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  1. Orange passion and the wd are awesome man!!!!!!!! What is the 3rd pic
  2. I would be interested in one. Where are you located?
  3. Andy i knew you could buddy...superman monti,sunset monti?
  4. Hey gang I finally got the tank running,new lights and trident going, new sump Now i just need to start it with frags,i am looking for montis,green slimer, red planet digi, if you have any for sale let me know Its been a hard road to get to this point,the hobby was a huge part of our relationship and often thought about just getting out But i need a release something to keep my mind busy,those who sent well wishes thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ Ron
  5. I have meet you at speedway in beaverdam many times for coral
  6. Please let me know if there is 4 i am very interested
  7. There is 4 kessils mounts if read the reviews correctly?
  8. Man sure would like to hit you up when i get thos 240 going
  9. Thanks everyone its a process and a struggle but trying to move forward everyday
  10. Hello all I wanted to drop a line to everyone. I hope you are all doing well and are safe and your tanks are doing ok I am slowly trying to make my way back into the hobby. Its a hard journey it was a huge part of our lives and for a while i just lost interest in life after everything that happend I tore down the 300 i just couldn't look at it she had found it for me many years ago and just held to many memories. And i lost all the corals trying to deal with everything just to many things going on trying to get the kids to a good place and all the arrangements..so i got a
  11. Due to us loosing my wife this past Saturday i am going to be taking some time to get my kids to a better place as we deal with the greif and the void she has left for all of us Huge your love ones and dont let the small stuff get in the way of making memories with your loved ones I'll see you all once we get past this a little more down the road
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