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  1. euphylin me

    Acan Ripped?

    mine do this. often times, it will "pinch in" and another head will start to form where it pinched in.
  2. so happy to hear that you are staying in! I know life can be crazy and sometimes the tank is the last thing on your mind...ive been there. As travis said, there are so many in here that are willing to help out. That tank is a beauty and it would be a shame if you had to let it go! let us know what else we can do. Sometimes just going on to the DBCT thread and adding new corals or trading will help keep you interested
  3. i would take these tests again before you turn on your lights. im guessing a swing in alk or maybe even ph. Obviously PH will swing but if it is drastic it can damage coral.
  4. i would test alkalinity and calcium. Did you change anything recently?
  5. perfect time to be setting up a tank! the buckeye swap will be perfect timing for you!
  6. i hope everything is ok! you know alot of us are willing to help a friend in need, even if you need help tearing down, please let me know!
  7. euphylin me


    i believe that petco in bg can get you one. I want to say i have seen them there a time or two
  8. at the store i had to catch them with cups lol. damsels are the worst!
  9. to each their own. I would rather get a proven quality unit than try and look at each stage and make sure it uses quality filtration parts (extruded carbon blocks instead of granular carbon, proper RO membrane etc.) also, id rather be able to fill a 5g bucket in an hour or two vs 8 hours. also the higher rejection rate from lower GDP isnt necessarily true the 75 gpd was updated and now is 99%
  10. you will notice a different very fast when you start using RODI water. I wouldnt stress too much. If you can fork it out, a bulk reef supply RODI unit is very good. Ive had mine for maybe 4-5 years now. make sure you pick up an inline TDS meter
  11. true.....but if the tds is in the 20s after a couple uses you might as well use a BRITA filter
  12. i think the ro buddy is an ok pickup. I had a friend that used it but didnt use a tds meter. He had only had it for 2 weeks and his tds was in the 20s. IMO i would snag a decently sized one and then you will have one when you decide to upgrade your tank
  13. euphylin me


    i would agree with jeff. the tank is not cycled, the ammonia is what is likely killing the fish.

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