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  1. 20% every 2-3 weeks. Started out every week but #lazy
  2. I came home to 3 baby Aptasia in my tank again... b00
  3. Manual removal proved to be fairly easy. It’s chaeto that somehow much have got into the main display at some point. I only have 2 margarita snails and 2 hermit crabs. What else should I add that might help with some cleanup thats safe?
  4. Here is a decent still shot. Will try to dig some out and drop in a clear glss in a little while.
  5. Just got back from a month long work trip. The wife fed the fish and kept the ATO topped off and scraped the glass but I have quite a bit of this BIG coarse feeling algae.
  6. surjer


    A guy I am working with built one and says it works well.
  7. surjer


  8. Oh man, hoping you get it sorted quickly!
  9. I watched a few video's on this. I'm scared to do anything drastic like that to my tank.
  10. I'm not too worried about over feeding. I feed 10 small pellets every other day. (I also do frozen once a week but im not gonna have her do that). I just started reef frenzie but i'm guessing I can do without that one too just to keep nutrients down since I cant do water changes. I guess the biggest thing I was worried about was the lights and letting the algae get out of hand but I suppose that is just a matter of cleaning it up when I get home. I am starting to see quite a bit of hair algae pop up on the sand and some bigger what looks like macro algae on my GSP. I probably need to make a nice media basket for chamber 2 when I get back or maybe this weekend. The chamber 1 basket sucked cause it raised my tank display so high. Now I have it all sitting where I want it but i dont have filter floss in the mix anymore. Just a bag of Chemipure and a bag of Purigen in Chamber two right where the intake to chamber 3 is so they are acting as both chemical AND mechanical filtration at the moment. The Cheato is strill growing like crazy in chamber 1 tho. Using the API test kit Nitrates are undectible but i know that can be hidden by the algae consuming it right? So. Much. To. Learn!
  11. So I have a trip coming up next week and I will be gone for roughly 3 weeks. I am going to do a 30% water change before I leave but my concerne is algae growth on the glass. The wifey is not too interested in scraping the glass for me and with this AI prime light i get quite a bit of growth on the glass as well as lots of evaporation. I was considering putting the stock light back on and leaving on just the blues. (I have the timer so it can turn on and off with a schedule). Would that be a bad idea? She is going to feed the fish while I am away and keep the ATO topped off for me. Anything else I am missing you all can think of?
  12. If your wanting a pukani style rock why not go with the BRS alternative? - https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/bulk-dry-live-rock-live-sand/dry-live-rock.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8svsBRDqARIsAHKVyqFS-wGW6PhTJ7IrjwqwhKpo2ihEVFBhVE2AvXOm2gCck1RZsrRAnokaAgkcEALw_wcB
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