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  1. The last flyer in the first post says 1230. The one above it says event time of 11-4 and the tentative schedule says general public at noon.
  2. Excited to meet you guys and pick up all my new stuff tomorrow (and probably get more, lol). What time do the doors open for people who can't make it for the speaker? I see some conflicting times.
  3. Made up a few of these... They allow you to add up to 6 switches each to your Apex. Can be used for momentary switches to trigger virtual outlets, lights, etc. Or could be used for float switches. I have 7 of them. $30 each, and I'll be at the swap on sunday if you want to meet up.
  4. I need to trim some back, in the Sylvania/Toledo area if anyone is in need.
  5. @Sevitz5 I'll take a rainbow Millie and a radioactive candy cane at the buckeye reef swap please!
  6. New and unused. I bought it when setting up my tank initially and then got a great deal on something bigger. They are still $200 new, willing to sell for $125 to a forum member.
  7. Crimson, I reserved a PC rainbow and then the bonsai on reeftrader. I'd be interested in seeing the candy canes you have and a price and then also looking for any of these... Bali shortcake Sapphire milli Hella yella acan Goniopora (flower pot) Zoas: Pink zipper Twizzlers Thanks!
  8. FF419

    Neptune WAV

    Who couldn't use a third or fourth?? They say you can't get too much flow!
  9. FF419

    Neptune WAV

    I have a pair on R2R for $300 shipped... If you each want one let me know! I'll do $135 shipped, each.
  10. Color me convinced. Done. Thanks guys.
  11. I'm looking to borrow a PAR meter if someone has one sitting around. Willing to paypal you a deposit if need be. Located in the Toledo area.
  12. Both still for sale currently, I got the bigger one off the rock today with no damage to his foot. So that one is ready to go!
  13. I'll take one too! Thanks Crimson!
  14. Jesse, no linage info. After doing a bit of searching around on reef2reef, online and ebay... I'm gonna say $120 for the bigger one and $100 for the medium. I've attached another pic to show the size a bit better, this is taken in a 40breeder. Also I snapped a couple pics under my nighttime blues, they weren't quite as puffed up for me though of course. No filter or doctoring, just straight up cellphone shots.
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