and good nutrition I guess lol
  6. Not wanting to curse myself, but the corals are finally coming around.
  7. Admins delete this post. I listed in another post
  8. I’m asking $400, It is the 61” model. I’m the original owner, I bought it 11 months ago. It is like brand new. The bulbs were $100 and have 8-12 months before needing replaced. There are 2 ATI blue + and 2 ATI purple +. It comes with all the brackets it came with new. 8 brackets to mount Radions or AI Hydras, or any box style light. It also comes with 3 brackets for Kessil lights. It has the wire hanging kit (I have new wire to go with it) and all wire brackets. This light was $600 new with bulbs. Like mentioned before, it is like new. I take great care of my equipment. These are a great
  9. Well I changed it up a bit today. I took my T5’s off the tank and installed 2 of the new 5’ Orphek OR3 150’s. They are a little bluer than my T5’s, but I’m liking them so far
  10. Can you send me a pm with a pic of the clowns and price on what’s left?
  11. Found some, please close
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