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  1. So my nitrite is finally going down towards 0, but I haven’t added any ammonia for almost a week now. Once everything is 0 should I still do the 24 hour test a couple times to make sure my tank can process 1-2 ppm ammonia in one day. Or should I call it cycled???
  2. Soo, I tested with salifert and nitrite was 0.2 go figure. I didn’t think the two would be so far off but I guess it is. I will dose some ammonia and test again tomorrow And if all is well I maybe add a fish Sunday. After another water change to lower nitrate
  3. I did just buy salifert test I’ll check water when I get home and yes I did add bottled back
  4. Nitrite has stayed at 2 almost the whole time cycling. Nitrate is increasing so that tells me some nitrite is being converted but my test is not showing it. I haven’t dosed ammonia because my thought was that ammonia is converting into nitrite quicker then nitrite was converting to nitrate.
  5. Yes nitrates do seem to climb they were almost 100 before the large water change then the other times I tested they were 25 then 50
  6. So I’ve been cycling my tank for almost 7 weeks now. I had no problem with ammonia conversion but nitrites seemed sky high. After week 4 I did a huge water change and dosed ammonia again at 2ppm. After 2-3 days it was basically all converted as usual, but my nitrite has been 2-5 on api test since. I haven’t added any ammonia since and did a 30% water change to try and bring nitrites down a little. That was a week ago, nitrite still around 2 and now my water is a little cloudy I’m assuming because bacterial bloom. Should I leave everything alone? Is my ammonia bacteria dying? Should I do another small water change? Help!!!
  7. Because I’m using the api nitrite test kit I’m driving myself crazy trying to decide if it’s 2 or 5 lol. My girlfriend says it’s 2 every night so that’s what I’m going with. I guess in a couple more days if nothing happens I can change a little bit of water and see where that takes me
  8. So my nitrites have been at 2ppm for the last 5 days and I’m ready to scream!!! My ammonia tested 0 today so I added a little, I hope it doesn’t raise my nitrite more. If I understand this right if nitrite raises too high it will stall the cycle??? I’ve been trying to find some info on how long nitrite takes to drop but can’t seem to find anything so I guess i just keep testing and wait
  9. Definitely salifert the lfs was out of the ammonia test kit tho that’s why I bought the api.
  10. Just a little update on my cycle. I decided to dump the bottle of bio spira I had into the tank on day 10 due to the ammonia staying at 2ppm for like 4 days. I’m really hating the fact I bought the api test kit, and I knew better then that. As of tonight my ammonia was 1ppm and I now have nitrite at 1ppm also. So things are moving along
  11. I know it will come in time I just thought I should have seen a drop from days 3-6. Oh well I’ll just keep testing
  12. So I’m on day 6 of my cycle. I’m going fishless with ammonium chloride and dr Tim’s one and only. I innatialy dosed the 2ppm of ammonia and have been testing every day. It went from 2ppm on day one to 1 then .5, on day three I dosed 2ppm ammonia as per the directions on dr Tim’s website. The ammonia has been 2 ppm since day 3, is that normal or should I have seen a drop like I did in day 2 and day 3?? I also have a bottle of bio spira, should I dump that in too or just be patient
  13. Omg I know this hobby really tests your patients lol
  14. I actually bought the light and the flex arm used from a lfs. The flex arm is nice and stiff and has not moved since putting the light where I wanted it.
  15. So I finally got everything I wanted/needed to get this thing running. I just put in my intank media basket, I’ll probably order the fuge basket from them soon. And I picked up a tunze 6040 with the controller which I’m still playing with to find the setting I like. Now the water is in and I started my cycle with dr Tim’s one and only and the ammonium chloride. I just turned the light on for the pic I’ll probably change the settings to mimic the ab+ settings. And I know the water is really cloudy but here it is so far.
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