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  1. just wondering, what makes you think you will not be able to keep them?
  2. i want to upgrade the office tank to like a 20-30g tank. I just like how smoothly it is running and dont want to mess anything up
  3. euphylin me

    Light Question

    ehhh, they put off a different spectrum than what is needed to get good growth. You'll have some growth with it for sure, but in order for chaeto to be effective your chaeto should be growing pretty fast. I had a $40 grow light from amazon that grew chaeto like a champ.
  4. yea, they can be finicky to acclimate but after that they are fairly easy. As stated, they can be harmed by pumps, overflows, and power heads. If you're looking for algae control i would try a lawnmower blenny. Or if the tank is big enough a yellow tang or just add some GFO and cut back feedings
  5. euphylin me

    Chalice ID

    could be a cherry/cherry garcia chalice. Without seeing the actual colors it is hard to tell
  6. my guess is crysophytes, i battled this stuff all over my display, PITA. then i used this product by seachem (phosguard) it helped remove silicates from the water which may have been the problem
  7. sounds like a good plan. after adding all the corals back i would run some fresh carbon to help. also plan on doing a decent water change soon after as rescaping will cause some die off. maybe consider splitting it into 3. like remove a third of the rocks and rescape, wait a day or two and do another third etc. this way there is not a huge die off
  8. yea me as well. They really load the tank with bubbles
  9. hmm...i guess im late to the party lol
  10. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/micro-scrubbing-bubbles.224373/page-2 this is a very interesting thread. I have never heard of this but quite a few people are claiming clearer water and it helps with cyano and dino
  11. euphylin me

    Lps id

    My guess is neon green favia. However, I dont think the neon green has yellow markings.
  12. is second the advice given. Also, make sure she knows when to replace the water bottle and how to do it properly. Algae may benefit you some in this case since you wont be there to do a water change
  13. it would be cool as a frag tank, but now that i look at it more, it probably would get boring quick.
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