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  1. I tested the grocery store water and there were no nitrates or ammonia or TDS. Is there something more that I should test it for? It's very convienent. (My wife works there). Hey babe, bring 2 gal of water home! lolz
  2. Phosphate's test very close to 0. I have not tried a blackout yet. I am using distilled water from the grocery store that tests 0 TDS with my little digital TDS checker. I tried running a skimmer but it honestly was a little too noisy and didnt do all that much that I could tell. I feed once every 2-3 days and only enough that my 2 fish will eat. I give them a couple of pellets at a time so none sinks down or gets wasted. As for flow, the tank has a lot of flow with an upgraded return pump and wavemaker.
  3. Its an all in 1 tank with 3 sections in the back. I have purigen/chemipure/sponge in the first. The second chamber has a heater and the third just the return pump.
  4. So I am battling cyano after hair algae. Been dosing vibrant for almost 2 months and im getting tired. Weekly 20% water changes but my nitrates are 0-5ppm consistantly. How do I beat this stuff long term? Tank is 1.5 years old... will post a pic of the light cycle but ive almost eliminated whites and red/green is 0. Pretty much blues all day.
  5. Had to move heater to the main display. Wont get above 72 degrees. Brrrr
  6. surjer

    Staub Aqua Farm

    He shipped another one, was supposed to get it here before Friday but didnt get it in the mail in time so its supposed to be here today. (I had plans I had to cancel because of it). Will see how the coral looks when it gets here.
  7. Nice, long live the nano!!! Looking forward to pictures!
  8. Thanks Joe, I did soak it for a couple hours and scrubbed with a tooth brush but that was the extents of it. Using a peice in my betta tank now. Instarted a build thread and will keep it updated. Haha, i know its not a reef build but hey, sue me right?? Lol
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