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  1. Just got mine in today. Do you just cut the 2 tubes to the water level you want?
  2. No, but my schedule doesn’t go over 40% and is def less light than before. I think it was just the ‘change’ that made him move. He is super happy where he is now and looking gorgeous so I’m happy. Sure I wish he was up front and center but yeah, he’s a nem. Lol
  3. I’m a Nikon guy but I feel ya. That 100mm is OMG crystal clear.
  4. After starting this tank i now want a macro lens. $$$
  5. Thanks for sharing. After removing my lid and using this ai prime evaporation is becoming a real thing!
  6. He moved towards the back of the rock where its kinda hard to see him now. lol
  7. Hi Cory, This forum has members all over Ohio! Welcome aboard!
  8. I thought you only had to acclimate them like a few hours. 5 weeks! Wow, talk about patience!
  9. Ok, I’m a go. I will be in search of some xenia as well as some sort of goby for the evo. My sand is getting out of hand.
  10. This tank is looking great!
  11. Sweet, That did it! Thanks bro!
  12. Yeah, I just joined it but I cant seem to get the files to work on my iphone. I'm sure I am missing something simple...
  13. Oh snap, I just joined the Prime club! Now i need to figure out how to load these schedules into it. Doesn’t seem a lot brighter than the stock light but def way more clear!!
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