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  1. euphylin me


    i would agree with jeff. the tank is not cycled, the ammonia is what is likely killing the fish.
  2. i would say petco has definitely upped their game with the quality of saltwater livestock.
  3. sweet! this does suck lol, i have to reschedule my wedding as well
  4. perfect! It really goes well with the white and rustic style tables. Looks awesome!
  5. water pressure can depend alot on your residence rather than an area. i would look into getting a pressure gauge for an rodi set up.
  6. i would agree, if you give them too much flow they seem to loose the bubbles. itll move if its not happy
  7. i want to say one member was kind enough to do a start up guide and post it on here but i forget who did that in the search type in "new hobbyist startup guide"
  8. i might take a look! ill probably snag a couple frags as well!
  9. So as we all probably know, there is a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people in an event. Unfortunately this looks like the ban will take place longer than 1-2 weeks. Is the swap going to be postponed or will it be cancelled? My travel soccer team is already having games cancelled lol. Im happy they are taking necessary precautions, I just wish people wouldnt freak out and realize they are doing this to protect the elderly/immuno-compromised people
  10. blue alien orgasm zoas. which i have because not only are they cool, the name is funny lol.
  11. my fiance enjoys it a decent amount. The only one tank I have right now is at the office and my boss enjoys the hobby so much hes coming to the swap with me lol
  12. euphylin me

    First fish

    go tiger goby!
  13. euphylin me

    First fish

    what size tank is it?
  14. euphylin me

    Blonde Naso

    blonde naso tangs are a classic! Looks nice and healthy as well!
  15. buying things lol. Honestly, i have not been keeping up with the tank nearly as much as i should be. Its got some pretty bad hair algae that im going to work to get rid of before the swap. But yea the swap has me excited to get back into things and hopefully get going strong again

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