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  1. euphylin me

    RODI Woes

    hmm. i think you received a faulty ro membrane. it would be very wasteful to run it for 3 days and i have not ever heard of someone having to do that before. or your pressure actually is lower than you think. do you know what psi your membrane is rated for?
  2. euphylin me

    RODI Woes

    yea that does seem odd. I ran mine for an hour when i first got it and was getting 0 tds. 280tds is pretty high. sounds like maybe the ro membrane was damaged or not stored properly. reguardless, your tds after the ro membrane should 5-10. im wondering if there is a hole in the membrane. while flushing the membrane the tds will read higher. di resin shouldnt be browned out, unless you have different resin. no offense, but maybe something was not installed right or your flush kit is still open?
  3. this is the one that bugs me lol! I can deal with the "is that nemo". Another one that bugs me....Oh that's saltwater? You should get a shark!
  4. i agree. i dont trust hob overflows
  5. not trying to get off topic but installing a gate valve on your drain would help
  6. is the top part of your durso standpipe drilled? theres a small piece that you put on a drilled durso and it makes it completely silent....forget what its called though
  7. probably the shadow overflow. decent reviews, very low profile. A little expensive but seems pretty solid. I prefer the in tank overflows that are drilled on the bottom but thats just my preference. seems like you cant go wrong with the fiji cube overflow as well. aesthetics are good as well
  8. are you worried about fragging these? if so, gsp has to be one of the easiest to frag. you could just wedge your rock against the grass and within about 2-3 weeks itll start growing on the glass
  9. these are much better than the mars aqua leds. ask @crimsonvice as far as price vs quality are concerned, these are the best bang for your buck
  10. and i see you are by thats a long haul lol
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