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  1. You don’t happen to be going to the LEAR swap next weekend are you?
  2. Location? I’m interested in the Millie. I’m by Lima
  3. Does anyone have a couple Radion XR30 gen4 pros for sale?
  4. You don’t have any eb8’s do you? I need a backup
  5. I’m west of Lima, but willing to ship or meet
  6. I actually am close to Lima, but I try to meet people half way when I can. The tanks are doing great and everything is growing. Here are a few quick shots of the frag tank.
  7. Don’t happen to have a pm1 for a ph probe do you?
  8. I have some nice sized chunks. I’m close to Lima though
  9. Bill told me he will ship within a week of payment. He fired all of his employees 2 weeks ago because quality was suffering. He is back to building EVERYTHING by himself so he knows it’s done right.
  10. I purchased an 8” ACR from him 2 nights ago. He actually talked with me through Facebook messenger for over an hour….sold me on it when the owner does that
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