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  1. Got a tds meter today and distilled was measuring at 0tds while tap water was over 100. So what the heck...
  2. mchute, if I were a little more experienced I would probably jump on it but I think I am going to buy new for this purchase. I appreciate your willingness to help out tho! Thanks!
  3. Sounds like a bigger setup might yield better results. I know my tank is so ugly right now its painful. Over a year old just to have it go to crap.
  4. I just need something small to make a few gallons every day for my nano. The algae has officially taken over the whole tank and the only thing I can really blame is my source water I am guessing. (Distilled from the grocery store). Not looking to buy some crazy big unit. Just something that will work.
  5. surjer

    Duncan Success

    My duncan is doing awesome but my tank not so much. The algae is getting out of hand again. At this point the only thing i havent done is get a tds meter and test the grocery store water. Im not sure how i could hook up an rodi. Will have tonready up.
  6. I work from home normally so it's not that much different for me. However, my wife is a pricing coordinator/receiving manager at our local grocery store and her job has been a LOT more stressful. Tons and tons of people have turned into some really nasty awful people during this. It's been sad what she has had to put up with. My sister is also in grocery at a Kroger and has been for 20 years and was appalled at house the public has turned against the grocery workers. Its a nasty world out there.
  7. Yes I have been and they are pretty consistantly at .03 as best I can tell. Should I take all the media out for a day and test it to see if the media is actually doing something or is that asking for trouble?
  8. surjer

    WTB: IM 30L

    Just like the title says, looking for a 30L.
  9. Think I’m running too much? Ive been wondering that for a while. Whats the right amount etc..
  10. I should have mentioned its a small 13.5g evo so no foxface for me. Guess ill just keep picking it off and chalk it up to a lesson learned.
  11. Man I wish i never added cheato in my back chamber. I have removed it about 2 months ago but some of it made its way to my main display. I have to pick it out like every couple of days. Have been running chemipure blue, purigen, phosguard for months and phosphates and nitrates are near undectible.
  12. I desperately need to re-run my electrical.

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