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  1. awesome! i was looking for something similar but gave up. This has good reviews (from the people that can follow direction lol). Let us know how it works!
  2. i agree with @crimsonvice. I have had a couple rimless and one acrylic. i will say, having a rimless is less annoying, but still can be annoying. Plus with it being rimless, salt creep at the waterline is annoying and hard to get off sometimes. I love the look of the rimless though, so i choose to keep going with them
  3. it may be more stressful for the fish to be unbagged, acclimated, caught, re bagged, and re-acclimated then to just deal with it once....that may not be valid idk
  4. well im glad i left aquarium masterminds when i did lol. @Fishoutofwater pampered pets used to be trilby. I have not made it to salty critter yet but i may have to check it out soon. @Jesse has always said good things about them as well. lets just all pull together and build a community fish store
  5. i was going to say.... the displays were always great but the selection/pricing were not
  6. yea its nothing crazy special but they have definitely stepped up from where they were quality wise
  7. Yea they bring in some bigger fish, so they are normally pretty healthy
  8. yep, agree with everyone else! mine took a few days to settle in. It has not moved since its been settled in. Looks happy to me as well!
  9. Honestly, i have not had bad luck with Petco in Bowling green for fish...I dont buy corals there, i go through Laurie and hobbyists.
  10. yea i had the same happen but at least they went on a rock on the side of the tank so i can still see them
  11. euphylin me

    Duncan Success

    i would recommend a tds meter for grocery store water. I tested the tds of some distilled water and somehow it was in the upper 70's....idk how that happens
  12. euphylin me

    Duncan Success

    awesome! duncans are one of my favorites as well. How are you liking the nano tank? I love nanos!
  13. i guess it comes down to budget, but large reef ready tanks are pretty pricey. if you can find a vendor that sells seapora (i think they bought out deep blue) that might be an option as thier tanks are nice and less pricey
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