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  1. surjer


    They are still all doing great. The peppermint shrimp has hunted down every bit of aptasia that i had and destroyed it. Snails are turning over the sand more and the big snails are cleaning up the rocks. Still got a ways to go but this is looking to be a good start. I would recommend this place.
  2. surjer


    I was nervous but all critters survived and are going about. I ordered a cleaner pack of various snails (about 20 little guys and 3 big ones) a pepermint shrimp and an emerald crab. All are well and active after simply floating them for 15. They tell you NOT to drip acclimate.
  3. surjer


    my shipment from https://www.reefcleaners.org/ will be here today! So excited. Will let you know how it looks.
  4. surjer

    Crazy Clowns

    Silly clowns, been living in harmony for 8 months and now wanna fight. I got them when they were really small. One has always been a wee bit bigger than the other but now the bigger one is really nipping at the smaller one. Chasing him all over and he has got a hold of him pretty good. Acts like the Royal Gramma doesn't even exist but picks on little clown. I know its typical for them to get aggressive with each other til they figure out dominance but little guy shakes it like a salt shaker (sign of submission) whenever the big guy comes close. Will big guy eventually kill him?Should I try to catch small fry and give him away? I am just worried about him...
  5. Very few of the sticks are hard kinda like the chaeto is but most of it is soft. There is also fuzz covering most of the rock work. The skimmer seems to be doing a good job so far. Half a cup of skimmate (dark brown tea). The cleanup crew ships the monday after new years unfortunately but i feel they are coming from a good place so hopfully this will only take a month or so to clear up. i do NOT want to lose interest! haha
  6. Just ordered this from reefcleaners.org
  7. Its all but taken over my tank. I switched back to the stock light and added a skimmer last night. Tank looks like crap and is really got me puzzled. Nitrates are below 5 and no nitrites or amonnia.
  8. So Sorry to hear man, lots of love from your Buckeye Reef fam!
  9. 20% every 2-3 weeks. Started out every week but #lazy
  10. I came home to 3 baby Aptasia in my tank again... b00
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