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  1. I have nothing special or ingenious beyond rinsing it out in your tank. I typically will sort of dunk it and squish it a few times until I notice that all of the "particles" have fallen off the bunch of Chaeto. I suppose you could put it in your display and let your fish go to town...at least they will hunt down anything left. Some fish will eat the Chaeto as well. I usually don't go this far but I imagine if you leave the bunch of chaeto in your display for say 24 hours, the fish should clean it out. From my experience, pods are crazy-prolific. Especially when you have an isolated refugium that is free of predators. I feel the impact of removing "some" when harvesting is minimal because, without fail, I find a ton more the next time I harvest. -Robert @ MD
  2. Robert @ MD

    GHL Controller

    I don't have a Trident myself, so I cannot comment on what the final capabilities will be; I imagine this function would be the ultimate goal of the device. I can say they are taking every precaution to ensure this thing performs on par with what they have promised before allowing the device to be in the hands of hobbyists worldwide. -Robert
  3. Robert @ MD

    GHL Controller

    I don't have a chart or table that compares them side by side but I am happy to answer any specific questions. In terms of expandability, the GHL is designed so that if you need to expand it, you simply slide in an additional card into the Profilux base unit which gives you the additional ports without the need of additional housings or modules and cords to connect them. You end up with a lower profile system. Neptune systems is a little more affordable and much more widely used so you have a bigger community of users. The advanced programming functions have gotten much easier with APEX Fusion and the tasks they have programmed into Fusion to make it easy to access these advanced programs without the need for coding or language. The GHL units are designed to be programmed with the use of drop-down boxes and variable fields which makes it a little easier for the average user to program more advanced features. Apex also has the fancy Trident monitoring system on the horizon which is a really exciting technology for reef aquariums and when combined with the DOS and functions of the controller, the Trident has the potential to be quite powerful. These are sort of the major differences that most folks talk about. From my personal experience, both systems are well built, intuitive and will surely help make your reef tank run smoother and worry free. Feel free to ping me anytime, I currently have both systems running here at MD. -Robert
  4. Hello @crimsonvice! It is tough to compare apples to apples just because Triton is very specific to the "Triton Method" with many different products for different situations. If we were to look at the ESV B-Ionic 2 Part Solution vs Triton Base Elements, you can makes some conclusions. Triton is certainly more complicated to administer with x4 components to dilute and dose, ESV only has the two parts. Both claim to include all major, minor and trace elements in ionic-balance like you would find in natural seawater. Both are designed to maintain your levels and not necessarily adjust them, this means you should go into the dosing regime with properly balanced levels for the best results. Cost wise, I cannot be exactly sure but based on the amount of solution you get with Triton and the recommended dosage amounts, I imagine it is a bit more concentrated and will cost a little less to maintain your levels. Feel free to reply on here directly with any more questions and I certainly would be interested in what others have to say. I have been using ESV for years and only have minimal experience with Triton, certainly not enough to make a strong opinion. -Robert @ MD
  5. Yes, we are currently running the 48" Aquatic Life Hybrid and x4 of the Hydra 26 HD fixtures over the Red Sea Aquarium. I really like the hybrid but be sure the acclimate it into your existing light schedule slowly. The addition of x4 T5 lamps is a substantial increase and you need to adjust accordingly if installing over an existing tank. The even spread over the tank is great and colors are certainly more intense in terms of viewing. I am using the ATI lamps; Blue Plus, AquaBlue Special and a single True Actinic.
  6. LOL, I totally created an account to give you a hard time. On the real, thanks for watching and hit me up anytime if you need anything or simply want to talk tank.
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