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  1. I personally rather glass i feel it’s cleaner and doesn’t scratch and discolor as easy as acrylic The down side is it’s heavy and not as customizable with little cutouts etc
  2. They had a local guy make it The guy does good work he just isn’t a hobbyist so you have to be very specific like exactly where you want bulkheads, baffles etc
  3. Don’t we all There is just no room in the display
  4. I personally loved angel fish until i started loosing thousands in coral it made me rethink the whole angel fish in a reef tank haven’t had one for 4+ years
  5. It’s been a while but with angels a fresh water dip and prazi Then keeping a close eye on it for 6 weeks Never under dose copper as that just creates parasites that could be immune to copper
  6. Very nice What do you do for fish that can’t handle copper like some wrasses, angels etc
  7. Fish are looking great good job How long did you quarantine them Chemicals or no chemicals
  8. Im so happy to be part of this build Today i helped with plumbing one of the coral raceways 400+ gallons with three “tubs” and one xxl custom glass sump Plumbing is two 1” drains and a 3/4” return each they are connected through the sump so any of the “tubs” can be closed off and used separately without the sump Pump is just for cycling and will be upgraded to a proper sized pump once it’s all running The cycle might start in a bin or in these tubs it will consist of Dr Tims and bio blocks (not sure what type) Oversized skimmer (not sure yet what type) Led and t5 lighting Some type of wave maker for flow Some type of rack to hold frags and colonies They will continue selling at shows and start selling online I can’t wait until all the eye candy shows up i am in no way Affiliated i am friends with most of the reefing community so saying they are friends of mine isn’t saying much Once they are up and running they will become vendors here (so no names until then) They are already actively selling at shows but they are extending in to another location to expand online So far It is 4 coral systems they are known for selling high end name brand coral with some stunning and rare sps so can’t wait until these tanks are full Ill try to update with pictures of the build as i go to visit
  9. Stunning aquarium that focuses on coral located in Eilat indoor and outdoor displays & a Underwater Observatory Park
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