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  1. I am also interested in a few things.
  2. I would love some do you want any pulsing xenia?
  3. so have you ever had them? This method consistant dipping worked for you? So should I get coralrx and flatworm exit salifert or just one of them?
  4. Iv been inspecting the colonies and havent seen anymore yet. But theres probs small ones. Does coralrx do much?
  5. Not sure im just really hesitant to add it straight to my tank. :/ if something went wrong and i lost a bunch of stuff i wouldnt be able to afford getting it all again, seasonal job so no income right now. im considering manual removal and either coralrx or a different dip heck maybe even using the flatworm rx as the dip. Dipping each colony every so often to try to kill them all off. Idk
  6. I noticed a zoanthid eating nudibranch and some eggs today. I squished them not sure if they died or what. How should I get rid of them? Is there a way to eradacate them?
  7. thoeffe


    I used to have some in my 20 gallon high they reproduced a lot I miss them. Hoping to get some in my 55. I also had micro brittle stars that spread like crazy which I just found some again that hitched a ride on some coral frags.
  8. I would love to grow macro algae in my 20 gallon next to the 55. But thats my other question how do you connect them without having flooding issues?
  9. Reef Octopus classic 90 HOB skimmer. Should I get it? I have a 55 gallon reef with no sump. I am a very indecisive person especially when it comes to an (?important piece of equipment?) and I don't want to waste my money and have to buy something else. I'm new to the hobby which makes choosing worse. Half of me wants to just go skimmerless because I really like the idea of exporting nutrients through macroalgae and water changes, but I also don't want to be battling hair algae and other nuisance algae in a few months down the road. I really just like the idea of biological filteration in general because I am not much of a gadget person, which is also why I don't have a sump because I don't want to deal with an oveflow drilling the tank or anything and come home to a flood of water all over. I like what I would call "simple and appropriate technology". I could never see myself buying an apex and all the fancy expensive gadgets that reefers tend to get, not that its bad or that they aren't nice but its not my thing. That being said is a skimmer what you guys would call appropriate technology or is it a gadget that is just going to be another piece of equipment that I have to fiddle with and maintain which I will get annoyed with in a few months and say screw it and wont use it. Thoughts? Do any of you have experience with this skimmer.
  10. I'm having trouble finding reasonably priced coral frags where I am or even finding soft corals that I want. It seems like every saltwater store nearby only has large sps, and lps. When they do have gsp or one of the others I listed they want $20-$55 for a small frag, I used to be able to find frags of these for like $5-$10. Does anyone near Toledo/Elmore/Sylvania have any of these or other soft corals?
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