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  1. Looking for some mushrooms, bounce,rod,yums etc Thanks
  2. Hello all I am trying to find a frag of tyree water melon chalice Thanls Ron
  3. Wow congrats on growing that out
  4. Hello Looking for a cube in the range of around 30 to 60 gallons with at least a stand Thank you Ron
  5. What montis do you have? I am in bucyrus and might be interested in a few things
  6. @Dr.Fraggenstien any frags laying around that need a new home?
  7. Looking for a nice frag of red planet
  8. 430 to 5? My son gets out at 3pm so i cant leave before then
  9. I appreciate that you have always been kind and understanding with my work schedule
  10. If you would hold them to the 30th its my next day off I will take the pack And meet you in beaver dam like we have in the past?
  11. C4 125 hw? I went to bucyrus i get confused easy
  12. That is a walt and home wrecker correct?
  13. The b1 60 and the a1 90 are very tempting
  14. You always bring the heat..very nice !
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