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  1. yes your inverts can stay and yes i would get rid of the puffer. take him to a store or someone that can QT him. if you are going to have sps and lps in the new tank your puffer will wreak havoc on it all
  2. yea sorry to see that...powder blues are one of my favorites. always sucks losing fish. and that does look like velvet to me
  3. you have a puffer with coral? risky lol. typical fallow period is 6 weeks....8 just to make sure. this is if it is even velvet. i would not transfer anything during your fallow period.
  4. pretty rare find. you barely ever see the normal cleaner wrasses let alone the "royals"
  5. the only thing i am a little skeptical about is that crushed coral is pretty sharp. if it gets scared and tries to get into its burrow it could scrape itself (i dont know if its scales are harder for this reason or something?)
  6. im pretty sure those are Hawaiian cleaner wrasses.
  7. while i have not kept one in crushed coral (ive never used crushed coral) i suggested to someone that used to come into the store to get a small tupperware or something else reef safe and fill it with fine aragonite sand and bury it into the crushed coral.
  8. wow....i read a detailed review on Risk Europe....i must have it! it is wayy more strategic than normal risk...so many things to consider lol
  9. i will have to check it out! that sounds pretty sweet. only problem i have is noone wants to sit down for eight hours to play
  10. Nice nems! let me know if you plan on getting rid of one! and i told you that skimmer is great! easily the best skimmer i have ever had
  11. unless you are adding some live rock and live sand, i would not recommend putting a fish in there. also, old tank water really wont help too much. most of your beneficial bacteria are in the live rock, tank walls, sand etc.
  12. agree with @muttley000. If you add a bunch of live rock, you would still be looking at 2 weeks to have that properly seeded. However, if you keep your bioload light for the first month or so i see no problem adding some live rock. The key with doing it will be to only house a fish or two and feed lightly so no ammonia spikes happen. Ive done it before without any ill effects but it can be a little bit of a dangerous game to play
  13. i just got back from fort myers last week...anyways...what kinds of pods are you trying to populate?
  14. this does sound pretty interesting. wouldnt the phyto eventually pollute the water with the pods? I know when you feed phyto to a pod system you have to do large water changes fairly often. I would put a bulk head with a removable plug so you can make water changes very easily
  15. risk is probably my favorite board game of all time! (not the new one with the friggin arrows. I like the little army figures )
  16. Received my first order from Salt Critters this morning. Everything was packaged nicely and there was no leaking bags. Water temp did not drop too much from the recommended water temp. My only suggestion would be to label the corals on the bags to know which one is which (i purchased two similar yumas that were different prices). The colors on the acans and the yumas are awesome! Both of the rock flower anemones i ordered looked great as well. I received several emails during the buying/shipping process which is very nice. Definitely would not hesitate to recommend!
  17. Doing the order right now
  18. You know what I'm down! I'll try and put the order together tonight. I have another buddy going in on it as well
  19. Yea I would have to wait I am sorry. I had knee surgery again yesterday. Once I'm able to move around easily I'll be ready to do an order
  20. Sounds good. Just don't put the frogspawn too close to the torch
  21. well it is nice to have the randomized flow. best part is you can turn down the gph so if it is too much, it can be adjusted. For easy math lets just say you are trying to get to 100gph. it is much more beneficial to run 4 25gph pumps than 1 100gph pump. i would say grab them. worst outcome is you have too much flow and you can turn them down or sell them
  22. ill figure out friday if i can do the order or not. ill let you know!
  23. doesnt matter to me! just dont order something im going to kill lol
  24. no problem! and you can find the pink tip frogspawn which are pretty sweet
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