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  1. They were so friendly i got to see how they make algae scrubbers, algae reactors, 3d Printed Reef items like random flow generators and SelfMixing Dosing Containers
  2. Without a appointment or anything i just showed up to Mexico City’s biggest fish wholesaler and was welcomed in overall really nice people and very clean facilities considering the surprise visit
  3. Not really sure i found them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/siriusblack2014/
  4. Yea so the prices are very similar to the us i noticed allot of signature stuff And the reactors im guessing they would sell to the us the prices are a steal im thinking of getting a scrubber shipped to me would be half the price
  5. Cool yea that sharp face looked like it
  6. Is that a gator though kind of looks like a caiman the face being all sharp
  7. It won’t pick at polyps is more reefsafe than a angel [emoji6]
  8. everyone was so friendly and welcoming Emilio Carranza Morelos Ciudad de México
  9. What would be the pros and cons more wattage heats up faster but turns on and off more frequently
  10. I just ordered mine as they got back in stock i went with the 300w as it was a couple $ more
  11. I think so definitely in the shark exhibit as sharks would knock it down One of the first exhibits is a huge tank full of coral literally top to bottom and then they have the anemones and frag tank those were all real it was amazing standing there looking up down side to side and just seeing coral and fish
  12. One of the nicest aquariums on the east coast The new shark exhibit is really nice i sat there for hours just enjoying the peaceful sharks swimming around
  13. I personally rather glass i feel it’s cleaner and doesn’t scratch and discolor as easy as acrylic The down side is it’s heavy and not as customizable with little cutouts etc
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