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  1. It is my understanding that Duncans are super hardy but they are also real finicky. Sometimes they close up for days according to some. Mine has only closed up a day here or there with no real explanation on why., I guess they just do that. And apparently they can be closed up for weeks before opening!
  2. I thought the 2nd stump was from a slice or something. Maybe it is and a new duncan that grew in its place? Maybe it was there and hidden the whole time? Not sure but I am stoked there are now 2!!!
  3. Look who decided to show up after a few weeks of being in the tank. Lil baby Duncan...
  4. surjer

    Margarita Babies?

    Is it possible for my two snails to make babies in my little tank after only a few months?
  5. Update on Mr. Duncan and a couple of other randoms.
  6. That moment you start to wonder what is outside of your safe little living bubble.
  7. Getting a little too green so going to run a full blue weekend..
  8. 24/7 for the light. Is that bad?
  9. Land Surveyor / Remote Sensing Specialist / Rock Star
  10. I dropped some into my back chamber and put a cheapo grow light from amazon on it. Its in the 3rd chamber under the filter floss and purigen/chemipure. It doesnt appear to be growing much if at all. It's been in there two weeks, should I see more growth? I dont touch it. Do I need to "tumble it"? If so, what does that mean, what it sounds like? lol
  11. This is going to be epic. Love it!
  12. He really opened up when I turned my wave maker on and he was getting hit pretty hard from the current it makes. However my fish were going nuts so I turned it off as to not stress them out. I should probably move him higher into the flow but I don’t wanna look at that silly plug.
  13. It’s looking like it’s coming back today!!!
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