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  1. I qt and use copper,they stay in qt for 4 weeks minimum.i use a 15 gallon tank with a heater sponge filter and a very small power filter with out carbon for movement to keep things stirred up I change 5 gallons every 3 to 4 days this has worked well for me.i replace any copper i have removed with water change
  2. Hi all Any one keeping Superman Rainbow Pokerstar Montis?yes i know they are oldies but so am i Thanks Ron
  3. Group buy? Lets frag her up
  4. I qt all fish.i have a 8 inch naso and a copper band butterfly going on two weeks right now
  5. Not sure work schedule will fall in line
  6. No i cant install any type of exhaust fan wish i could the chiller sets right beside the tank in our middle room
  7. These are great videos on how to run a reactor with a cardon doser reg,a kamoer pump He explains what adjustments cause what reaction
  8. I will put some pics together.i run a geo 8.24 reactor i have the carbon doser set at 2 bubbles a second and the pump is at 20 ml right now I do not have enough sps right now to drop the alk..but yes as i add more or they grow i will have to increase the bubble rate and or change the pump rate Increase the dial on the carbon doser puts more co2 in reactor(more bubbles) Adjust pump down it makes the effluent more saturated coming out of reactor Adjust set poing on controller will raise or low ph in reactor depending on melt point of media I keep my ph controller at 6.8 for the ph inside of the reactor.i use extra course arm media With the kamoer pump and the carbon doser it really is super easy to adjust reactors now.you dont have to mess with them all the time like in the past.carbon doser is worth its weight in gold Yes i plan also to have it to 90%of the work and allows my doser to make up the other 10.right now my demands are so low the reactor is doing all the work
  9. Ok all i got a used chiller from a guy on cl last year for 50 bucks.its a older unit but it kept my tank at 78 all spring and summer long Only thing it puts out a lot of heat.i unhooked it over winter but want to use it again.i was wanting to get rid of heating up that room because of the chiller kind of double edge sword I want to put it in the basement then pump it back to main tank.not sure this is a plan that will work out Last two days tank has been about 80.1 with a fan on it.if i knew the new chillers would run with out heating up the whole room i would just invest in one Any thoughs ideas lets brain storm
  10. I run a geo reactor on my 300.i also use a carbon doser reg set it forget it.and i use a kamoer pump to feed the reactor I pull thru the reactor not push.i keep the alk at 8.5 and havent had to adjust once since i got to the set point i wanted I use a ph probe to monitor the ph inside of the reactor and control the co2 You could also use a apex to do this or as extra insurance have it to shut of the feed pump and let the ph controller shut off the co2 Many go this route if the have a alkatronic
  11. Hopefully if my lastest frags excel...i will add a wd in june baby steps
  12. I have a 300 acrylic tank..it scratches to easy i hate it.but two people can move it with no problem empty I would go glass next..i hope to upgrade to a 375 to 400 next time..we have a sunroom that is screaming for a large tank.. I would love a 500....
  13. I did this a few years back when the nora club was around.it was a awesome experience
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