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  1. I just need to get stuff out of here. My loss. I have 6 5 gallon tanks each with a 50w heater and a lid. As well as two 20 gallon long tanks. All in great shape. Shoot me a message. 419-973-0969
  2. Well, I finally got around to inventorying everything! I'm located in a suburb of Toledo for those interested. I'm gonna hold out on shipping at this point. Feel free to contact me with any questions. All equipment is in good working order unless otherwise noted! NEPTUNE APEX STUFF Apex Classis with screen, temp, PH and salinity probes - $150 Neptune DOS with power adapter - $225 Apex auto-feeder & 6ft cable - $50 (2) EB8 power strips & 6ft cable - $100 each Magnetic probe holder - $20 Break out box (for running switches and floats) - $20 PM2 & 6ft cable - $50 WXM - SOLD (1) WAV pump w/ extension cable - $120 1-Link module with power cable - $75 10ft aquabus cable - $5 (3) 3ft aquabus cable - $5 SKIMMERS Reef Octopus Elite 220-INT 9" cone skimmer - $450 (BRS LINK) Quantum NYOS 120 (neck cracked and was superglued back together) - $200 (BRS LINK) LIGHTING ATI Sunpower 6x80 60" T5 fixture with ATI bulbs + extra bulbs - $300 (BRS LINK) Fluval Marin & Reed LED lights 36-48" - $100 for 2 (AMAZON LINK) 24" 4-bulb T5 fixture with ATI bulbs + extras - $50 (AMAZON LINK) AI Hydra 52 HD - $200 Pending LET 36" 2 bulb miro-4 retrofit kit and 2 ATI bulbs (all unopened) - $75 (BRS LINK) AI Prime mounting arm black - $20 (AMAZON LINK) Cheato hanging lights, 1 small 1 large - $5 each RANDOM Large python pro gravel cleaner - $5 Kedsum 880GPH submersible pump - $10 (AMAZON LINK) Amazon basic 4-cup food processor - $15 (AMAZON LINK) BRS dual-reactors unused set - $40 (BRS LINK) BRS dual-reactors, used and separated - $10 Each (3) Eheim jager 300w heaters - unopened $15, (2) used ones $10 each Large magfloat glass cleaner - $5 Nano flipper glass cleaner - $5 Homemade acclimation box with suction mount - $5 (6) 5 gallon aqueon QT tanks with lids and 50w heaters - $10 each (2) 20 gallon long aqueon tanks - $10 each 20 gallon brute can with 1" valve - $10
  3. Yea, as soon as I can get access to the back to get the magnet off!
  4. I doubt two eels would get along, but either way, it’s sold. everything has been spoken for, please close!
  5. Traded them in locally. Please close.
  6. I just put my two clowns in the up for grabs section. They are the only two remaining from my tank shut down!
  7. I shut down my big tank and need to get these guys into a new home! Free with the only stipulation being they must go into an established tank! They are roughly 1.5 inches. In the Toledo (sylvania) area Text me for the quickest response! 419-973-0969
  8. Reef octopus 220-int elite 9” skimmer. In great shape and all cleaned up. These are $825 new. Asking $500 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/elite-220-int-9-super-cone-protein-skimmer-reef-octopus.html AI Hydra-52 HD. White in color. Seems to have 1 burned out UV light and 1 burned out red light. Otherwise in great shape. Around 3 years old and used at roughly 60% 10hrs a day. Asking $250
  9. There are lots of different Anthias. I guess I just assumed you were talking about the lyretail ones earlier, for those the males are a dark red color and the females are bright orange. If you don’t already have a lyretail, I’m not sure how they’d all get alone
  10. My guess would be so long as your current one isn’t a Male they would probably get along fine. But two males would fight.
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