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  1. My tank is out to get me I swear. For the past three or four months the water has been super cloudy/white. I have done regular 20% water changes every couple weeks. I even did a 100% change a month ago and the next day it looked the same. Ive changed all my filter media, no dice. I have 1 fish left. The other 3 fish have disappeared. I’m using tap water and api conditioner. My little 5g tank is the same setup but with no fish. It too will get a little cloudy but not nearly as bad as this one. I barely feed the poor fish so i know im not slamming it with nutrients. Matter of fact, since it has done this, i have not had to clean the glass of algea. It aint growin..
  2. Glo betta sounds awesome! Maybe I’ll go take a peek this weekend and see if i can find one somewhere to check out.
  3. Wow, sounds like you are pretty successful! I love betas. If I do drop a fish in I will probably get a beta for my 5 gallon spec. (Mini version of the evo). I have it set up and looks juat like the evo only smaller. For the evo I may try those glo fish possibly. I’m really digging the neon look.
  4. After a year long fight with cyano and a zillion other fails and a full tank crash, i decided to go fresh for a while. No plans for livestock at the moment. Just enjoying the way the AI prime lights the fake plants.
  5. I tested the grocery store water and there were no nitrates or ammonia or TDS. Is there something more that I should test it for? It's very convienent. (My wife works there). Hey babe, bring 2 gal of water home! lolz
  6. Phosphate's test very close to 0. I have not tried a blackout yet. I am using distilled water from the grocery store that tests 0 TDS with my little digital TDS checker. I tried running a skimmer but it honestly was a little too noisy and didnt do all that much that I could tell. I feed once every 2-3 days and only enough that my 2 fish will eat. I give them a couple of pellets at a time so none sinks down or gets wasted. As for flow, the tank has a lot of flow with an upgraded return pump and wavemaker.
  7. Its an all in 1 tank with 3 sections in the back. I have purigen/chemipure/sponge in the first. The second chamber has a heater and the third just the return pump.
  8. So I am battling cyano after hair algae. Been dosing vibrant for almost 2 months and im getting tired. Weekly 20% water changes but my nitrates are 0-5ppm consistantly. How do I beat this stuff long term? Tank is 1.5 years old... will post a pic of the light cycle but ive almost eliminated whites and red/green is 0. Pretty much blues all day.
  9. Had to move heater to the main display. Wont get above 72 degrees. Brrrr
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