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  1. I'm happy to share! Feel free to PM me what you want, if you're interested.
  2. OK fellow reefers. My tank is getting way overgrown, so I need to do some major pruning. I’m willing to give away the following to anybody that wants them. These are free… or I’m willing to take a colorful zoa/paly or stick. The only caveat being, I’ll only give fresh cut frags. I’ve made some mistakes and introduced Anthelia and blue clove polyps into my system. I refuse to infest a fellow reefer’s tank. So here’s what I have… Hollywood Stunner, Ice Blue Chalice, Purple Birdsnest, Birds of Paradise Birdsnest, Sour Apple Birdsnest, Green Birdsnest, Tubs Stellata, Bluegreen Paly, Gree
  3. Thanks Muttley! I've definitely made some mistakes along the way. lol. I'll try to put together a build thread when I find some free time.
  4. Hey Jeff.I can get you a fresh cut of the pink acro in the top left of the picture. It was sold to me as a no-name frag in the other picture. It's a fast grower and very hardy. I'm in Oregon. Let me know if you're interested. -James
  5. I still have this available for someone with a big tank. It's getting squished into the corner of my 75 and is beginning to recede in the center due to lack of light. Rough measurements are 12x12x10. Up for any offers.
  6. Would you want to trade for some Utter Chaos? I have a large bunch on a frag plug. -James
  7. So I ended up breaking apart the smaller coral. If anybody is interested I'll bring them to the expo. Let me know if you'd like a big or medium chunk... $10 for any size. I also have a bunch of little devil's hand corals on the bottom of my tank. $5 each if you're interested. None of these are mounted. Message me your number, so I can contact you when I arrive at the expo.
  8. Thank you CrimsonVice! I'm definitely going to check it out.
  9. Thanks buk! I got out of the hobby for a few years while my kids were young. Last year, my son finally talked me back into it. We're having a great time!
  10. Hey Muttley000. Thanks for warm welcome. I've never gone to a frag swap before, but I guess I should since it's in my backyard. lol I have someone interested in the entire colony. I do have a smaller colony I'd be willing to frag out. Let me see what sized frags I can break off, then I'll give you a price. This thing grows like a weed in my system.
  11. Is anybody interested in a huge Hollywood Stunner? It's growing out of control and taking over my 75 gallon. It's also super aggressive and trying to kill everything around it. I'd be willing to take trades or make me an offer. I'd also be willing to break off some big chunks if you don't want the entire colony. There may be some bubble algae on it's base... just a heads up. I'm located in Oregon, just east of Toledo. Thanks for your time. James
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