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  1. I have green star polyps already. If you want some kenya tree PM me and we can find a time to meet. I also have a frag of sanjay milka stylo, mohawk palys, and some zoas which sort of look like spiderman zoas(red edge purple inside) you can have if you are interested.
  2. First saltwater tank 20 gallon high This is a photo that should be a friendly reminder to wear safety glasses and gloves when fraging palys and zoas. This was what my eye looked like after getting paly/zoa juice in it when I was about 16 back in 2012. Setup of my 55 gallon reef in september of 2018 FIlling it up Added the coralbox wavemaker, protein skimmer made a frag rack and bought my first sps corals a few months later at the frag swap last year perrysburg. Corals: I have sanjays purple milka stylo, ora birdsnest, kenya tree, xenia, red montipora, devils fingers, duncan, green slimmer, a few mohawk palys, purple center red fringed zoas(maybe spiderman zoas?), some nuclear green palys, and a few others. Great growth. Had some issues with tank parameters in early December which bleached killed and shriveled several corals. Lost my red montipora. Candy cane coral and duncan coral - tissue recession from base upwards but has started to slow down. Lost my ora green birdsnest that was growing like crazy. Candy cane corals are now growing again but still have color loss. Lost green pocilipora but have a frag left that has a few small green polyps still extending but its very rough looking. Green Slimmer bleached but still alive, purple milka stylo lost a little of the purple color but it is showing the best recovery of all. Xenia coral shriveled back only hawhenve a few frags left and they're still angry, Kenya trees, devils finger leather, zoas, palys, green toadstool leather, green star polyps are all doing good and were unaffected by the parameter issue. Bought purple montipora which tripled in size within a few months. Made a trade for green hairy mushroom its now on my favorite list hoping for quick growth Have been making trades to restock my tank. More pictures and updates to come.
  3. Figured I would start a thread showing my tanks. Thought it would be cool to share and to go back and look at the progress of my tank after several updates. My Aquarium keeping history. The 55 gallon aquarium hand me down from my father that has been around for close to as many years as I have been , maybe even older, so somewhere between 23-27 years old. He started it as a freshwater, went to a saltwater for a short time, back to freshwater, emptied and unused for about 7 years, refilled when I was about 11 when I wanted a fish tank. I had angelfish, neons, raphael catfish, plecos, etc, even had angelfish breed and raised them. Shutdown the 55 and started a 20 gallon saltwater reef which sort of ended in a partial failure. Restarted the 55 in september 2018 as a saltwater to give reefing another try. Started the 20 gallon as a saltwater in 2009 or 2010 had some corals, firefish and 2 clownfish, with a junk t5 light, no skimmer, a heater, a large tetra HOB filter, a cheap rodi filter and two powerheads. Honestly didn't have much of a clue what I was doing when it came to coral. I had a little success growing kenya tree, palys/zoas and xenia but they eventually died off. I think part of the reason they died is because of the crappy t5 light not being strong enough, this was before leds took off. I had a neat experience when I was 16 or 17 with getting paly or zoa juice/water in my eye. Cant remember if it splashed up from a bowl of water from fraging or if it actually squirted when I was cutting it. Was freaking out when I looked up that people had died from palytoxin. My eye turned bloodshot and I wound up skipping school the next day to go to the doctors. He gave me some type of eye drop and it eventually cleared up. I wonder what the teachers thought about my excuse. I also had one of my fingers swell up at one point about a year later it went away but I learnt to never put my hands in the tank when I have a cut on my hand and be careful not to cut your hand in the tank. This 20 gallon eventually turned into a fish and invert only tank with some mangroves, macro algae, chaetomorpha and caulerpa, it is still setup like this today but the fish have been transferred to the 55. Equipment: 55 gallon eheim jager heater Reef octopus bh90 skimmer biggest size of tetra HOB filter 2 mars aqua led lights Jebao doser Coralbox qp-9 wavemaker from reefbreeders live rock large grained sand not crushed coral size and not the powdery stuff that blows all over. reef-pi diy ATO (might add temperature sensor in a few months) Pictures and updates to come.
  4. I have lots of Caulerpa lentilifera, caulerpa serrulata, caulerpa prolifera if anyone is interested in a trade or sell. Not the best pictures but each type has different shaped fronds - sword shape, long leaf/seagrass/kelp shape, and grape cluster shape.
  5. I am trading kenya trees for pretty much any other corals, I am trying to get as much coral diversity as I can in my tank. I'm located in the toledo area.
  6. nice tank, I need to make a thread for mine.
  7. I would love some. Do you come near Toledo ever. I also am out near Whitehouse and Waterville Sunday around 12 or 1 and Thursdays around 5 i think that might be closer. I have kenye tree if you want any.
  8. I'm interested in some mushrooms, gsp and sinularis but don't have much to trade besides. Pulsing Xenia and Kenya tree or three types of caulerpa if you want some for a sump or something.
  9. I'm probs gonna order a jebao dosing pump soon and I don't have a sump so if I put it under the tank stand can it pump the dose all the way up to the top of the tank? I also am buying an auto top off but still unsure which to get for my tank because it has a rim so I'd prefer the water level not being an inch beneath the rim I also can not risk an overflow because 1 I don't want my fish to die and 2 the flooring is not waterproof its as far from waterproof as it gets and will bubble up if it gets water in it. Which ato would you recommend?
  10. That red stuff is pretty. I’d be interested in some of it and the fern caulerpa. Do you ever come to Toledo or whitehouse? Interested in any of the caulerpa serrulata, caulerpa prolifera and what I think is brown gracileria?
  11. Crimsonvice I had that issue in my 55 at first. I’m thinking it was two problems one being too low of nutrients in the water because the tank was new and the second problem I think was the lighting. I have mars aqua and had the blues cranked up at like 80 and the whites at like 15 or 20. I think there might be a missing spectrum within the blue channel that the whites have because I bumped the whites up to 60 and kept blues at 80 and now caulerpa will grow. I noticed caulerpa grows a lot better when it can creep along the sand. My guess is because it can get more nutrients if it’s attatched to sand or rock. I also have learned that it will go sexual or will melt if your tank doesn’t have enough nutrients for it to feed on so if you cut it back often enough it shouldn’t be a problem. Too many people think nitrates and phosphates are awful and it’s just not accurate they are essential but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It’s easy to remove from sand but is more difficult to remove from the rock so I try to keep it off of it. I also have a 20 gallon tank solely for macros.
  12. It disappoints me how few people have marine planted aquariums it doesn't seem like any local stores carry any besides chaeto. So to any of you that have different macro algae I have some that I can trade. I have Caulerpa lentilifera(sea grape), Caulerpa prolifera, Caulerpa serrulata(sword leaf), Chaetomorpha, and brown gracilaria that I collected at myrtle beach which seems to be growing well. I am looking for hallmedia, ulva, scroll algae, other caulerpa and just about any macroalgaes that I don't already have.
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