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  1. we used this when i helped run the fish store. I can say we definitely could tell the difference, its worth it. follow the directions!
  2. they are cool, im a huge fan of the lemon peel hybrids though!
  3. its not a bad deal... My only problem with buying someone's running system is that you dont know what they were dealing with in the tank. (as far as pests and the like). Also, you wouldnt know how well kept the rodi system has been. IMO i would find a used tank/stand and build the rest the way you want it. It seems to work out better that way
  4. its normally in perrysburg ohio. but its on the 21st at noon (thats what reeftrader says)
  5. yea i might have to pick one up just because no one is here in the office on the weekend so the salinity swings a bit. are you planning on coming to the buckeye reef swap?
  6. i have some ora green birdsnest i could frag if you are interested
  7. zoas are really finicky and it depends on what kind. i have a couple that grow really fast and a few that gain like 1-2 polyps in 4-6 weeks. How are you liking the cheaper top off container?
  8. i swear every time you take a picture that torch doubles!
  9. i have had that in a few systems that are low nitrate/phosphate. from what i have read/found they are crysophytes that feed off silicates in the water. I used seachem phosguard and it helped a ton!
  10. lol...i would but i feel like i would not be alive very long to enjoy them
  11. yep agree with crimson vice and freggenstein 1st is a pink and gold the fat skirts lead me towards pink and golds(could be pandora its hard to tell without seeing the colors) and the second is punk rocker
  12. hmmm.....a wedding or some nems....this is my dilemma
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