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  1. Thanks for the feed back....i probably will go with the uv for the growth
  2. After a lot of going g back and fourth research and talking to you all and the sps fb page i think i am going to try and add for led strips to my fixtures Most of the big names on fb sps page said to keep the fixures i have and try adding these and to use the high uv ones I am going back and fourth from reef breeders and orphek.around same price but i would get the reefbreeders faster due to process times and shipping. The orphek could take up to 10 days to get they told me. It would be a cheaper investment and my t5s do growl coral...i talked to adam at battlecorals and he uses reefbreeders and swears by the photo v2 fixture So when i go to all leds these probably will be the ones.he answered all my questions and even sent me a article about his shop and the reefbreeders v2 So just have to decide between the rb or the orphek Yes i will be in trouble again..but i just got paroled:)
  3. So i have a Viparspectra 165 watt led to play with(dont ask spies are everywhere) so in the morning i am going to set channel one to 40 and channel two at about 15.and run it for a few hrs everyday for a few weeks and see what happens kinda a experiment...to play with a led since i have no experience with them kinda learning curve want to leave it in one spot and see if i notice any changes in the sps under it any thought?open to learn here...i picked @Dr.Fraggenstien mind a little on his sb reef leds and he was super kind to answer them..thank you
  4. Hmmm i had a allowance but then i did a thing... And she was maybe you and the couch will get real close idk
  5. Instead i know alot use it inplace of ordering kalk on line
  6. I take that back she has 4 plus a wallett ....yes i get into trouble alot!!
  7. Oh great just lost a mp40.its the older style with white controller Took it a part and the magnet is all grooved up..time for a new wet side.. Can you imagine how this is going to go over??? Snookie i need to buy a new 75.00 dollar wet side for my pump That whistling sound is her throwing her shoe at me from across the room!! This is not going to go well with me all ready grounded
  8. Is this the right stuff they have changed the packaging since i last got it Had to cut down on the pharmaceutical grade kalk my tank is going thru 2 cups every two weeks
  9. Wow oh wow.....definitely a dream piece for me Very nice growth you have there!!
  10. This has been on my want list for a while now.love this coral!!! I can only imagine what it looks like under radions
  11. Wow going to add those acros to my want list
  12. How did they come in?any pics
  13. Wife has grounded me from md and brs i have been bad!! but i will rise and buy again
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