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  1. Pink spot goby is pretty awesome in my tank. Walter turned up dead , this guy paired instantly though. Out and about a lot too. Also a crab murderer..
  2. If I missed the pic I apologize, but do you have one with them all? Are they stupid expensive like the “bounces” and CSBs?
  3. There’s PURPLE and ORANGE?!
  4. What’s material cost for you doing your own loads factoring some re usable brass? Cost of ammo is what turned me off 6.5
  5. Mine finally gained a new head pretty rapidly after light change. I had no idea there were more colors of these...f
  6. Welcome..Clevelander scum..
  7. This horse had pretty eyes.
  8. Yea I don’t know about that. I was referencing my situation, not poking at yours.
  9. I never thought of that, so...does it even need to be cycled ?
  10. Worked for me. Then I addressed the real cause when it came back and I started asking pesky questions
  11. When I was mega tiny we had a small freshwater tank. I don’t know if the fish lived or were often replaced because I can’t keep a beta to save my life
  12. Say you love me agaaaaain. Undo the hurt that you caused when you walked out of that door and walked out of my liiiife. Uncry these teeeeeeeeears..
  13. Worried it’s suddenly too much light. I’ve read that they can release their xoawhateverers and go south when bleachy. Nems stress me out. Always doing something crazy. I hadn’t thought to compare during the cycle.
  14. Look bleached ? Normally very orange with green base .. has been under a higher intensity setting, set on acclimate still, likely at 60% by now. Is there a way to adjust without being on home wireless? Does he look bleached ? How would you proceed if out of town? I’d think it would hide during intense light if it needed to how long do I have if it is bad?
  15. Good shot of Barry the Niger. He’ll stay out in the open for family apparently, but never me..since I removed every rock looking for him previously.. some of my rock going white, told possibly due to me changing up the light settings , Crisis averted.
  16. W/ the blade on its beast. Not sure if it’s already on the flipper. I have the magfloat *kicks can*
  17. That the place known for its nice Bubble Tips?
  18. If you’re Dayton area I could put you in touch with someone that has rbtas widows and other off shoots ?
  19. I need a lemon drop in my life @Muttley000 wonder if they are as “difficult to keep as csb”
  20. Try now, changed the pic
  21. Here’s the RBTA (right half) I take bad pics and the color is better in person. But you get the idea.
  22. For 90$ you can get a nice rainbow , some green variants and some mild variations of the orange/ green. Gerbers has a monster rbta for 100$ and a lot of smaller ones. I grabbed this lil green fellow for 40 or so recently there, they have many to choose from, pink footed, the black widows and the bright orange green tend to run higher in price from what I’ve found locally anyways.
  23. Meant to get pictures today for a before and after. As I expect some changes. Heading away from home for a bit over a month(hope to catch the swap). So today was a re hash of weekly bi weekly things for family to do. Again tank is a simple 28 AIO. But we know how it goes , what we notice In day to day would take someone not familiar with our tank a slew of tests. So wish me luck. Stock: 1 1/2” Niger trigger. Red fin fairy wrasse. 2 bonded black snowflake clowns. Yellow watchman Goby. Tiger pistol shrimp. 2 green and 1 red emerald crab. Myriad of snails and hermits. Trigger has a bone yard of shells. But I also caught my wrasse dragging a hermit around today. Green speckled nem. Orange burst/CS offshoot nem. Duncan, multitude of shrooms. 4 zoa colonies starting to grow off frags. 4 head hammer. A single blasto that always seems plump but not sure how they grow. Small micro acan colony. Bsck chanber full of sponges, a few asterina about but seem to be kept in check. Tank is pretty stable. Prolly on 8 months or so now? Ato sensers all cleaned and tested. Wish me luck I’ll post what I come home to.
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