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  1. What are you asking for the red and green candy canes
  2. I appreciate all of the input. I tested a 5 gallon batch yesterday. The alk was at 7.2 and calcium was off the charts. I did read that when using the large boxes with multiple bags it's best to mix them thoroughly to ensure the correct levels.
  3. I should add, corals are happy and growing and Coraline is growing as well. Just odd that my alk tests so low and calcium tests off the charts.
  4. Ph has been a steady 8 which I'm fine with. I have a hard time understanding how my alk is so low and oh is normal. I had this same issue on my 29 before upgrading to the 75 as well. I bought multiple test kits with that tank. I thought magnesium may have been low but it always tested in a normal range. I haven't had the time to make a bucket of water yet so I haven't tested that yet. Unfortunately I don't have anyone close to back up my test. I can drive to rivers to reefs but I'm not sure if they test or not. Either way that's an hour drive for me. No dosing.
  5. So this has been going on for a few months now. Corals are happy and so are fish. Calcium is off the charts on salifert and alk is 6.5 dkh. I have tried large water changes to level everything out but it does not work. I use the blue box Fritz and am wondering if it's the salt I'm using. I will test that at my next water change but if it is the salt what's my best option? Try a new batch or just switch salt? What salt does everyone else have success with?
  6. I can only imagine. MCI is a soft prison but some of the dorms are getting out of hand. Doesn't help that they're hiring anyone that wants a job. Some of these people have no business being inside a prison.
  7. Marion correctional institution. State ran prison.
  8. The prison I work at has 3 confirmed cases with CO's. Movement is locked pretty tight and the inmates are definitely getting antsy. Everyone is pretty worried about the inmates getting it as well because every one is so close to each other in there. I know I'm wondering how bad and fast it will spread through there. Just a matter of time before I'm living there as well lol.
  9. I need to make an order through them. Been saying that for a month now lol.
  10. From what I understand it takes some time to get the aiptasia under control. Says they will breed and create a small aipasia eating army. If they get it under control and I need to get rid of some I'll let you know.
  11. I went through salty underground. I'm hoping they wipe out my aiptasia problem.
  12. I just ordered 10 Berghia nudibranchs and new rodi filters/resin.
  13. Thought I would post some pictures of a few corals I bought from Schnabs. They're fat and happy.
  14. Is this whole Corona virus going to effect the swap? I know things are getting ridiculous and the governor is now shutting down large events. Just hoping this won't effect us. I already have my vacation scheduled.
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