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  1. I’ll be moving in a couple months and unfortunately I need to break my tanks down. I have a 90 and 45 gallon tanks. In my 45 gal I have several BTAs, 20-30 head green hammer colony, green slimmer 5”, green sinularia, 4-5” bubble coral, 7-10 head torch, multiple orange yumas, multiple green ricordeas, multiple multi colored orange and purple ricordeas, green open brain(wellsophyllia) that needs some nursing and 50 lbs of live rock. 2 mated clowns, 3” hep tang & scopus tank, 2” coral beauty, 2 bicolored blenneys, small sapphire damsel, watchmen goby. In my 90g 3 head torch, multiple heads green candy cane, green monitpora(it was 7” inches was doing really well but recently died off and only a small “.5 piece is left), BTA, multi head 5-6 green torch, bright green branching hammer, green with purple tip hammer, purple with green tip hammer, flame scallop(not picture), palm coral, frog spawn, pocillopora, galaxea, toad stool mushroom, large GSP rock and smaller one about 3”, Jason fox orange mushrooms. 50lbs of live rock. 2.5”-3” niger trigger, 3.5-4” Hep tank & sail fin tank, 2” purple tank, 2.5” tamini tang. I’m sad to let it go, I’ve had my 45g for 3yrs and the 90g for 2 years. PM me or text me at (614) 352-4874 if you are interested in anything. I couldn’t upload pics or videos using Tapatalk I’ll try by going directly to website. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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