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  1. Due to us loosing my wife this past Saturday i am going to be taking some time to get my kids to a better place as we deal with the greif and the void she has left for all of us Huge your love ones and dont let the small stuff get in the way of making memories with your loved ones I'll see you all once we get past this a little more down the road
  2. Would you be from the old nora club?
  3. Whos making the trip to rap this weekend???
  4. I bought from here...really nice looking tanks and the people where some of the nicest i have ever delt with at any store Dont be afraid to take a road trip and check them out.well worth the 1hr drive for me
  5. Did you have him in a reef or fowlr
  6. Just looked up the ding dang millie....very nice!!! Hmmm man i want a homewrecker and that millie.might be time to play lets make a deal with the wife!!
  7. May i ask who got the homewrecker?anyone in the club pick it up
  8. I want to check them out with wwc and living reef.....i dont care for animal kingdom its boring to me so i hope we spend half a day in that park and the other checking out store I really want to vist wwc...i hope one day to make it to retirement and move down there We love the Orlando area
  9. I seen you can get tops for the water boxes been watching alot on youtube..wife would love to have 2 extra feet back in that room Never had a rimless i am going to check them out at rap in oct...my tank probably is 8 to 10yrs old my wife found it on ebay for me and we made the 6 hr trip to pick it up in the winter It has a little bit of glazing on the top in spots
  10. Yeah a bill murry is high on my list as well.we r going to disney in nov and i told the boss there r a few places i want to see being there
  11. Yeah it would be nice to have a glass tank again i hate how easy acrylic scratches. Plus the lights are a bonus But losing 130 gallons hard to imagine...but the easy of being able to get into the tank is appealing
  12. Have you seen one in person whats everyones thoughts on them? I like like the 200 gallon set up with the ai lights I like that it is rimless and would be easy to get into and do maintenance. My 300 is a pita to do anything inside you need a stool its so tall and the euro bracing sucks Plus i probably could talkthe wife into one if i down size a little....and the led lights would ne great Now the red sea tanks are nice and the new red sea lights have a great review on brs Any experience out there?

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