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  1. These are what I got from the expo. Couldn't really get good pictures.
  2. Looks good. You get them from the expo?
  3. I'm using red sea pro now. Maybe I'll try salifert
  4. what's a good kit for the big 3?
  5. that's what I thought. I have zero corals in my tank btw.
  6. So I tested my Calcium, Magnesium and alkalinity for the first time since I want to pick up some frags from the swap Sunday and these are my results: Magnesium 1500 Alkalinity 7 Calcium 470 I did each test twice and am sure I did it correctly. Why is my alkalinity so low? I use reef crystals salt and red sea test kit.
  7. I got this guy from aquatic technology in Columbia station. Probably the largest and healthiest selection of fish around me. Triton marine is really nice too though. They have some nice coral pieces.
  8. Shoot yeah you told me about it but I forgot all about it when I bought it
  9. Yeah I bought the starter pack from marine depot. Came with phyto
  10. I went shooting with a guy who had one but he didn't bring any ammo since it's so expensive. He just wanted to show off that he had the gun. What an ass!
  11. Eventually, Not anytime soon though. maybe over the summer but probably not even then. I tried one in my 90 when the tank was still pretty new without doing too much research and ended up taking it back. Don't plan on making the same mistake twice.
  12. Nice looking setup. What part of Geauga county are you from? I'm in Newbury
  13. I saw that on Marine Depot. Should I add any pods to the display or will they just become food instantly? I've also read that if you put a small pile of rubble rocks in the display it gives the pods a safe place that fish can't get to. I'm thinking maybe the pod hotel, the small pile of rubble, and just in my rocks in the sump
  14. Still without a QT tank. I added this guy on Saturday. Ate some PE Mysis on the first try but they seemed to be too big so I got some brine shrimp and more finely chopped mysis. He eats frozen brine shrimp like crazy and mysis sparingly. I'm gonna continue to feed brine until I can completely get him to eat something more nutritious.
  15. but back to the topic at hand, I'd definitely look into lawnmower blennys. I'm hoping I don't run into the issue again but if I do, that's my plan thids time around. Also, it's been awhile but I believe GHA needs Nitrates and phosphates to survive. Along with the Kole tang I removed the bigger stuff by hand and did weekly water changes. I was doing biweekly at the time.
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