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  1. I just bought some rodi tube and an auto shut off float valve kit because I was sick of carying buckets back and forth every few days to fill my ato bucket. I want something bigger than a 5 gallon bucket to hook it to for when I go on trips. What would yall recommend? I don't want it to be too huge but something that will last longer than a 5 gallon.
  2. I know it's affecting people who are trying to get jobs. They aren't doing physicals or background checks so nobody can get hired.
  3. From what I have heard the captive bred mollies are inbred and not as hardy in saltwater tanks. The wild mollies do better in reefs. That being said I had a few dalmatain mollies in my tank for awhile. When I get back in town I hope to start a small brakish tank as a transition tank and gather several molly varieties to breed a diverse population which I'll introduce to full salt. I'll hopefully make some selections and get a really good salt molly.
  4. Update: So after having added some more sps and lps I have had a huge drop in alk and calcium. I was keeping it at about 9alk and 440calcium, it has dropped to 350calcium and 7.5alk. I am working on bringing them back up. My red montipora, hollywood stunner chalice, purple montipora, and birdsnest coral are sucking it up I have seen much growth. I also visited tropicorium up in romulus michigan after dropping family off at the airport. I bought a clingfish it was only $15 and is very social and just hangs on the side of the tank.. It gets excited and wags its tail when I go to feed mys
  5. I have green star polyps already. If you want some kenya tree PM me and we can find a time to meet. I also have a frag of sanjay milka stylo, mohawk palys, and some zoas which sort of look like spiderman zoas(red edge purple inside) you can have if you are interested.
  6. First saltwater tank 20 gallon high This is a photo that should be a friendly reminder to wear safety glasses and gloves when fraging palys and zoas. This was what my eye looked like after getting paly/zoa juice in it when I was about 16 back in 2012. Setup of my 55 gallon reef in september of 2018 FIlling it up Added the coralbox wavemaker, protein skimmer made a frag rack and bought my first sps corals a few months later at the frag swap last year perrysburg. Corals: I have sanjays purple milka stylo, ora bird
  7. Figured I would start a thread showing my tanks. Thought it would be cool to share and to go back and look at the progress of my tank after several updates. My Aquarium keeping history. The 55 gallon aquarium hand me down from my father that has been around for close to as many years as I have been , maybe even older, so somewhere between 23-27 years old. He started it as a freshwater, went to a saltwater for a short time, back to freshwater, emptied and unused for about 7 years, refilled when I was about 11 when I wanted a fish tank. I had angelfish, neons, raphael catfish,
  8. I have lots of Caulerpa lentilifera, caulerpa serrulata, caulerpa prolifera if anyone is interested in a trade or sell. Not the best pictures but each type has different shaped fronds - sword shape, long leaf/seagrass/kelp shape, and grape cluster shape.
  9. I am trading kenya trees for pretty much any other corals, I am trying to get as much coral diversity as I can in my tank. I'm located in the toledo area.
  10. nice tank, I need to make a thread for mine.
  11. I would love some. Do you come near Toledo ever. I also am out near Whitehouse and Waterville Sunday around 12 or 1 and Thursdays around 5 i think that might be closer. I have kenye tree if you want any.
  12. I'm interested in some mushrooms, gsp and sinularis but don't have much to trade besides. Pulsing Xenia and Kenya tree or three types of caulerpa if you want some for a sump or something.
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