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  1. i agree. i dont trust hob overflows
  2. not trying to get off topic but installing a gate valve on your drain would help
  3. is the top part of your durso standpipe drilled? theres a small piece that you put on a drilled durso and it makes it completely silent....forget what its called though
  4. probably the shadow overflow. decent reviews, very low profile. A little expensive but seems pretty solid. I prefer the in tank overflows that are drilled on the bottom but thats just my preference. seems like you cant go wrong with the fiji cube overflow as well. aesthetics are good as well
  5. are you worried about fragging these? if so, gsp has to be one of the easiest to frag. you could just wedge your rock against the grass and within about 2-3 weeks itll start growing on the glass
  6. these are much better than the mars aqua leds. ask @crimsonvice as far as price vs quality are concerned, these are the best bang for your buck
  7. and i see you are by thats a long haul lol
  8. For the pad I have a spot in the sump right after the drain chamber that I can place the pads in that's about 1.5"
  9. euphylin me

    Wwc coral club

    this is pretty cool. ive been interested to see if it is worth it so give us a review in a couple months!
  10. depending on the fish...yes. with angels, i take the risk. They need the algae on the rocks during the first few days/week of adding. Nobody knows when the last time they ate was. In my opinion, this is why most angels die in first month of adding. The potters angel we had at the store we just threw him straight in there (after careful observation).
  11. yes, they stress much easier. however, being tank raised and grown would help alleviate that. Most tangs that are small are pale. when they are born they are translucent (i think)
  12. not going to lie, if i didnt just buy one i would have pulled the trigger on this. i wouldnt even use it to hold frags, i would just grow some plates off of it on the back wall of my tank. This is pretty sweet!
  13. same as most above. i use them just when i want to polish the water and then i take them out. I like the super felt pads from BRS. they are made out of the same material as filter socks. much easier to wash and reuse than a sock
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