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  1. After almost a year I finally have some coral in my tank. Everything’s looking good so far. My next step is to figure out what would be my best bet going forward. I’m trying to decide between using All For Reef, a 2 part and dose amino acids or feed reef roids like once a week. Currently the tank has had pretty low no3 and po4. My last test was 1.0 no3 and 0.01/0.02 po4. What are you guys doing in your tanks???
  2. I do not have a phosphate test currently so I’m not testing.
  3. should I still be doing water changes or could that cause other problems like dinos
  4. The tank is almost 1 year. It’s an 18g about 15g of water volume. And currently just 2 fish. I wonder if adding another fish would benefit or maybe feed every day vs every other day. Plus once I add some coral I was planning on dosing aminos as well so maybe the low nitrate is better for me.
  5. At one point my nitrates were at 10 I want to keep them between 5-10 so I did a water change and since then they’ve decreased to almost 0 without changing anything else.
  6. I just tested my nitrate and it was 0 using salifert. Before that it was only at 0.02 do you think my test is bad. It doesn’t expire until 7/21, I feed mysis every other day, only have 2 fish at the moment. bonus question: anyone get a slime ring on the glass at the water line??
  7. RMMKD0

    Help me decide!!

    Helfrichi are really nice. I need to get a screen top tho
  8. RMMKD0

    Help me decide!!

    I do like the purple fire fish.
  9. RMMKD0

    Help me decide!!

    I’m running bare bottom
  10. I just plugged it back in to take pics and channel B is not working. I may look into possible issues but I’m thinking it may be a wrap with this one as I most likely will not put money into it at this point.
  11. RMMKD0

    Help me decide!!

    I have a nano tank 20g that I want to keep mostly lps corals currently I have a yellow tail damsel (that was basically a tester fish after my cycle) and a royal gramma. I want to keep the royal gramma, but what fish do you think would be a good fit, maybe something not so common or something colorful?? Help me decide.
  12. @Dr.Fraggenstien shipping is not going to be a problem.
  13. What’s your zip. So I can get an idea of what the cost would be.
  14. @Dr.Fraggenstien I did plug it in. It starts right up.
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