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  1. Almost all the white specs on the back chamber are feather duster looking things!!!!
  2. Live aquaria, it got shipped late last night and got here at 9am so it wasnt packaged up long but having that cooler pad in there was shocking to me. Suppose its normal shipping practice. He is still all clingy to the rock so will see how he fares over the next few days.
  3. I'm pretty stoked with the purchase. The royal gramma did NOT like his trip overnight so he is hiding in the rocks and NOT coming out. He is alive tho. I hope he "warms" up to the tank. He seemed SUPER lethargic when i started to float him. By the time i started dripping him he started to wake up a bit but as soon as I put him in the tank he found a nook in the rocks and went to go lay down for a while. Probably still coming out of his temperature induced coma. They had a freezed pack in there. I never would have guessed but suppose that helps at least regulate the temps vs letting them fluctuate so much. Anways, corals popped right out once i dipped them and dropped em in after a 30 minute drip.
  4. Yay, another Nano! Tank looks great. I think that AI Prime might be on my short list. Keep it up!
  5. Will have to keep that place in mind. Im in Dayton once a month or so.
  6. Think i just scored a 55 with stand for 100 bux
  7. Re-scaped to make it easier to clean the glass. Me likes.
  8. The reason I want to avoid a sump for now is 1 additional weight, 2 cost. I don't want to send a fishtank into the basement. lol This is a pretty old house and (i dont own it) so big damage would put me in a world of hurt and I cant exactly reinforce his floor for him. So, trying to be smart about it. Plus, I have seen several normal 55g tanks for like 200-400 bucks but none of them are drilled or have an overflow. I wonder if I wouldnt be able to find one of those corner overflows like in this link. OVERFLOW LINKY Maybe get two of those and run a piece of pvc between the two sides. One side for the intake and the other for the return pump and heater and stuff. Would suck water in one side of the tank and blow it out the other. Idea sounds legit in my head BUT, I may be missing something really big here. If a HOB filter worked before, this would have to work way better i think.
  9. SO, I am currently renting and I am in an older house. Not going to do a big big tank yet because I want to wait until I get into a different house at some point. So, Until then I want to do another 55 gallon salty tank. The last time I did one it was FOWLR. It was just a normal 55g tank and I used a hang on the back filter and a phosban reactor along with a couple of power heads circulating water in the tank. (Was before these sweet wave makers were a thing). I don't want to dive into running a sump or anything just yet so I started thinking. Would there be a way for my to get some sort of overflow box and convert that sucker to an AIO kinda like my EVO? Is this a stupid idea? I'm a fairly decent tinkerer so I would imagine it could be done with something like an overflow box? Thoughts? Clicky Clicky Overflow box
  10. Yes it did!!!! I was like Ohhhhh Noooo!!!!! He eventually spit the molt out so i remived it from the tank but waking up to what i thought was the duncan eating the poor shrimp was a suprize!
  11. It said they will ship Monday and be here Tuesday. I got free shipping and 15% off with the discount code. So I added in a Royal Gramma as I think that will be my final fish to add. I'm pretty excited to see how this goes, I have never ordered livestock online before.
  12. How is your evo coming along @JeffInOhio?
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