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  1. euphylin me

    Zoa success

    Awesome! Is it a boy or a girl? lol. Yea it looks like a healthy polyp with a decent size baby. For zoas, normally once a few new ones pop up they start spreading faster. May take a month or 2 before you see another but then you'll see new polyps every couple weeks(this also depends on the type of zoa as well)
  2. yea 85 is the point where things can start taking a turn. If there are any corals you dont want to lose i can house them for you. i only have a 35g but it is fairly empty at the moment. if you are really worried....Aldis has the in room air conditioners for 195 bucks. Kind of shady but you could go buy it and then return it when you get back lol
  3. when this happened to me i bought a clip on fan from menards for 10 bucks. for a 75g i would get 2-3 of them. should help cool it by like 5 degrees depending on room temperature. i also freeze water bottles in case something like this were to happen. If youre going to be home for a day i would throw 2 frozen water bottles in there and see how the temp looks. How long are you on vacation for?
  4. i would agree, it seems like this is caulerpa. It can be invasive so just be careful.
  5. im going to say eagle eye zoas on the bottom one. top one i cant really see the coloration too well. My best guess would be icee blue or blue tubbs
  6. Need to do a waterchange but this is 10g. Not much has changed in the 30g
  7. awesome! thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!
  8. its weird but supposedly taping a picture of a clown in an anemone against the tank has great success. A friend of mine tried this and about a week and a half later the clown started hosting his nem
  9. it makes me really want to get a clown for nano tank in the office
  10. yea, im sure with this find that someone will take a look at the other corals that host clowns
  11. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/phenomena/2013/02/27/clownfish-help-their-anemones-to-breathe-at-night/
  12. that is seriously awesome!!
  13. duncans are super easy to frag! If you are going to get into fragging, I would definitely start with a duncan, trumpet, hammer, frogspawn, etc.
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