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  1. i have a mixed reef....a nano. It can be done but as @JMM pointed out, just take it slow. Husbandry is a must for a full mixed reef as you have to keep enough nitrates and other nutrients to keep softies and lps happy but not too much as to irritate sps. Its about finding that balance and maintaining it.
  2. oh man ok. yea so i replaced the heater with the one from pet supplies and i set it at 78 and i walked into the tank being at 84....turned it to 70 and the tank went to 86......i guess it stuck on the on position...after 1 day lol. im going to order one from brs then thank you
  3. if you are worried, you could always have the bottom drilled for the overflow. The corner overflows would allow you to almost make the tank flush with the wall to help hide the plumbing
  4. oh its just a jbj thermostat. I picked up a new heater as well temporarily (just a knock off petsmart one as it was all they had). Im hopefully just going to pick up a cobalt neotherm and an inkbird controller here soon
  5. So my anemones werent looking too hot and neither were some other corals. Looked at the temp...78. Checked other parameters and everything seemed fine. I was so confused for a couple days, then i look to find my temp probe has fallen out of the tank and i put it back in and somehow its only 72! found my problem lol
  6. how tame is he/she? i used to have a pair of them a long time ago
  7. alot of people do with great success. We ran them at the store and they work well
  8. it might be beneficial to do a microbubble scrub and then do a waterchange.
  9. nems require a fair amount of light. you will definitely need more than 2 primes. If you arent looking to spend a lot....2 ocean revive lights would for sure be enough
  10. oh darn, thats a three hour drive one way for me. Good luck, im sure someone will snag it
  11. its a tough call. ive chipped a tank before and used gorilla epoxy. I wouldnt really be concerned with adding extra silicone on the inside as i dont think it will do much since the crack is not all the way through. it might be wise to replace the front panel for the piece of mind. I would look into the cost of that and weigh your options. just my 2 cents
  12. i would try and do as you mentioned but also turning off the skimmer helps
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