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  1. euphylin me

    LED life

    i guess there is a chance that color shift could be a problem. I dont know if you run alot of whites but i literally run zero whites on every tank that i have had. I have never had a problem with hair algae (this tank gets some bc it receives direct sunlight)
  2. woahh woahhh......its not friday......nice tank though! lol
  3. thanks! lol. i wasnt going to do a big order so i didnt want to pay the shipping on just 2 things...but yea, my rock flowers and acans i got from there are doing great
  4. yep! @Scott C its the 45g flat panel!
  5. Im located in maumee/toledo. anyone want to go together on a saltcritters order?
  6. ive always used coral rx. it is nice to have a couple dips....like coral rx and then a coral recover dip. IMO just buy the bottle of coral rx...the $20 bottle lasts a long time. I probably buy it once a year
  7. how much are you asking for the sinulara....ive been looking for some for forever!
  8. yea i would try that, and maybe dim the lights 25% and slowly bring it back up. Easier to kill sps with too much light rather than too little
  9. maybe a change in par that the corals were used to. do you have a spot in the sump you could add aragonite sand to? i would imagine that the corals dont care as long as the parameters and par are the same also, it may seem trivial but whats your salinity at?
  10. nothing stands out in the numbers provided. Did you switch lighting? also just a new placement can stress out sps. I would guess it is lighting related
  11. Sorry guys! I haven't been around too much. Life has been getting crazy. My nano has been getting some hair algae and i lost a coral or two because of it. For those who care, I got asked to become a travel soccer coach, so I had to take a course out in Cleveland (im in maumee). Im also planning my wedding (dont do it, its a trap!). In all honesty, I've been a little stagnant with my tank and i think that has caused me to put it on the back burner. When you stop buying things for your tank it gets easy to set it aside (for me anyways). I'm going to put more effort forth and dive back in!
  12. if its still available in a little while, i might be interested i just have too much going on right now to commit to a new set up but a biocube was in my scope
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