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  1. Well the phyto is more so the problem when it comes to that. You will need separate cultures of phyto if you wanted more than one strain. The pods on the other hand will be fine. I culture Tig, Tisbe and Apoc together and they do fine as long as you feed them well.
  2. A Little Bit Fishy in Monroe and Cincinnati Coral and Aquarium in West Chester has it in stock!
  3. Here it is! 15 percent off for Buckeye Reef Members! Responsible Reef Aquaculture’s new “Reef Roast” is a perfect all in one food for your reef. This Omnivore blend will keep Tangs, Clowns, Wrasses, Angles and more growing and happy. Made with ingredients certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, we are keeping our oceans safe and your tank clean by selecting ingredients grown without phosphate loading. Infused with Vitamins and our own Phytoplankton Blend, your fish will thrive with less effort and money! Ingredients: Clam, Pacific White Shrimp, Ocean Perch, Scallop, Squid, Peas, Carrots, Garlic, Nori, Spirulina, Phytopankton 4 oz. MSRP: 8.99/bag Buckeye Reef Price: 7.65/bag 8 oz. MSRP: 18.99/bag Buckeye Reef Price: 16.15/bag
  4. The best type of phyto in my opinion for best growing pods is a tetra strain. Their outer "shell" is much easily consumed by smaller species of pods. Of course we feed with our blend of phyto because the larger tig species of pod can handle the tougher shell of the nano with the two smaller species enjoying the iso and tetra. Glad to see some home cultured pods!
  5. Welcome Cincinnati Coral and Aquarium located in West Chester, OH!
  6. You all have done great things for me, so it is the least I can do!
  7. Hello All! Big news! We now have an official website! Please visit http://www.responsiblereefaquaculture.com and create an account. When you go to sign up, please select the "Buckeye Reef Member" option, which will get you 15 percent off all of our products! We look forward to serving you. Please put in the company name "Buckeye Reef" and in the notes put your screen name. Failure to do so will result in a rejected account.
  8. Joe, I didn't get a notification for this message. I can ship them to you, or if you are local we can meet up! checkout our profile the company form in about 15 minutes!
  9. I'm making plans for a 4x2x1 foot frag tank. I'm thinking lighting wise doing a 48 inch Aquatic Life fixture with either kessils or AI's. I'm open to Radions as well. What is the general knowledge when it comes to these lights or other options? looking to frag a little bit of everything.
  10. A lot of work has already been put into this place! I met the owner at the Buckeye Reef Expo and I was happy to see his plans came to life! Walking in, you notice how large the space really is. Tall ceilings, extremely nice counters and floors and a soon to be SPS dominate 300 gallon display. I look forward to working with and shopping at Cincinnati Coral and Aquarium!
  11. Hello everyone! It has been a long, productive few weeks for RRA and we have some updates to give to our community. First off, an update on just who carries RRA's products. As of right now, we are partnered with three stores that continue to offer our products. We have Aquatics Galore (formally corals galore) in Dayton, A Little Bit Fishy in Monroe and a new partner is Aquarium Masterminds in Toledo. We had Summit City Corals as a possible vendor, but I am still waiting on a response. I am looking to get into more stores at the moment, as this will allow us to accomplish a few goals I have in mind for Responsible Reef Aquaculture LLC. Now, a few of you know that I was working on a frozen all-in-one reef food. Well, things have gone extremely well and it is now available at A Little Bit Fishy in Monroe. At the moment, this is the only store that has stocked our food. I have received good reviews from outside users and I think I am going to try and get it out more. A small bag runs for 9.99 and our large bag runs 18.00. We have used ingredients certified by the marine stewardship council to help support our mission outside of our company. I know communication has been lacking, but I can assure you that I am working hard to better the brand you know and provide more solutions for use in the reef keeping hobby. I have two things to ask of my community though. I would love feedback (both good and bad) on my current products and if you regularly visit a local fish store that doesn't carry our products, please drop the name in the comments section if you would like to see them stock our product. Happy Reefing! Dustin Graham, Owner Responsible Reef Aquaculture LLC
  12. Thank you for the feedback! More retailers and products coming soon!
  13. 100 percent! We are getting an order ready for Summit City Corals and Aquarium Masterminds as well!
  14. Looking back on this show, I cannot believe how fun it was! We got the name out, made some awesome trades and met some amazing people. We will be back!
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