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  1. So far only dark. It's only in the overflow towers as of now. Some branch out, some are stringy and others are just specs. There is a lot though.
  2. Any ideas what this could be? Showed up today in my water columns. White, stringy and branching out.
  3. Stocked today! Guys at Reef Systems in New Albany have been fantastic helping me out getting started with great, healthy livestock. Started with a clean up crew consisting of some hermits, snails, crabs and a spider crab. Also got a couple of clowns, damsel and one other fish as well as a handful of corals. Hopefully next weekend I can add a few more fish and corals. It's amazing how it seems like you have so much stuff while you are in the store until you put it in the big tank and all of a sudden it seems like you barely have anything! Got some chaeto for the sump as well. It's pretty s
  4. Purchased online today. Please ignore now.
  5. Haha, yes. Was hoping to get it this weekend. Ordered one last week elsewhere and it got delayed due to storm out west then back ordered and then quit getting responses from vendor.
  6. Looking for a Kessill gooseneck, preferably new. Must be in Columbus area preferably east side.
  7. Well I am in week 3 of my cycle / culture. I am using a chunk of live rock, not a typical ammonia cycle. Anyhow, things were good until this week when I had an algae outbreak of some sort which has mostly cleared in the last couple of days. Water is a bit hazy but other than that the algae has mostly died off. Either way, I did interestingly enough find a snail today in the tank. I have to assume it is a hitchhiker from the live rock but amazes me that I never saw it until today. I find myself staring at the tank constantly so it really surprises me he has gone unnoticed for 3 straight weeks.
  8. Water is in! Temperature on the rise. Will be installing the ATO tonight. Also converted the dual durso to a double herbie. Will be getting a chunk of live rock tomorrow from Reef Systems to begin the cycle of the tank. For anyone installing dry rock, water weld worked fantastic. It was a little tough to get everything to stay in place and stack the same as I had it laid out but once it dried it all felt like one solid piece in the tank.
  9. Thanks, appreciate the offer but I'm located in central Ohio. I did go to school though at BG...
  10. The unit is for drinking water and it was my mistake not getting the right one. TDS coming in is around 300. Let me replace the words "another filter" with "additional filter". It is a De-ionization Aquarium Mixed Bed Ion Exchange which is an add on. This should bring it to 0.
  11. The system is new. I've probably made about 30-40 gallons so far. Just the standard set up procedure and have filled half of a brute 30 gallon can.
  12. I do have a question though. My di/ro is coming out with a TDS reading of about 7. I've ordered another filter to add that will get me to 0 but am waiting for it. Do you guys think it is ok to cycle with that water?
  13. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! As for lighting, I'm not really sure yet. Going to start my cycle and make a decision sometime before that's done. Need to refuel the funds!
  14. My plan right now is to start with some fish and softies. Nothing specific right now, will decide on that later. Would like to add some LPS but that would be further down the road.
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