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  1. I like espresso with frothed milk lol. I do drink coffee but nearly as much as the espresso.
  2. I love Game of Thrones! Unfortunately the way work has been i.havent had time to watch the new episodes or really post on here much.
  3. So I ordered a few things Sunday. Everything arrived today, well packed and all. I'm impressed that it got here this quickly and with free shipping. Emails every step of the way as well.
  4. Im curious to see if they break down over time and crumble apart.
  5. I had grape caulpera in my 75 years ago. It was a pain to remove. Thankfully it didn't get that bad.
  6. Not yet lol. There's 2 of them. Bought the pair with the bta. The bta was brown when I bought it. It's looking pretty good now. I need to frag those blue zoas and put them in dbtc.
  7. Deftones2015

    Few pictures

    A few quick pictures with the new coral view lens the wife bought me for my birthday.
  8. Those Pikachu's are nice. There's a Pikachu acro I've seen too that looks amazing when colored up.
  9. I say let the thread evolve and grow like your tank.
  10. Lol when I posted it was a little chilly but nice and sunny. I work 3rd so I try to be in bed before the light or I can't sleep.
  11. Reminds me of the length Sy cap. Leng sy. Lol stupid auto correct
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