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  1. question for those in this topic.....what is the benefits of weekly water changes ……..those that don't do them …..why not?
  2. I know I want a one spot foxface and a yellow diamond goby in my tank still but im thinking I also want one multiple fish. Was thinking of adding 2 or 3 lantern or chalk bass. Any thoughts on this or any stories from anyone who has had them? They have a different coloration from anything else in tank and sound like they would fit in ok
  3. Just 2 months old.....very happy with it.....remember when I said no coral LOL...current stock 3 damsels<I know , I know> ,coral beauty, clownfish, bangai cardinal, scooter blenny, various hermits and snails and 10 various pieces of coral LOL
  4. thanks ...not sure if I need more ….was thinking of adding some to right side
  5. thinking of making trip there next weekend.....oops no that don't work its easter,,,,,ok then weekend of 27-28th, Will try and get pics......any special requests???
  6. Guess I havnt updated here recently...Current residents of DT... domino damsel 3 stripe damsel blue devil damsel coral beauty clown fish Bangai cardinal Cleaner shrimp Scooter Blenny misc hermits and snails Misc coral bought at last 2 coral swaps I lost one royal gramma when I added him the damsels immediately sent him under the rocks where he never left until he floated out.... Just added Coral Beauty 2 weeks ago...no issues, added clown and cardinal this morning ...no issues seen Not sure on how coral are doing....not sure on placement.....they seem ok...need some advice on lighting schedule...have mid range fixture with white and blue adjustable leds Plan on 2 more fish.....Yellow watchman goby and one spot foxface would like a little more coral....pulsing xenia...couple acans, couple duncans, maybe a frogspawn and few more zoas Not best pictures but I know the rules
  7. I was able to put the larger one on frag plug and can actually see the coral frag.....the second really really tiny one ...it was just a guess if I was gluing right side.... I think I can see it but will have to wait and see....chalk it up to learning experience
  8. I put them back in main tank up on rock with heavier water flow and they’re opening up.....YAY....
  9. OK totally newbie question here....I got some coral at frag swap today and thought they all came on plugs …..nope ...so where do I put a lava lamp mushroom and a superman mushroom <tiny pieces> first pic, an alien eye lameliosa 3 pieces , 2nd pic>also got a green rhodactis, a teal trumpet, and a purple and green hammer
  10. well turned white lights on em for the day in QT tank and theyre still good.....they started opening
  11. I moved to QT tank to see if that would help ...I think ive lost them. Talked to a friend who also had issues with his....he found it was his hermit crabs crawling over them.....when he put them in stronger water flow to keep food off and thereby crabs off his reopened. Gonna get another small frag tomorrow and try putting them higher to see if that keeps crabbies off them
  12. ph 8.5,temp 78.1, salinity 1.024, alkalinity 180< not sure on the measurements here did with dip stick test>,phosphate .05,nitrates 10,nitrites 0, ammonia 0, don't have test kits for calcium or mag yet, nothing changed much from measurements a week before...lights on med to low blue for 10 hrs , whites for 1/2 hour twice a day when I feed as far as tankmates.....3 damsels, scooter blenny, 6 hermit crabs , a cleaner shrimp, a fighting conch and 2 snails
  13. What I’m wanting is a clear tank so fish can see each other but not kill one another.....is there anything like that out there?
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