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  1. Don’t get me going. It’s very hard not to grab this. If I could afford the upkeep I would snag it.
  2. In Fairborn there’s a Red Sea 650 peninsula with eshopps skimmer hydra 26s return pump and wavemakers for roughly 4K. Someone go get this thing.
  3. Plumbing and sump? that is a great price..
  4. Looking for a new tank setup(new to me). 50gal or bigger
  5. NoWaiAma

    Wave pump

    I’ve got two brand new in box MP40WQD
  6. Sup with this. Deliver? o_O
  7. Pink spot goby is pretty awesome in my tank. Walter turned up dead , this guy paired instantly though. Out and about a lot too. Also a crab murderer..
  8. If I missed the pic I apologize, but do you have one with them all? Are they stupid expensive like the “bounces” and CSBs?
  9. There’s PURPLE and ORANGE?!
  10. What’s material cost for you doing your own loads factoring some re usable brass? Cost of ammo is what turned me off 6.5
  11. Mine finally gained a new head pretty rapidly after light change. I had no idea there were more colors of these...f
  12. Welcome..Clevelander scum..
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